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  1. Great vid guys, Hope the sounds are changed for the final release ? OPF2 vid, Lots of HDR and very much looks like a console game.
  2. smiley_ie

    Dual Monitors

    You can also try Kegetys SoftTH. Tested it myself, it works! http://www.kegetys.net/SoftTH/ MfG Lee Cheers Lee will give that a go, never seen SoftTH before
  3. smiley_ie

    Dual Monitors

    Think this is better, ive a 22 tft and two 17 tft and im thinking about getting one of these. http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/products/gxm/th2go/ This is it in action, not Arma but you get the idea.
  4. smiley_ie

    Micro AI on 2nd CPU ?

    I have a quad core 2.4 and bought a Zalman CNPS9500 for 40.00 euro and it clocks to 3.2 runs fine its a good cheap way for an upgrade. Â 2.4 quad is now only 150.00 euro
  5. smiley_ie

    Armed Assault videos

    Cheers very helpfull ...
  6. smiley_ie


    Seen this on Actiontrip, Heres what Pc gamer is saying. Codemasters still refuses to give us more details on their war sequel, Operation Flashpoint 2. They're obviously saving the good stuff for this year's E3. The latest issue of PC Gamer UK, however, has the scoop on the game, describing the forthcoming title as "the most mind-bogglingly vast and mercilessly realistic battlefield gaming has ever known." Hm, I'd like to know what Brits are on these days... "Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is the sequel to the best soldier sim ever created," says PC Gamer. "It's a game being built to exacting specifications by military obsessives, to simulate the authentic behaviour of battle-hardened troops and push PC's to their limits." The full preview in Issue 190 contains eight pages of new info and details on how Codies is pain-stakingly recreating the weapons and manoeuvres of a real soldier, including the beefiest-looking assault rifle we've ever seen. New screens i think. http://www.actiontrip.com/link.ph....ml?http
  7. smiley_ie

    Patch 1.14 Troubleshooting

    Yes, get a proper 2nd licence for the 2nd PC. Thanks for the replys I no i need a second key to play on a network but thats not the problem, I installed it on the second pc but if i run single player or leave it on the main menu i get CTD. So if i go out and buy a second copy its going to do the same.
  8. smiley_ie

    Patch 1.14 Troubleshooting

    It runs fine on my main system, Installed on my second pc for LAN play and i get a CTD after about 2 mins play if i leave it sitting on the game menu i still get CTD. Error arma.exe encounterd a error. Clean game install + QG +1.08 + 1.14 no mods Amd duel core 2ghz, 2 gig ram, 7900gt xp sp2, 175. nvidia drivers. Have allso tried maxmem=512 Any idea's
  9. smiley_ie

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Played a few maps, runs very smooth no sound problems. nice 1
  10. smiley_ie

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.14

    Cheers BIS will give it a go.
  11. smiley_ie


    NaturalMotion always got nice stuff in pocket but question is ... hows with MP sync ... (catch the dynamic not alawys same results) ... for SP these are definitely wonderful things Ive seen videos of the new GTA that use's natural motion in multiplayer. I no its not the same as ArmA but map size wise to use euphoria may be possible ? Check  http://xbox360.ign.com/dor....08.html
  12. smiley_ie

    How many use the Postprocessing effects?

    NO running a 8800 ultra ..... PP looks good in ArmA movies.
  13. smiley_ie

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    Very happy with 1.12 runs very very well New FOV Mouse movement Nice job Bis
  14. That happened me with 1.11, I think its QG based ? havent come accross it yet with 1.12
  15. smiley_ie

    ArmA Effects

    Never tried any mods since ive played ArmA and installed the @CSM sound pack and just tryed this .... WOW Nice work Maddmatt and as far as i can tell theres no drop in fps. Love the flash when you hit them bmp / T72. Well done keep up the good work. Cheers
  16. I got going and it ran like crap unless i use maxmen=1024 seems to run fine.
  17. Noraf i just came accross that on some other posts. Will try it and let you no. Cheers
  18. Was home for lunch had a quick try with the patch and renamed beta to beta2 ran patch then ran arma and it says ver 1.85xxxxx thats 1.09 beta ? My shortcut was arma.exe -mod=DBS1 -nosplash Tryed -mod=DBS1 to -mod=Beta and it gave me an error related to 1.09 Will be home in an hour to try it again. Cheers
  19. smiley_ie

    Search for a best memory handling

    Game runs a lot faster more me with 1.09 beta. I tried maxmem=768 and it a lot lot smother. XP sp2 / quad core / 8800 ultra / 4 gig.
  20. smiley_ie

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    Havent played it in a while and patched it and have to say it runs alot better very smooth with 1.09. AI seems alot better only thing i still noticed is they still skip accross the ground when far away ? Lag ? i just play coop all the time. Load times while playing is still there which is a pain cause im running XP home, 4 gig & 8800 ultra. Might try the maxmem command but over all very good patch
  21. smiley_ie

    1.08 Troubleshooting thread.

    I got a big drop in fps with 1.08 in citys tryed 512 in maxmem = same. Tryed -1200 maxmem runs much much better but got 2 crashes in a hour which i never got with beta at -1200 maxmem. Will try differant settings !
  22. smiley_ie

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    I have a drop in preformance in the citys with 1.08
  23. smiley_ie

    Public Beta Patch 1.07.5154

    Usually it is the older cards that get no support But no. Not with ArmA... I agree with that 1.05 came out and alot of people with older cards got better performance and i was down x1950xtx then with the beta 1.05 ran fine, no its crap with 1.07.
  24. smiley_ie

    1.7 beta impressions

    Over all i got a drop in performace. Texture loads are worse fps is alot lower in towns, go back to beta 1.05 for now. Just tried 1.05 beta again = Its lot smoother for me. Thing i noticed is 1.07 doesnt seem to cache as good ! Running with maxmem 1200 on bought beta's. 4600 x 2 3 gig x1950xtx , Dont get handle leak XP home Renamed bat & beta 1.05 folder before install
  25. smiley_ie

    Sound loss with 1.05

    Hi Overall I had a drop in performance with 1.05 fps ive posted on the 1.05 Causes performance Hits. Im also losing sound! Played online last night and server changed map and my sound was gone. Restarted arma and the sound was back. Also played on different servers and had the same problem. Starts ok then they disappear don’t hear trucks but I hear the birds - don’t hear bmps hear gun fire? This was all online haven’t tried SP haven’t changed audio settings. Tried audio eax & hardware disabled = same. Haven’t used any type of sound mods done a clean install of arma. Have being running German ver 1.02 didn’t have this problem. Don’t have this problem in any other software. When it happens I alt&tab and sound plays fine in windows. Don’t have any 5.1 surround setups. While online I asked other players was anyone loosing sound one replied yes! Win xp home Audigy 2 latest drivers