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    AI Spawn Script Pack

    Thank you for this great script pack. I love that it even exists. I have a question, though - is there any way to choose what exact types of troops appear? Say I want an all-ground skirmish, with no helicopters. Or say I want the fight to bee NATO/CSAT-only, with no FIA. Is that possible?
  2. st!gar

    Respawn script?

    Are you saying the game doesn't support AIs respawning in single-player?
  3. st!gar

    Respawn script?

    It should perhaps be mentioned that I was talking strictly about singleplayer; not multiplayer. There are fifty thousand guides online on how to create respawns in multiplayer, which is not what I need.
  4. st!gar


    These are awesome. Thank you. I'm glad these things exist. Not enough creative stuff being developed, at present.
  5. I have been playing a few missions into "Adapt", and generally been having a joyless, frustrated and horrid gameplay experience, throughout. Anyhow. I have reached the "Exit Strategy" -mission, and have opted for the "Depot Raid"-sub-mission. The defector informs the player that there is a large hostile garrison in the depot, and that the player will need more men. "You have some more teams in the area, right?", he asks. I, of course, have zero, fucking idea of what he is talking about. The mission briefing mentioned nothing of the sort, and no in-game dialogue have made a sufficiently clear hint in that direction, either. The player starts out with two team members, but BIS had, of course, in their limitless, fucking wisdom, found it to make for a wonderful gameplay-experience to send a full APC with elite troops directly at the player within the first few seconds of the mission, meaning one or both of them were likely to get killed, instantly. (See my remark about a generally horrid and un-fun campaign experience, above.) When the player finds himself less than a minute into a mission, and has already had to revert to an earlier save at least ten times, you have to question the mission designer's competence. So, to repeat myself - what the fuck was he talking about? Other teams in the area? Where? Who? How do I make use of them? Please help. As you may have noticed, I'm extremely frustrated from my entire Adapt-campaign experience, thus far.
  6. [Very, very, very mild spoilers, below.] The player's fireteam has just been let off the chopper, and has fought its way up to the ambushed convoy. The area is cleared, and team has been ordered to "secure the convoy". Nothing happens. The team leader yells "We've got wounded, over here!", runs up to a wounded AAF-trooper resting against the side of a vehicle, and just squats silently in front of him for the duration. The two other soldiers take up various positions about the site and also just sit there. The player has been given no objective, no information and no orders. I have wandered all about the place; up to the corpses, up to the team leader, tried healing the wounded AAF-soldier with my Medikit and even seen if I could board the damn vehicles, just to try and trigger the next script. I have reverted to previous autosaves, and even re-started the entire mission from scratch several times, but no dice. The mission simply remains broken. Might want to fix this, quite soon?
  7. I tried the mission again, after the game had been patched, and it's working.
  8. I'll make it short. In "Virtual Training", the enemy AI Entities disappear video game-style upon being killed. I am trying to enable this in the editor, to no avail. I assumed it was something as easy as adding a Game Logic, but surprisingly not. Please help.
  9. st!gar

    Death Valley: WTF, BI

    I didn't find the mission particularly hard - possibly because I was playing on "Regular" - but I found it extremely un-enjoyable. They hand you a grenade launcher with four shells that do so little splash-damage, you might as well throw snowballs at them. They teach you how to "calibrate" the launcher for short, medium and long-range, respectively, but don't tell you what the game considers those ranges to be, meaning you still have to experiment with trial-and-error. Which is what tutorials are for. The player should never be forced to do this in a live mission while under fire. He should be taught how to use the thing before the mission, so that whether he hits his targets or not, it's his fault; not the game's fault for not bloody teaching him what to do. When you finally collect the UAV, you're told to use it to "paint targets". Just a bit of a bitch that the game never tells you how target-painting works, then. I eventually figured it out by trial-and-error after multiple defeats. You're supposed to zoom the UAV camera close to the enemy, and keep the dot on him for a number of seconds. I can't even begin to describe how fucking infuriating it was to see the enemies, mark the enemies, and then just sit helplessly and watch while nothing fucking happens until your men are all blown to shit. Eventually, it turned out that the reason the game didn't register the marking, was that I hadn't zoomed the camera in on the target. Because who cares that you can clearly see the enemy, and are keeping the laser directly on one of their faces? Everyone knows you have to press the "+"-key on your keyboard three times, first! God; that mission is so incompetently designed.
  10. I've been fucking around some more with the "Paradise Found"-mission, and have been able to trigger an assault. There are only two problems. 1) The "assault" is still a bit shit. 2) The AAF surrenders before they even bloody get there. In short; what you have to do, is order an artillery strike of your choice on the south-eastern armoured unit, marked out on your map. It consists of about four armoured vehicles. When they are destroyed, Kerry will inform Echo that the enemy has been "softened up", and that they are cleared to assault. Echo then starts the advance. Problematically, though, it turns out that the entirety of Echo task force is about four tanks. Not that this matters, though, because the AAF will formally declare their surrender way before the four tanks even get moderately close. Such a wasted opportunity.
  11. I tried doing the same, just now. After having talked to Crossroads, I boarded the vehicle I had driven there, and just drove straight ahead on the road. No-one followed. After having driven straight ahead for a while, I came under fire from a whole bunch of enemies, and were blown up. EDIT. Come to think of it - are you sure there was a big battle there? From your description, it sounds almost as though you heard noises and assumed there were friendlies following you, with the only friendly you ever actually saw was that one single tank. (That wasn't there when you re-loaded, so it may have been a fluke.)
  12. What? How did that happen? You must have done something I fucked up. Could you try and remember the events before? I think Jinzor may have been able to trigger the assault by some means that we missed.
  13. I think I'm extremely disappointed in the "Paradise Found"-final mission, but I'm honestly not really sure if I played it right.
  14. Alright - I just completed "Resurgent West". Here's my reaction to it. The mission was just really weird.
  15. Does anyone know if the "Armed Assault" -showcase mission make an appearance in Win?
  16. Used the "Campaign"-cheat to unlock the new episode. The good, thus far: Finally some large-scale scenarios; no more of these ridiculous two-squad slap-fights. About time. The bad, thus far: From what I can see, the episode is extremely short. The voice-acting appears to be of somewhat lower quality.
  17. From what I understand from those who have completed- or otherwise played through a significant portion of "Adapt", the episode retains the small-scale focus of "Survive", with its apparent theme of guerrilla-style gameplay. I'm not entirely sure exactly how this differentiates it from "Survive", other than that, apparently, the player now occasionally leads his small team as opposed to be following it. :plain: However, seeing as the last episode will presumably be dealing with... ...One could possibly allow oneself to hope that the theme and focus would broadly shift from that of small-time mischief caused by a minor clique of ragged survivors, over to that of more extensive actions staged by a conventional military force. One point in particular that I optimistically-ish feel draws some credence to this, is "Showcase"-missions like "Armed Assault" and others. The current Campaign episodes does occasionally incorporate modified versions of Showcases here and there, and seeing as "Armed Assault" in particular... ...I'm left hoping that this serves as some indication of the overall theme of "Win". If there are any developers or something of the sort reading this post, I hope they could share some info.
  18. I'm hoping BI tweaks the game to include these. It looks much better.
  19. :o: But the mission so utterly implies that it's stealth-based. I also managed to beat the mission by essentially running in a straight line until I reached the hill, but it felt like cheating. Like I was abusing an exploit.
  20. My problem has got nothing to do with hand-holding, or the lack thereof. Then they shouldn't have specifically advised you to search the ruins, if all they ever do is make it harder for you. Exactly. Which is why you do not design a daytime stealth mission in ArmA 3. Awww. more small-scale infantry combat? Damn. :( I was hoping Adapt would be a departure from the Survive-gameplay and focus more on large-scale operations.
  21. I just tried the first mission of "Adapt", and oh boy. I can say with complete honesty that thus far, I have never once come across such a joyless, unfun, poorly designed, poorly thought-out, genuinely bad gameplay-experience thus far in ArmA 3. Difficulty: "Regular". Urrrgh. I'm going to go punch something, now.