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  1. smiley_ie

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 72291 Available!

    My textures where all lowres and looked blurry with this patch ? running latest nvidia's went back to 72197.
  2. smiley_ie

    Latest Beta Patch: 72107

    I only got OA the other night. installed with latest beta and get lots of slow downs in citys on donimation 2 20 - 30fps. Compared to Arma 2 donimation 2 with ACE 35 - 60 in citys.
  3. smiley_ie

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    I went to gamestop here in ireland midlands and they didnt even no what i was talking about. Allso tried in dublin "game" and they only had 2 copies that went out last week and had none on order ? Ended up ordering online play.com
  4. smiley_ie

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    Keys started to be sent just got mine :bounce3:
  5. smiley_ie

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    I ordered it from play.com did anyone receive there keys yet ?
  6. smiley_ie

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

    Have a good one all.
  7. Just got to try them, Seems smoother :)
  8. Just found these havent tryed them yet, Sound good :butbut: â—¦Up to 12% performance increase in ARMA 2 http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/win7_winvista_64bit_191.03_beta_uk.html
  9. I get the gun sounds cutting out when other players fire with latest beta build.
  10. Im getting this after new beta patch also.:confused:
  11. smiley_ie

    No multiplayer servers

    This happend to me over the last few days. 1 out of 5 comes up blank ?
  12. smiley_ie

    Sound broken by 1.03?

    Played MP last night and got sound problem to comes and go's.
  13. smiley_ie

    1.03 Performance

    Same performace for me, But my video card is whinning more
  14. smiley_ie

    I finally had an amazing time with ARMA 2

    I cant stand Domi and Evo, I find Arma 2 works best 6 - 10 player's you'll always find a few good coop maps.
  15. I feel your pain my friend, I to am the same when I play I literally feel sick. Last night i was playing while flying a squad we where over 3000m to the drop zone and i decided to take a sip of tea. While i done this i lost control of the heli and the screen blurred i got so disorientated i spilt the tea all over my groin. I tried to control the heli while my co*k and balls where burning we all crashed, The pain was so much I pulled down my trousers and at this stage my wife came in. Dam you Bis dam you to hell. My lawyers will be in touch.
  16. smiley_ie

    NO Shadows

    Grab driver cleaner pro, uninstall drivers, boot safe mode and run driver pro, reboot and reinstall driver. I dont no if its a knowing problem !
  17. smiley_ie

    Mulitplayer Crash

    Try uninstall Arma2 and the folders, Uninstall video drivers and run driver cab cleaner in safe mode reboot and install the latest video drivers. Then install game.
  18. I always had a pci audio card never used onboard. Graphic cards you plug into do graphics audio cards you plug into audio ?
  19. Get driver cab cleaner, uninstall drivers reboot safe mode, Run driver cab cleaner and remove nvidia, Reboot and run install of beta drivers. New beta's seem to be better in towns for me.
  20. smiley_ie

    co12 Hijack

    Me and and mate played this last night took us 2 hours 45 mins to finish with 2 of us. Great mission ran with no problems.
  21. Friend of mine has the same problem, i7 GTX295 he lowered his screen res ! that seemed to fix it for him.
  22. smiley_ie

    WTF i cant hin anymore in last game

    Dont have the game but maybe Win 7 ? Causing it .
  23. Lol. Well they did add animals : nice beaver.
  24. thunderbird84 I blame BIS for not having kept the pressure over Morphicon to delay their release. Or at least, inform 'the reviewers' of the imminent releases of patches. Im the same its just retarted that Bis let there hard work go out the door if its unfinished. Bad press and bad reviews is not good for your product but like many people i'll buy it but im gonna hang on and wait for a few patches to come for this one.
  25. Looking forward to the responses of the people that picked it up.:bounce3: