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  1. I remember when using community-made addons, you would be able to copy any included game logic -scripts from custom made demo missions, but that was it. Are you saying the ArmA 1 editor included a list of pre-made logics that could be put on the map at will? Uhh... yeah. That's why I added that for all I know, this might have changed at this point. Just to avoid having people come and say exactly what you just did.
  2. Sure you can. But if the Logic for civillians is anything like what has been shown on said gameplay -videos, then they won't, unless the player manually scripts it into the mission, of course. Also, hasn't the AI always been able to take cover when it's been shot at? Sure, being able to take cover behind an actual object rather than just laying flat down on the ground or running for the nearest forest is a new feature in ArmA 2, but that's due to the Micro AI. Of course, for all I know, those gameplay videos were from early, early beta versions, so who knows what they may have coded in at this point - although if the civillians would "intelligently" go about their lives, eating and working and so on, I'd think the devs would have advertised the hell out of that by now.
  3. This isn't Oblivion or GTA, nor does it try to be. According to one of those beta gameplay videos on YouTube, what you get is pretty much Also, whenever they detect gunfire in the vincinity, they'll "disappear" into their houses. That said; you can, apparently, talk to them and recieve missions or somesuch. Well, according to some of those previews lying around, the civilian population of Chernarus might be turned against you if you cause them harm, and as such might act hostile towards you. I don't know if this only counts for you, (That is, the members of Team Razor.), or any member of the USMC force that might also come along with you, though.
  4. I mean to remember that in ArmA 1, you'd have to place the object on the map, and then write a long, complicated string of code, group it with the unit(s) or waypoint you wanted to be able to make use of it, and then it would (ideally) work. If the devs were in any way serious about the editor being more user-friendly, I can't for the life of me understand why the hell they went with this clumsy and complicated option, unless the suppressive fire/civillians and wildlife/reviving/whatever -logics are pre-made, and you can just select them from a list and drop them on the map, the code already written down...
  5. By the way, does anyone know exactly how old the build they were playing actually was? I'd really like to know.
  6. The news on the AI scared the crap out of me...
  7. st!gar

    More User-friendly?

    I'd like it if they could just do what just about all other FPSs does. The press of a single "action button", like, say "G" in Quake Wars...
  8. st!gar

    Arma 2 like Project Reality?

    [Citation needed] I agree with your core statement. "Realistic" weapons and vehicles has got nothing to do with how realistic the actual game is. You could dump a truckload of actual WWII weaponry and vehicles into a sandbox full of kindergardeners, (BF 1942, anyone?), but the result would look absolutely nothing like an actual WWII-era military conflict.
  9. st!gar

    Just one squad?

    Unless I'm completely mistaken, revival of teammates and the ability to command groups of squads are all features that can be enabled in the editor through use of simple modules.
  10. st!gar

    Player representing USMC

    Well, in most of the shooters you just listed up, the player character is American. Not even "any vaguely american or english-speaking person", but quite literally American. But, hey, who knows. Maybe ArmA 2 throws some random bizarro-world twist at you, where you can choose to have the whole team defect to one of the feuding factions, and fight their former colleagues for some reason...
  11. st!gar

    [TRANSLATION] Interview about ArmA 2

    I see. Thanks for the reply.
  12. st!gar

    [TRANSLATION] Interview about ArmA 2

    Logics... exactly how does those work, again? You put down an invisible object, and synchronise it with a trigger or waypoint, or something?
  13. st!gar

    [TRANSLATION] Interview about ArmA 2

    What? You won't be able to have the AI and/or yourself use those new, important functions without manually scripting it into the mission beforehand?! That's... horrible. I hope this is as "easy" and obvious as they claim...
  14. st!gar

    SJB Submachinegun Pack

    Screenshots of the mercs, please?
  15. st!gar

    AI in Warfare?

    As you might have guessed from the title, I was just curious about how the AI handles Warfare. I am far, far away from my computer at the moment, and will be all week, so it's impossible for me to find it out for myself. So, if anyone here has tried the new Warfare mode alongside AI players, I'd really like for them to post their opinnions in this thread. I'm suprised BI chose to include AI -support, actually, as I would have assumed that mode to be a bit too complicated, perhaps. So, yeah. Are they good at building? Are they active? Do you get lots of nice, juicy big battles?
  16. Arrgh! I've been trying to find a way to create units and squads in the game, by for example having a squad appear at a point once a trigger is, well, triggered and so on. I checked the BI wiki, but I just got confused. I'm really stumped at the moment and in desperation, I decided to post here. I hope I'm not upsetting anyone with this. I'd be really grateful if someone could write down a simple guide on how to, say, make a squad of enemies appear in a village once you have reached a certain waypoint or something of the sort. Again, I'm sorry if I'm being unreasonable here, but please remember that I'm an utter n00b on this stuff. Thanks in advance.
  17. Thanks for the reply. However, when I write the line into the init-field, I get an error saying "Type Object, expected Nothing".
  18. Right. I told you I tried that wiki, but that thing's complicated and annoying. I'm getting more and more frustrated as we speak. I've searched everything from this forum to Google, and I still have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. When I choose the unit's position to spawn, for example, I'm somehow supposed to write down coordinates?! Well, how the heck do I find them?!
  19. How do you do that? I mean; I know how to set a unit's probability of presence to false, but how do I make it true in a trigger? What do I write in the init line?
  20. st!gar

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    It's working now. Thanks for all the great help! As to the feedback: Is it only me, or is there a new death animation included? One where the the person gets killed while running?
  21. st!gar

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    I think I'm doing something wrong. This is what I do: In the Queen's Gambit shortcut, the "Target" box says: [ "C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -mod=DBE1;beta ] However; then I get an error, and the game won't start.
  22. st!gar

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    Quick Question: How do you make the patch work with Queen's Gambit?
  23. I have something to admit. I am not at all beyond sometimes using the ArmA editor as a kind of a skirmish-mode, so to speak. I'm sure I'm not alone about that. I pick a location on the map; add a few infantry and armoured squads and perhaps the odd chopper. Then I have them advance on each other, with me controlling one of the grunts as explosions and tracer fire erupt everywhere around me. Good fun. At least in theory. See, I can't recall having had this problem in Operation Flashpoint ages ago; but in the official maps in ArmA and Queen's Gambit, I've always had a hard time finding a suitable spot for a large, combined arms-type pitched battle. Take Sahrani or United Sahrani, for example: In part due to the hilly terrain that poses a natural obstacle to everyone involved, in part the way the trees are incredibly scarce in places, yet almost too thick to be doing anything inside in other places, there is simply no good place I can think of that has good cover for infantry, good space for vehicles, not being either so full of hills it gives one of the sides a huge advantage or completely obscures both armies' vision all together; and so on. So my question is: If you're the kind of person who sometimes likes simply diving into a huge battle; what location(s) do you prefer? What map? Do you, like me, prefer flat, moderately hilly, semi-forested areas or perhaps you prefer mountainaous terrain with lots of forests? Try to define the location properly. Like, for example: "That forested farm area just south of Eponia on Sahrani". Anyone who has any favourites could post them, here, if you please?
  24. Thanks for the tip! Gonna be downloading Sakakah right now.