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  1. Time to push this up :]

    TiGGa was quite busy in university but released version 1.02 in the Morphicon forums a week ago.

    Based on that i was a bit bored with work and made a small coop version of WineWars 1.02.

    The racs will build a very small base after the teams set their MCV and start building tanks and infantry squads and attack your base.

    The cooperative end trigger is active when anybody destroyed the RACS base near corazol. You can still play on both sides (Opfor and Blufor) and Racs will attack both bases. You can also finish this "Coop" version by destroying the other base, but it will pull the normal trigger of course then. This also results in a loss of the whole game when 1 team is bancrupt.

    I balanced the whole thing a little so i could finish the mission with 2 players in ~1hour with 3 times startstock and 4 times harvesting speed (should be ok with 10 players in standard settings).

    Changelog 1.02:

    -A10 for Harrier

    -Transport Vehicles with UH-60 and MH-17

    -Several Bugfixes

    Changelog Coop Version:

    -Added Racsbase

    -Racs attacking MCV and Base now

    -Added some more Patrols and Defenses outside the Cities

    -Adjusted Prices for everything (i.e. Helipad for 75.000 Btls)

    -A little more detailed Briefing (Still suggest to read the Manual, but the most important stuff can be found in the Briefing now too)

    Download Coop Version here:

    Download Down atm, fixing some serious things.

    Download 1.02 (without Coop) here:


    There is some work left to do with it, and playing it adversial can be much better but i hope you have some fun with this smile_o.gif

  2. 5. The tructor drivers are dumb. I went bankrupt because none of them were able to return to the shelter. Instead they crashed against trees or buildings and, wtf?, went up into flames (and so does my money).

    It is clearly not your fault the AI drives as she does, but you should take that into account. Relying that they are capable to drive trought the gate into a house is expecting too much.

    Maybe make a fallback option like beeing able to build player controllable tractors. So the commander can harvest on its own when all AI tractors are burning or stuck.

    The Tractor Drivers are dumb. No Question.

    Its about experience to find out where to put the refinery best to get a good result for returning tractors.

    My knowledge about it:

    Dont place Refinery ON a road - the Tractors dont stop always when they reach the refinery and drive IN the refinerywall - they burn.

    Dont place the Refinery IN a town, NEAR Fences, Near anything which could stop the tractors from begin moving. They spawn around the refinery and wont move away.

    Look for Ways to the Fields, you can free some ways with your M113 by driving over trees walls and so on.

    You will get a best result if you place the refinery about 150 m away from your first flag on an open field.

    The Tractors usually dont drive in the refinery, they drive near it, stop and turn around if all is ok.

    When Tractors are stuck they get new waypoints after a certain time, if they cant move any more at all theres only 1 way out: shoot em. (At least new tractors get cheaper).

    Btw: its normal that they begin burning with 1 tree contact or something, even if i would like the idea to steal some tractors by shooting the enemy drivers out of their seats wink_o.gif But i guess Tigga is asking for Vehicle and Driver Status for calculating the new price...

  3. guess u have a pilot "sp1"

    write a sqf with:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">

    sp1 addEventHandler ["killed", {respawn=[] execVM "respawnsp1.sqf"}];

    sp1 setPos (whichever);

    save it as respawnsp1.sqf

    initialize the pilot with

    addEventHandler ["killed", {respawn=[] execVM "respawnsp1.sqf"}]

    thats it.

    setpos should work, but all static objects are rotated north i think (only know it from reading, never tried it).

    Taken from the MfCti Readme

    Quote[/b] ]

    -The building/m2/sandbag placements of coarse are not the same from player to player. This is because the setdir and setpos are bugged in the game. Bis does know about this and hopefully this will be fixed.

  4. Maybe a short reply from me.

    I played TiGGa's Winewars a lot already, and i think i may say my Winebottles and me are some reasons why he made this pretty cool mission smile_o.gif

    We were waiting for CTI a few weeks ago and spoke about it and i drunk some nice Rioja whilst driving through Yoro, my personal Capital of Sahrani. Only few hours later TiGGa sent me a pretty nice Powerpoint presentation of "The War about the red gold". I was editing a mission of TiGGa atm, and was very sceptic if he is really able to do all this.

    Few days later the first Tractor drove in front of my eyes from his Refinery to a nearby Field and then everything went pretty fast.

    Today the version has already tons of stuff, i was just trying to look in the scripts and did not get fast through all this data but its very well done.

    WineWars is a real Alternative in my eyes to CTI, since you also have to capture cities, build base strucutures and organize huge amounts of Troops. Of course main parts are still missing atm:

    -AI Commander(i usually only play Coop and the AI in the cities is a bit "poor" atm.

    -better GUI, which is working now, but newbs will be scared of the current Version

    -The Addons for real Winefields instead of Flagpoles biggrin_o.gif

    -Job sharing to take some work of the commanders shoulders

    and last but not least

    -the new real Wine-Islands

    That shall not say its not worth playing WineWars right now. Its cool, its almost always different and its funny ! Watching the Tractors driving all around and driving in the night through them is one of the best things i've seen in ArmA so far.

    If you have any interestes in CTI you shouldd defenitly try this!