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  1. I'm assuming that one faction uses robots for base defense while the other uses space marine-type soldiers? Same function but different models?
  2. st!gar

    A port too far.

    The problem here is that OFP had a console port, but it was not a console port.
  3. The very idea of not updating the beta as it goes along sounds completely insane to me.
  4. st!gar

    P&C Beta questions

    Will the beta receive periodic updates?
  5. The title really does say it all. I've just bought the whole shebang from Steam - ArmA 2, OA, BAF and PMC - and now that they're all finally done downloading and installing, I download- and run the latest beta patch. Problem is; when I run the beta patch exe-file, it is only Operation Arrowhead that loads. Not Combined Operations, which can only be started "normally" from the Steam menu- i.e, without the beta patch. So... help?
  6. I was wondering how you make the AI perform (what I presume to be) the new Switch/PlayMove animations for ArmA 2? Like, for example: The reason I'm asking here, is that I've been looking through the ArmA2: Moves -section, (and even the ArmA: Moves -section, just in case.), in the Biki, and I haven't been able to find anything resembling any of the animations used in the ArmA 2 cutscenes at all... :confused:
  7. Heya. I'm not entirely sure if I should have posted this in the "Official Missions"-section, but since this wasn't about one particular mission, but rather the campaign as a whole, I decided to post it here. So; is the campaign "playable", yet? I mean that in a broad sense. As in "Should I finally want to play the campaign, or will it still be bugged and broken beyond belief?". I'm not entirely sure to what extent the patches and beta patches has improved the campaign experience, because I haven't dared trying it since the last time around. I have, however, tried a number of Single Mission scenarios, and found some of them to be full of scripting errors still. In particular, the Russian Scenario mission called "Counterattack", where you are supposed to break through a CDF siege and help out a Chedaki unit that is being surrounded constantly messes up its scripting, it almost being random if the different scripts decides to get triggered or not. It's hardly in a playable state. I am aware that there has been improvements to Red Harvest, but I don't really know to what extent they have helped. I really, really would love to be able to play this game in Co-op, but as it stands now, I'm not entirely sure if the gameplay experience will be good enough for me to warrant an attempt. Thanks in advance. This game would be the best game ever, had it only worked... :(
  8. So I've just reformatted my computer, and would like to re-download all the ArmA 2-stuff. The vanilla game, (Steam), Arrowhead, British Forces and PMC, (Sprocket) - with all the latest full- and beta patches installed, obviously. The question is only exactly how I am supposed to go about that. With all these versions and patches around, it's getting a little hard to guess which ones I should install in which order, if at all. I'm thinking that first of all, I'll install vanilla ArmA 2 of Steam. Presumably, Steam automatically downloads the latest version, so at least that would be covered, I suppose. This is where it gets tough. Because now I'm presumably supposed to re-download Operation Arrowhead from Sprocket, but does Operation Arrowhead simply use the latest patch for vanilla ArmA 2, or does it need its own exclusive set of patches? And if so, how does the British and PMC mini-expansions add up to that? Do they both need individual patches? Do they need to be installed in a certain order? :confused: And after all that, I'll obviously want to download the latest beta-patch. Is it enough to simply download the latest one, or do I have to download every single one that has been released since I last played the game? Thanks in advance. Please enlighten me.
  9. st!gar

    Campain quality in ARMA

    If you were conscripted, that doesn't really count. It's a special kind of person that gets attracted to a military career, and semi-unwilling conscripts does not count towards that category. Oh, really? You know this for a fact? Have you ever served in the US Army? Or are you just guessing, based on your own life-experience? Because if so, you're not that much better than the person you were arguing with. Absolutely not. It's because you are expected to behave professionally that there's no fucking excuse to yell racist slurs at the enemy.
  10. The biggest problem I have with the singleplayer portion of PMC, is that there are no Scenario -missions.
  11. Am I right in assuming that the PMC campaign still does have some scripting errors?
  12. Gods, it just grinds my ass when people say "GF". It's "girlfriend", NkEnNy. Those eight extra letters really shouldn't be too much for you. ...So I'm guessing you didn't like the game, then?
  13. st!gar

    PMC campaign - Vocation

    No idea. It really kinda bugs me. I'm not very keen on proceeding with the mission before I know if I'm doing it right.
  14. st!gar

    PMC campaign - Vocation

    How do you know that it's different when they flee from smoke grenades, than when they flee from gunshots? Whenever I throw a smoke grenade, Crazy Australian Guy will commend me for it, and wander about the compound shooting up in the air, which is exactly what he'll do if you fire your rifle instead. I think the civilians just notice you using violence against them in both cases, and so will flee, and you will have ended up using the "violent" option, which will probably come back and bite you in the ass later in the campaign. I'm sure there's another option. I've ran all the way around the compound seeing if there's an alarm I can set off to scare them, or something, but apparently not...
  15. Hey. As we all know, PMC was released yesterday, along with a patch for OA. (Or CO, if you have both.) It was stated that there were two separate versions of the patch. One for the Steam-version of OA, and one for the Sprocket-version. My original ArmA 2 was downloaded from Steam, but the expansion and both DLCs were downloaded from Sprocket, so I downloaded and installed the Sprocket-patch. After that was done, and the actual PMC DLC was finally downloaded ages later, I noticed that my Steam-version of ArmA 2 had automatically started self-updating. But... what, exactly? Unless I've misunderstood something, the patch was only for OA, right? So what exactly are we downloading, here? The Steam "news"-page does, of course, say absolutely nothing, whatsoever. Not exactly helping, is the fact the download takes freaking ages, and seems to be huge. Is Steam downloading the whole fucking game, again?
  16. But there was a patch for BAF in the Sprocket OA patch, wasn't it? what happens to that one, then? Do I have to reinstall the whole OA 1.56 patch all over again?
  17. What happens if I were to install PMC before vanilla ArmA 2 is done?
  18. The problem with this, is that I don't dare to install the DLC until the vanilla game is done patching. so I can't actually play the DLC until the old game is done. That's just stupid.
  19. Okay, this is just confusing. I'm checking the official patch -threads, checked the Wiki, and there is just too much information, all over the place. Please clarify this before I go do something stupid and end up breaking the game beyond repair. I have the STEAM version of vanilla ArmA 2. I have the Sprocket versions of OA and BAF. In the main menu, the game is recognized as "Combined Operations". I'm currently using the latest beta patch, "1.55.75445". Earlier today, STEAM auto-updated vanilla ArmA 2. So... what do I do, at this point? On this very forum, there are threads for an ArmA 2 patch, an Operation Arrowhead patch and a British Armed Forces patch. Which one(s) do I download, if any? All of them? None? Does anyone know?
  20. Aaah. I see. I couldn't have asked for a better reply. Thanks. :)
  21. I am checking the forum, and that's exactly what confuses me so. There is either so much scattered information in the different pages of the different threads that my eyes cross, or there is so much condensed information in one place (that sometimes contradicts the aforementioned scattered stuff), I get somewhat overwhelmed and only more confused. (i.e. the Wiki.) So I assume the gist of what you're trying to tell me is that since STEAM autopatched vanilla ArmA 2, I only need the OA update, because the BAF-patch is included in that one? But in one of the other threads here on the front page, it is claimed that I still need to apply the BAF-update manually. Ugh. My head hurts.
  22. Since the release of vanilla ArmA 2, there has been a lot of discussion about the bugs in some of the game's more open-ended missions, particularly "Manhattan" and "Dogs of War", if my memory serves me correctly. However; at this point, I'd actually like to talk a little about the actual mission, itself. So, to get to my point; what were your experiences with Manhattan? Do you have any thoughts on it? Have I completely misunderstood the whole thing, or do you generally agree? I remember the Manhattan briefing telling my about SecOps, but I never experienced any. Is that maybe why it sucked? Was the player supposed to regularly be issued SecOps throughout the mission, thus breaking up the tedium, but a bug prevents me from getting any? Please, do share your thoughts.
  23. Wuh? I'm talking about how, when I play a mission, 90% of the soldiers I see look like their skin is made of snow-white paper. Their faces, arms and hands are BRIGHT-WHITE. Not pale. It almost looks like they haven't been textured at all.
  24. Yeah, for example something fixing the white faces.