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  1. Ya i understand, unfortunately i have no own Dedicated anymore.

    I hosted the File at www.g-g-c.de:


    Its already again slightly modified. I introduced a gps Startup parameter which should take more load from the server. Its still sometimes laggy in the end of the games.

    One more problem in the version i posted was the the drop did not work all the time on the dedicated. This should be fixed now too. If NOT - please!! Send me the server and client rpt files, thanks!

    Btw: The Startup Post is not by me. As soon as this version is somewhat stable and what i think the functionality should be i will create a own thread for it again.

    One more edit:

    It would be really nice to join your tests, if possible please post time & server here. Thanks :)

  2. I finally found some time and mood to continue the work here.

    Here is a Testversion from what i did and tested in singleplayer:


    I mainly changed the automatic transport functions which should work faster and more stable now. If the automatic transport still gets stuck you can try to take of the cargo which should enable the AI to continue work.

    Also i introduced a speed up parameter which accelerates some parts of the game (start with some weapons and upgrades).

    It would be very nice to get some feedback from a dedicated server test if everything is stable.

  3. I think Zothen has a copy of the Beta version as he mentioned on ICQ.

    Maybe he can upload to a filehoster somewhere or send it to you?

    I hope we did a lot of comments to the files to describe the work as good as possible. If not just tell me the file and linenumber and i try to explain you the content :)

  4. TiGGa is working on his diploma thesis and wont continue this project for this time. I am sure when he finished it he will continue this one as its Alpha was really promising already.

    Unfortunately i dont have that much time as the fArmA development would need, i would be very happy if some scripting support (or manuals, tutorials, translations) could help there....

    I tried to build a coordination website at http://farma.eutf.org for this reasons and beta-testing is already working very good in my eyes there. (Thanks to Crazy for example :) )

  5. Just for you.....

    i made an Addonfree Version of fArmA ;)

    There will be some negative effects with it, as i assigned points to the buildings with the addon. So without the Addon the AI is not able to target the buildings without scripting work.

    But the main reason for the Addon, that the score out of enemy sided tanks was counted negative got fixed in the 1.04 patch so i thought it would be a good idea to make fArmA as Addonfree as possible and it worked i think.

    Adding addons later for some subversion is of course still an option but the main view will be kept on the addonfree version as a basic mission structure.

    With the 0.5c release i also added the castle walls and re-structured the construction menu - main buildings, fortifications, static guns, templates and supports now have a own list which is shown when u press the construction menu button or "H" several times.

    I know the Readme has to be updated now again, and its not done yet... please be patient it will be done with the 0.6 then.



    Armaholic Mirror: RTS - Farm Wars (10CDF vs 10INS) - Addonfree

  6. Download:


    Still needed Addon (old one):


    Changelog from 0.4c -> 0.5:

    -Add swip Cam with PageUp/PageDown, Reset with "End"

    -Add Marker for building radius HQ/MHQ Turn On/Off with "F1" in the RTS Interface

    -Add Upgrade "Support" to increase work-distance of Support BMP, Mi17 and enable the Rearm Base

    -Change Startposition of Players to middle of map to avoid crashes in the mountain ;)

    -Changed Import from Plane to Chopper to avoid dropping problems. The Chopper is going to land at the Heli H and will drop soldiers. Vehicles get spawned at the Vehicle Fac as soon as the chopper delivers the parts for the vehicles.

    -Fixed: Cow and Meat transport Bugs

    -Reduced UPS Patrols in towns

    -Moved AI Spawn locations to make easier pathfinding (better performance)

    -Startplane locked now

    -Modified cowbirth chance

    -Reduced Gamemodes: I removed 250k, 1million, East Coop, West Coop. Remaining: Joint Coop - renamed to COOP, Adversial +Air+Base Destruction renamed to Adversial Destruction, Adversial +Air+500k - renamed to Adversial 500k. Added: Free gameplay without Endtrigger.

    -adjusted dialogs

    -removed formations (not working)

    -enabled 1.04 parameters: Terraindetail, AI Number, Start Money, MHQ Price

  7. Check http://farma.eutf.org

    You will find a version for 1.04 there which includes nograss. I will publish a 0.5 Version when i am sure there are no more gamebreaking bugs in the current version.

    Startweapon can be added, but did you already realize you can register the weapons from units you ordered at the HQ/MHQ ?

    So if you buy a SMG for example, select him, press 6 and then choose "register new weapons" - then you will be able soon to take it urself from the weapon rack.

  8. For that AI stuff i could really need help from some1 with some time for scripting.

    It isnt that hard, you need some scripting experience of course but most needed is TIME - which i dont have enough defenitely.

    If you think you can help please go to farma.eutf.org to the Support forum or write me a PM.


    The 0.4c is fixed NOW.

    Rally points for HQ, Vehicle Factory and Airfactory are working also on dedicated servers.

    Units will go to rally point which was set when unit was added to Queue!

    You change rally point by selecting the building (H for HQ, F for Airfac, V for Vehicle Fac) and then rightclick somewhere. You will see a big white dot when the rally point is set.

    Download here the fixed version with same filename:


  9. farma 0.4c is uploaded: http://farma.eutf.org/ArmA/MpMission/farm_wars_04c_ups.Chernarus.pbo

    Armaholic Mirror: - RTS - Farm Wars (10CDF vs 10INS) v0.4c Beta

    I also installed and unlocked a forum for fArmA where you can meet with other players to play fArmA or to get a more sructred discussion about fArmA features:


    0.4.c Discussion:


    grmpf says: i see the moveto-locations from the HQ, Vehicle Factory and Air Factory are not working yet on the dedicated servers. They worked well for me as self-hoster. I will check this and give u an update ASAP

    Ok i know now where the error comes from. But bugfix will take some while. So long i reopened the old download which has all functions except the Default waypoint for new created Units.

  10. Yeah i know how to disable my own defined keys :)

    But i did not define to make the listbox (for example the listbox with the construction menu) react on my keypresses (what it does now when you press WASD to move the cam).

    Hm maybe i can disable the listbox for the time for a keypress,.... i will try that.... Edith says that it didnt work. Hmm well maybe i really have to ask tomorrow in the script forum.....

    btw its not dutch :p its german ;)

  11. Yes Zothen, it is really annoying but i have no idea how to change it. I think i will remove the WASD movement again and enhance the right mouse button movement. The double solution was somehow only for tryout and i dont like the digital (On/Off) movement of the WASD keys compared to the right mouse button movement.

    I will change this a little bit that buildmode gets only cancelled with right mouse button when u click and not with a drag.

    Or anybody has an idea how to disable key selection for a ListBox....???

  12. What about this one:

    Hided Menu (No Unit Selected):


    Units selected, without Formation Menu:


    All together:


    To templates:

    I really would appreciate your all help here and waiting for some templates. I was thinking of some big walls, but also i like the Tower/Gun Combos.

    I do not like the 3D Editor that much with which TiGGa made this stuff, but the sqf output from it should be enough for me to implement more templates. If you feel not able to help me you need more patience :)

    Edith says: Briefing update uuuggh ok ^^

  13. Doh dudes didnt i wrote this ? :)

    I hope i did. As WASD is for screen moving D and C moved to X and Y.

    Edith says: Damn i didnt ;)

    The Unitlist i made a little button on the top to make it just smaller, hope u saw that?

    As i did not like the pics and textstrings are hard to place at the bottom i had to take one side to write the stuff down.

    What is your main problem with the info on the left? Do you need a border? A background color? Is there too much info, or not enough? Do you have any suggestions for the design of it?

    And @ Jocan: Is the RestoreHC now working?

  14. Oh simply deactivate it from the shurtcut when you want to play hence why its good to have separated folder, i simply copied the shortcut without the VFAI when i wanna play a farma war :).

    Also i didnt try to reproduce the bug but the only construction upgrade to raise the defense option ( AT tower and such ) didnt work, only the staff up did work and increased to dksg and spg-9 static defense, ill try to reproduce it today.

    Eh i may have changed that :P

    I think the bigger towers are now only available after Infrastructure upgrade.

    At least i wanted to change that ;)

    Give me a second i will check....

    Edith says :

    for [{_j=28},{_j<6+(count _fortlist)},{_j=_j+1}] do
    			if ((((!isNull east_hq and damage east_hq < 1) or (!isNull east_mobile and alive east_mobile)) and east_hqupgrade > 1))

    Which means as much as: You need east_HQ upgrade level 2 for the Advanced Defense structures.

    If you dont like that just unpbo the mission file and put it back to level 1 ;)

    You find it in


    I am off now for at least 1 week - so no updates for that time. Have fun with version 0.4b, which is state of now:



    There was a bug at this Code i posted here ....

    Fixed it "again", now same download to 0.4b should be "bugfree".

    I am sorry, some things at RL i dont want to speak about take now lot of me. I will be back when its about time. Hope its playable as it is now, if not just collect the bugs and i will fix them then.