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  1. Hmmm. I reupload the mission in case something got screwed up there....

    ...same filename/path

    and sure we speak of version 0.4a ? not the one on TiGGas post of first side ?

    I just retried hosting it myself and the MHQ is just there, east west, coop, joint coop. whatever i do.

  2. So heres 0.4a, with the modified dialogs as you can see on the screenshot.


    Some changes:

    -Cleanup Dialog and redesign

    -Improved Mouse moving in RTS Interface (short right click = waypoint, long right click = move screen)

    -Added WASD movement of RTS Interface

    -RTS Interface rotatable (Q/E)

    -Added Fog of war instead of movement limitation


    The RTS Unitlist (the selected Units on the screen) are not yet fully functionable again, so you can only see what you have choosen and cant interact with them, will come sooner or later with one of the next updates.

    Hope you have fun with it. Cu Schwabi

  3. There is a cooperative gamemode.

    it is no "real" vs AI mode as AI does not build a base like yours, but its a challenge to destroy the AI base. Just try it ;)

    Btw there will be a update soon for the dialogs and RTS interface movement

    (the right mouse button navigation is not really perfect :P)

  4. Should work without them, they are in included in the new addon.

    Btw: the Hotkeys (1-4) are disabled, i was planning to move them to the keyboard but did not finish that yet.

    The south pasture guards got deleted by accident, i added them again, you have to redownload the version 0.4 for that.

  5. Ok here you go for the Version 0.4:


    for which you need an updated farma Addon:


    (now the Links should work too ;) )

    Some details:

    The Addon includes the main buildings, as supermarkets, factories and so on. This made it possible for me to make them interesting for AI to shoot at even if there are no weapons mounted on them.

    There are also some (so far unused) more vehicles in it for the resistance side. The vehicles, buildings and units are all grouped in a class "fArmA" visible in the Editor when you load the addon with your ArmA.

    The mission changed mostly in the RTS Interface from the last version:

    -You can access the main buildings with M(MHQ), H(Head Quarter), V(Vehicle Factory), A(Air Factory), S (Cow Shed), C(Cow Factory) and T(Supermarket).

    I planned to restructre the dialogs in one of the next version to make more useful dialogs bound to the buildings, so far there are the old dialogs bound to the buildings as i thought it may be useful.

    -Scrolling changed from display border to right mouseclick (almost as you are used from the ArmA map). The cam bounces sometime but i did not got the reason for that yet so i could not fix. If you think you found the reason feedback is very much appreciated!

    -Buildings got a blue frame when selected

    -You can add units to a selection with holding Shift

    -You can subtract units from a selection with holding Ctrl

    -The never ending story with the JIP-Where are you bug: Version 0.4 now copies the units from a disconnecting player to a new group with his Uid before deleting them. The CEO is then able to control the units as all other units with the Hi-Command module

    -Additionally i "unlocked" the transfer Unit button for more cases. The CEO

    can now transfer, kill and disband almost all units on his side. This also means he can move a unit from player 2 group to player 8 group even if he is not in these groups. This enables the CEO to give the Units from a disconnected player back to him, when he reconnects to the server.

    This feature is not fully stable, so i think it is sometimes possible to transfer a player to another group which will destroy the rest of the mission. Please be careful with clicking there, theres also a little sleep inside causing latency which is dangerous for "Fastclickers"....

    (will be improved in next version of course).

    Also there are some more minor fixes which i do not want to list up here - you will find them or not :P

    Whatever happens, have fun with it and don't be too serious.


  6. Yes. But i did not publish it yet.

    Please give me a day or two and i try to publish the 0.4 version with the new addon.

    The Addon will include the buildings then, so they are selectable and will get attacked by the AI.

    The mission itself did not change, i was just working at the command interface but the sun was so nice, and it was soo hot.... there was not much time for scripting :)

  7. Ok there was a bug in the last version which caused the AI to respawn on the Island only. Happened because of this nice new 1.03 features and a working briefing - but i dont want to annoy you with that :)

    Version 0.3e is now optimized with triggers for the UPS-Patrols, they will activate when you are clsoe enough, and give you intense fighting for the towns.

    Also this bug with the AI group leaders on the respawn fix island is solved i think....

    For the JIP Bug i tried a solution now to create a new group when a player disconnects. The CEO can order this group with all the players units as all other groups then (in the HI-Command).

    Download link is the same then last time:

    (only UPS Version now, because it worked good for me, please report if you have performace issues!)


  8. Thanks, however I still lack a way of getting Player Slots controlled by AI to do that. If I could get to there action menu via the Command interface, I might be able to tell them to heal at the priest. However the action menu is empty when I access it.

    Ok i did not see that behaviour before. It should only happen if the AI dies before you have built a building, after that they will respawn down there.

    Will fix that in one of the next versions.

    Then I've seen that the trucks take a rather long time to get going, found that they do eventually do what they intend to do, but this takes some time.

    ArmA Bug, i am sorry about - but the tractors were even worse and Tanks transporting cows look pretty silly - dont u think so? :P

    I can try to put the trucks in a safe mode but most of navigation problems occur then too.

    Also have not seen a counter attack from the Resistance side with Joint Coop mode. Not sure if I should just wait longer, but in the old versions it took them about 10 min to show up.

    Never played that before alone ^^ Usually they should search ur base and destroy it, u should try to destroy the base in the middle. But it happens sometimes that the AI hangs in some forrest or at some hill for long time....

    To your .rpt logins:

    There happen lot of entries when units get destroyed which are not local, they produce 1 entry when destroyed and then dissapear.

    And you can produce a lot of entries when clicking not useful things :D

    I wont try to make the mission dumb-safe, because this will be a life-filling job :D

    But thanks a lot for your feedback! I hope you will have lot of fun with the next updates too.

  9. I will post a 1.03 fix very soon.

    The workaround for the Where are you bug is working now (at least for 1 reconnect :D )

    I also tried to add the UPS script, but you will need a very powerful machine.

    Link will come as soon as i finished playing tonight (so later).

    The UPS Version, including 2 new "towns" in the north - alot of more town defense, which needs powerful CPU to work good.


    Tested and worked also for some reconnects without the where-are-u bug - i just deleted the units now. Next step for Version "e" will be to make this better and dont delete the units, and just move them to the server instead so you can find them in the command menu in a special group.

    Here is the non-UPS Version, based on the UPS Version above, but it also does NOT include the 2 towns in the north, and so i am not 100% sure if all works ok. The not-UPS Version is not tested, if you experience problems with it please report and i will try to fix as fast as possible.


    Have fun :)

  10. Yeah. But i need more time...

    I think i got a real solution for the JIP thing now, will script it tonight and test it then too.

    First of all i want to add more flexible town guards as already mentioned.

    When this is done i want to add some dialog features - like choosing default waypoints from buildings.

    When all this is done i was annoying TiGGa with my idea of butchers in the towns in the nowhere to make them interesting too. I think of butchers as a quick way to meatgrind some cow, but not with a 1:1 ratio but with maybe 1:0,5.

    I can't see right now when i find more time for the scripting issues - i try my best to do something in the evenings after the office but most of the time i am so tired that i produce more script errors than removing some :)

  11. Yep had that Truckbug yesterday too in the full-auto mode.

    I had to add a fourth variable to the script and did not pass it with the full-auto mode (as there is no useful value for it).

    I changed it for the Version 0.3c already but wondered why others did not see that error :)

    I hope that the bug u described did not happen in the semi auto mode, because i did not had this error before.

    If so please try to tell me exact from where to where you try to send the cow/meat, maybe theres a typ0 with the pastures ?

    As a fix for that you can use the 0.3c - its not fully tested but should solve that problem as i also only recognized the error yesterday night.


    Tested it and it worked for me now too in the Full Auto mode.

    1 minor "bug": When you semiauto transport a cow to a full shed or pasture, the truck will drop the cow and the truck will be idle after it. It detaches the cow, but it does not move it to a new position and the cow is shown as "0 meat" when transporting by hand. The cow will be dropped from the truck when he moves away, and the cow ill have a value again after being registered somewhere.

    Fixed nr 2 :P cow delivery automatic wasnt working. Download updated.

  12. Yeah the JIP thingy is quiet annoying. You cant do anything about it, but when u remember where your units where before u left the server you can select them in the command interface and press delete to kill them all.

    If not - well take another slot may be a solution ;)

    I uploaded the 0.3b to the farma server:


    There is now a semiautomatic feature available to send cows from one pasture to another or from the shed to a pasture.

    I created a 2nd dropdown for that, choose the start in the upper dropdown and the target in the lower dropdown.

    I also adjusted the supermarket values. The cities have now values: 6000-9000-12000 (was 6000-10000-20000) to make the balancing on the Island better.

    The town values can now also be quick recognized on the map with the size of the markers (big markers - 12k meat, smallest markers - 6k meat).

    Next step to 0.3c will be the some dialog improvments, first of all i want to make a default spawn to location for the vehicle factory and the HQ so units dont just run to the CEOs position but to a defined first WP.

    I also think of spawning the AI in the towns with a trigger to make a increasing town defense with longer game time, but i am not totally sure about that.

    Will do some test session tonight on the eutf server. Maybe we meet us there ;) CU

  13. I unlocked the server again.

    I was working today on the semi-auto feature to transport cows from shed to pasture and think i got it in the end ;) Will release a 0.3b tomorrow evening when i find some time.

    Next step will be to randomize and increase the town defense. Then i also want to make some dialog improvments for version 0.3c...

    The JIP Bug seems to be very hard to solve. Its the last very big step to final version but i cant see a solution so far.

  14. Ok, so to make it not too confusing i took the Version Index to 0.3 for my first version.

    Following things are changed:

    -URAL_CDF and URAL_INS instead of Tractors (causes gps problem, will be fixed with a changed addon file later, with a new "Farma Ural" Class

    -AI Tractor Automode edited, so selling meat is highest priority now. Also fixed a repeating code and removed the nessecary of a local supermarket to sell to towns automatically

    -saving cam height in Command interface

    -added shortcuts for Command Interface: H - Move to HQ

    -added shortcuts for Command Interface: M - Move to MHQ

    -Price adjusted for BRDM

    -All Planes are going to 400 meters after getting a move order to find easier ways to the target

    +some more small bugfixes

    My main TODO is to rescript the AI Auto and Semimode to make it also possible to change cows between shed and pastures and to make a kind of joblist for the tractors so they cant get looped with 1 type of work.

    More Feedback on Version 0.3 is very much appreciated, i will try my best to implement all good suggestions asap.

    Download Link:


  15. Main Problem is that i have lot of work in reallife too, so i cant spend that many time on this nice project as TiGGa did.

    I will do the main fixes, beginning with the Tractor replacement, and also with some script cleanup as soon as i understand everything in the files ;)

  16. In 0.2C the AT tower and the MG Tower comes up for me as <null> when I double click on them in the construction menu, which prevents me from purchasing and placing them.


    Why doubleclick? Singleclick and place on map ??

    Stupid request I have is another means of moving the map around, I use 2 monitors and when I move the mouse to the left edge of the screen to move the overhead view around, I tend to go to the other screen. I was just wondering if its possible to add the numpad to move the screen around?

    I told that TiGGa all the time :P

    Scrolling works better if u scroll below the Sidebar, there is a range which works.

  17. @crazyace: its a real time strategy mission for ArmA2, so of course compatible with all versions. its a bit like crcti: you build a base, conquer towns and try to destroy enemy. the difference is the money part.

    while in crcti you get money for holding towns (simple) ... in farma you have to have a pasture for the cows to grow up - transport them to your base in the meat factory - meatgrind them there - and sell the meat then again to towns, which will pay you for your services (complicated ;) ).

    @eagle911: tiggas camp is an example how creative u can be with the command-interface building menu ;)

    @s!fkaiac: yeah one of the nicest parts flying besides the cows :)

  18. cow tipping is a myth ^^

    its time for mythbusters :)

    but cow stealing will be an interesting part of the game...

    you just need the possibility to steal more then 1 cow at a time, maybe free all of the enemy cows with opening the fence ?