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  1. smiley_ie

    Where's the new animals in BETA?

    Whats animals listed under ? cant find them in latest DEV build.
  2. smiley_ie

    New DirectX 11.2

    Cant see it happen since the engine doesn't use your PC resource's that are available anyway. :confused:
  3. smiley_ie

    Where's the new animals in BETA?

    Was looking for them also ? wanted to see if they where rag doll with some c4 :mad:
  4. I had this problem in my case it turned out to be sixupdater that would cut my connection.
  5. Mine just updated 136.7mb patch ? Nothing posted under Dev news.
  6. Snakes can open doors ? Was in a building in wasteland door opens i was expecting a player to come in but to my surprise it was a snake.
  7. Messing in the editor and the scenario mission runs pretty good, Nice update, Multilayer it just falls apart random 20 fps drop its just a mess. I think the only way to get it this game running right is 10 players or under to have a good game online.
  8. Don't run beta patch's run arma2oa.exe and it should run fine - stopped stuttering for me after doing this.
  9. I deleted the beta folder and ran the normal exe and it runs fine no pause's connected to two servers also when battle eye is initialization the writing on screen is blue, When i run the beta's the initialization is in red writing ?
  10. Any updates on this as of now i"m getting kicked from every server i join.
  11. I uninstalled BE reinstalled it and done the manual update, Just tried to connect to a takistan life server ( that has being working fine ) they run two server the same when i connect to either it says v1.200 updated when i spawn at base 1 - 3 second pause's. Tried a random takistan life server with BE and i get the same problem, Tried a wasteland server with BE on and it runs fine ? DayZ server runs fine. Update to lastest beta 104648.zip same problem with Takistan servers i have no mods installed.
  12. I started to get this the last few days very annoying.
  13. I just seem to be getting complete random frame drops with this build, looking at the same location go from 51fps down to 22 and back to 59 ? also a lot of random pausing.
  14. I never even looked at the fog in Arma 3 but that's really cool hopefully its gonna be used in more MP missions.
  15. Latest DEV says - Dedicated Server (Windows) executable to a small group of server admins. It does not require Steam Client running. Why would you be taking out steam ? Is this anything to do with optimization.
  16. smiley_ie

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Id like an update to, When i heard BI was working on Arma 3 i thought there gonna optimize the shite out of it :confused: I guess not. If they had a fix im pretty sure we would have had something in the DEV build or some update.
  17. This tweaking is great and hat's of to BIS but when are we going to start getting the DEV optimization update's to try ? Multi core support :confused:
  18. smiley_ie

    Today's patch changelog

    + 1 for the slower movement
  19. smiley_ie

    Beta isn't actually that far away

    Beta targeted for Q2 ?....Im still waiting for the big optimization patch :confused:
  20. smiley_ie

    Help GFX bug or?

    Then its a driver change if it worked from day one ? Try run updates on Dev build or Alpha build see if you get it.
  21. smiley_ie

    Help GFX bug or?

    You OC video card ?
  22. smiley_ie

    Help GFX bug or?

    Post spec's Update video driver maybe with clean install or try Driver Sweeper it does not look that much difference i find with AA and its a big hit on performance.
  23. smiley_ie

    Little dot when zooming

    Have seen this also, Thought my screen had a dead pixel :cool:
  24. I tried latest dev build for the first time today, Dont know what bis did but i got a huge boost:D 40 player wasteland server with 37 players on it ran 50 - 60 fps and felt a lot smoother. TDM server with 20 player sat on 59.9 fps so with better DS and then Video drivers i think its looking good for 60fps :bounce3: Running Win8x64, i7 950 @4.1, 8gig 1600, Evga GTX680 sig2
  25. These new beta drivers seem to be for Tomb Raider i posted on Guru3d about Arma 3 and got a reply Quote: Originally Posted by Smiley_ie View Post Nothing for Arma 3 ? ManuelG NVIDIA Rep We have an optimization that we are considering but we need to discuss this with developers as we dont know how this will affect the game as it moves to BETA and then final release. BIS will we be getting any Nvidia updates while in Alpha as im sure this play's a part as ARMA 3 getting optimized ?