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  1. This is what I have been doing in my scripts right after spawning units via [1] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn : [1] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; Sleep 1; WaitUntil {sleep 0.1;((!IsNil "Rus_ParaTrooper_29") && {(!IsNull Rus_ParaTrooper_29)})}; WaitUntil {sleep 0.1;((Count (Units (Group Rus_ParaTrooper_29))) > 5)}; { _x AllowFleeing 0; _x DoWatch (_x modelToWorldVisual [0,300,0]);_x DisableAI "Target"; _x setVariable ["AffectOthersOnce",2,false]; } ForEach (Units (Group Rus_ParaTrooper_29)); WaitUntil {sleep 0.1;((!IsNil "Rus_ParaTrooper_20") && {(!IsNull Rus_ParaTrooper_20)})}; WaitUntil {sleep 0.1;((Count (Units (Group Rus_ParaTrooper_20))) > 14)}; { _x AllowFleeing 0; _x setVariable ["AffectOthersOnce",2,false]; _x DoWatch (_x modelToWorldVisual [0,300,0]);_x DisableAI "Target"; } ForEach (Units (Group Rus_ParaTrooper_20)); //Now one can safely access the unit global names that have been confirmed to exist in above code Rus_ParaTrooper_21 DoSomething Rus_ParaTrooper_22 DoSomething //Can access groups as well by just using the leaders name or whomever (Group Rus_ParaTrooper_20) SetCombatMode "RED"; (Group Rus_ParaTrooper_29) SetCombatMode "RED"; I have not been able to get group names to be savable, so I'm using the name of each group leader instead - and then the script checks on each groups total unit count, once the unit count is fully where it should be through the spawn, execution of commands for those group units can commence and later in script it should be safe to access the unit names of the spawned units as well. Note that the safety measures for each group in code must be there in the checks to prevent script errors due to the unit name/object not actually existing yet - but it's really easy because it's just copy and paste. Being that these particular units are non-player Ai, they are server sided so indexing of the units in their Init code has 'if (IsServer) then { }; and the script above is executed only on server side. Basically, if the spawning is only for non-player group Ai which it likely often is, the entire usage of the Spawn System here should be kept to server side to avoid duplicate executions on various client ends. A side note as well, that if a waypoint plan ever has a waypoint attached to the unit itself of whom is to be deleted and spawned, it will cause an error that can end the entire spawning function (meaning further unit spawns won't happen) because the script system is trying to attach the waypoint to the no longer existing previous object.
  2. Using your sample mission with a few modifications, there are errors coming up when your system tries to hide/show enemies that are killed. Sample mission adjustments: 2 units west 4 units east West units waypoint plan allows full engagement (no longer switches to combatmode blue/careless). West units delete and spawn only once to allow full engagement of enemies. Time of enemies remaining spawned before deleting increased to allow high chance of enemies being killed in-between each hide/show cycle. Normally 1 out of 2 tests reveal the errors. Errors from RPT : 15:44:15 Error in expression <ect 7); _unit stop (_x select 8); _unit setSuppression (_x select 9); _unit setD> 15:44:15 Error position: <setSuppression (_x select 9); _unit setD> 15:44:15 Error setsuppression: Type Array, expected Number 15:44:15 File functions\sarogahtyp_SSC\fn_spawn.sqf [saroSSC_fnc_spawn], line 425 15:44:18 Error in expression <ndex"; _x removeEventHandler ["killed", _eh_index]; } count _local_leader_array;> 15:44:18 Error position: <_eh_index]; } count _local_leader_array;> 15:44:18 Error Undefined variable in expression: _eh_index 15:44:18 File functions\sarogahtyp_SSC\fn_unmark.sqf [saroSSC_fnc_unmark], line 24 15:44:18 Error in expression <ndex"; _x removeEventHandler ["killed", _eh_index]; } count _local_leader_array;> 15:44:18 Error position: <_eh_index]; } count _local_leader_array;> 15:44:18 Error Undefined variable in expression: _eh_index 15:44:18 File functions\sarogahtyp_SSC\fn_unmark.sqf [saroSSC_fnc_unmark], line 24 In the Spoiler tab is both the InitServer.sqf code and the Mission.sqf code if you would like to use them to replicate the errors in game: Personally, I am using your spawn/hide system in a manner that would not actually include dead units being dealt with, and so I have not yet seen any issue directly affecting my own usage, but I thought you would at least like to know about these errors. Apart from the error report - thanks for the great work on this, it is saving me tons of time and complexity in trying to script hundreds of units and tons of waypoint plans to be spawned in. This is the kind of thing that should be integrated into the game, it certainly makes MP spawning much easier and therefore provides greater room for more detailed usage of spawned units - like many waypoints with various conditions/etc.
  3. special ed

    Say3D help

    Nice - yes, that's what I'm likely going to do as well is just use playSound3D, although I'm probably not going to do the random lip, at least for my purpose which is just players interacting directly with some npc's along the way, I think no lip can work as they do this all the time with Mmo's - I'll just make the voiced parts very short and to the point, and put the full length speech in text. Example : Talk to Durby action activated by player : playSound3d at Durby "How we are going to win *this* battle, I dont know.. " then the actual text : Durby: We've been winning the war up until this point.. and now the enemy reveals their true strength in numbers that are beyond what anyone could imagine." Etc, Etc.. But for cutscenes and units talking to units in Mp, the restrictions here at the moment are pretty bad. Videos can be used for cutscenes in Mp of course where KbTell works in Sp to make the video, but then one gets to decide if they want their mission to jump significantly in size for each video added (I like using videos for Mp cutscenes as it avoids me dealing with so many possible issues that can come up between client and server).
  4. special ed

    Say3D help

    Same issues here - and in fact there is another thread here that is a year old that indicates all 'Say' type commands have been and are .. broken: I did the same tests to confirm it as well, using solid voices with lip files that do actually work in SP using KbTell, but when used with any form of 'Say' the result is hyper fast speed speech. Thanks for the posting the video there, I have literally been spending hours hunting the internet trying to figure out locality of KbTell in Mp due to the fact that the wiki says nothing about Mp, and there is little information around about it. I am bummed out to see the bug there, and worse seeing the units do a hyper lip stutter after doing their voices, I guess that means between all forms of 'Say' not working along with KBtell being bugged out like that, there seems to be nothing reliable for Mp now? At least that video clinches it for my Mp mission, no in mission voices for npc's is going happen with those issues coming up. Why in the world it seems the 'Say' family of commands has been abandoned by Bis is beyond my understanding, they were easy to use simple and reliable commands that could just be ran on each machine in Mp (local effect being nice that it avoids mp syncing issues). Quite frustrating to me and unfortunate, character voice + lip sync is something in a game of this type that should be fully working in Mp to add to mission immersion.
  5. Hi I've been now working with both Neo's MapBuilder and the Eden Editor for some time, and I have not found a method that is less than time consuming and painstaking to place fences and walls on sloping/uneven terrain so they meet up properly and gradually follow the terrain. When I run into having to deal with sloping/uneven terrain in fence/wall placement, I find it takes 3 times the time expected having to hand work, and rework each piece and I usually lose motivation to do much else that evening by the time I'm done just doing a fence or wall area.. Of course, the standard 'align to terrain' function has little use here, as the pieces will never properly line up to the next one down the line without hand working. The only thing I've find helpful at times is to place an object under each newly placed fence/wall end to be a measuring stick to keep height off the ground the same - as of course the actual center of such objects often is not at a continual reliable height due to terrain differences. I remember in Ofp the walls would actually auto align to each other even on sloped terrain, although I don't remember how well it really worked out - either way I don't know of any such object to object alignment function in Eden. Just wanted to ask if anyone knows of any easier/better ways to do this.
  6. special ed

    Zee Identity Pack

    That head mesh looks very good, you know it's good when she looks cute *without* hair :) Thought I'd just pitch this out there in case there might be something there of use between textures/meshes as a visual reference - Erica and Abby Faces I put the video together after being inspired by both your very good work and the female body project being worked on by HorribleGoat - and I have to admit I forgot along the way that creating faces in Arma 3 is ten times more work than doing it through a game like Oblivion that comes with its own face editor - so maybe the video isn't worth all that much after all lol - but I thought I may as well link to it anyhow rather than just junk it in the event it may have some use. Both Erica and Abby were certainly characters of some 'strength' to them as females in their respective films, and are quite cute as well imo.
  7. special ed

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I'll add some here - as I'm sure expected - issues There are clearly a lot of issues with grouped vehicle driving, especially when there is combat involved, but not only limited to this. In Single Player, I was only barely able to get a convoy to stay together and move through a city while under fire by a very strict set of script commands - and unfortunately due to the fact that the Gunner seat is almost always also the 'commander' seat for wheeled vehicles, it makes it nearly impossible to use these vehicles for this kind of purpose due to the fact that a variety of bugs come up along with the convoy often just not moving - the only workaround I could find was a Cup armored/armed truck that has a commander seat separate of the gunner seat. In Multiplayer: This is where I have given up. The same code that I used for the convoy in SP is completely MP compatible, yet unfortunately, everything is different, and a pretty big mess. Scenario example in MP - Lead convoy vehicle has player gunner, AI controlled driver and commander: The convoy lead vehicle gets destroyed, player respawns and is placed as gunner into the new lead vehicle - entire group is stuck, convoy will not move unless player gets out, then gets back in - and this is in a vehicle that actually has a separate commander slot apart from gunner. Worse than that, also the other convoy vehicles decide they now want to flee the scene, something that *was* eliminated in SP mode (eliminated through a ton of testing and trying things), despite allowfleeing 0 on all units, despite numerous other measures taken - off they go, back to their starting position, to sit there and do nothing. Also, the convoy vehicles are all locked for players at mission start, and then players are ordered in as gunners which opens up the gunner slot only - unfortunately in MP once the players get into the gunner seat they then are able to switch to any slot in the vehicle - this does not happen in SP, the other slots remain locked in SP. For my mission, all of this means that in MP I have to take the AI out of the convoy part completely and require 8 or more players for the convoy part alone to fill both driver and gunner slots, which significantly reduces how usable the mission is in MP. I do understand that the ground units should come first in what is both fixed and maintained in this type of game, but I hope at some point the company starts addressing the issues with vehicles, and vehicle group behavior - right now, as Kremator stated, the AI vehicle usage seems barely usable and very unreliable. And the MP issues seem very significant right now with ai vehicle group behavior. /Edit I'd like to add something more here - After doing more testing with a 4 vehicle convoy doing ai pathing in a city, I have seen some things happening that are leading to a conclusion - It appears as though even in SP mode, despite all that I could dig up to stop it - vehicles sometimes still just turn around and leave, returning to the first waypoint and sit there for great lengths of time, if not indefinitely. This is happening during intermittent combat, although I can't really say if the combat is or is not encouraging this - I do know that the vehicles are not technically fleeing. I can say that often the ai vehicles getting 'boggled' is due to basically nothing there in the way in the first place, they turn a bit off the road for no reason and then next thing you know they are running into a wall or building off the road completely, where they may eventually give up following the convoy, and then leave and return to the first waypoint of the plan. How about this - it would not cover everything, but in situations where a vehicle is trying to get around something, if the final result is about to be for them to abandon their group formation or even abandon their destination and end up stuck out in the middle of nowhere - why not just allow the vehicle to 'pass through' a variety of objects? Objects that are not true buildings in general would all probably be safe, including vehicles, units, and dead units/vehicles. Of course DisableCollisionWith could be used, and Imo it would be better as a last resort that the vehicle 'went through' a wall, vehicle, etc then to completely abandon it's purpose in a mission where it ends up potentially breaking the mission content.
  8. I hear that :) Yea, I can see how one starts making a nice scenario involving vehicles, and the effect can be - wow- cool .. which encourages the motivation to keep putting it together, while at the same time, issues that come up sometimes scream 'it can't be done!' lol I'm really starting to accept that maybe some things, like convoy stuff, at least for me, is going to chance some issues in game if there is AI involved.
  9. After doing a lot more testing, it has become solidly evident that using Ai drivers along with *players* manning the vehicle mounted guns, of which such gun slots are considered 'commander' as well in most car type vehicles with guns, is nearly impossible to deal with a vast variety of issues that come up that result in the convoy drivers becoming unresponsive and the convoy gets stuck. The small selection of car type vehicles that actually have a commander seat do work universally with both Ai drivers and player gunners, because the Ai commander is controlling the vehicle and therefore the players in the gun slots are not causing any issue with things. Unfortunately, there are no armored humvees that have commander slots (only one variant that has no armor which would never work for being under heavy fire). I've managed to find a British armed/armored heavy truck that has a commander seat, an armed US truck that is similar that has a commander seat, and that's it. I can probably break down the 'convoy run' in the city to 1 SP version that uses the trucks, 1 MP version that uses the trucks which only allows gunner seats for players, and 1 MP version that has all of the main convoy vehicles empty, where the players must fill both driver and gunner slots, with no Ai units involved - in this case the armored+gun humvees will work. Kind of a bummer to lose the Humvees for most of the mission versions, they fit the scenario the best, but what can one do. I should mention that roadways have to be very clear of obstacles including having no enemy soldiers on them for the Ai driven convoys to work, sometimes it only takes one little thing to affect the first vehicle that causes a chain reaction, where the last few vehicles end up getting totally boggled trying to follow the vehicles in front of them that are swinging around something, sometimes causing the rear vehicles to turn around and pick a different route to link up with the other vehicles (took a number of tests to realize that was actually why the last two vehicles would occasionally seem to 'leave' the scene'). Sometimes even an object near a road can be a problem, not a big deal to remove them using nearestTerrainObjects though. If anyone might know of an armored+Gun Humvee addon out there that has a commander seat provided I'd really appreciate posting it.
  10. I'm going to put down some findings in regards to players being involved in the convoy scenario here, as it seems things are pretty fickle - /Edit For scenarios where a player is going to be the group leader of the convoy, it would be desirable to set the combat mode to yellow (open fire/keep formation), as this is something that the player would have to enable anyhow for the convoy to open fire. For scenarios where a player is not going to be group leader, I'm sticking with combat mode Green (Do not fire unless fired upon/keep formation) due to the possibility that this is encouraging the convoy to stay together under fire when the group leader is an Ai unit. A check could be put in to universally check on the group leader as well, if player then change to combat mode yellow. If a player is the group leader, switching the group behavior from careless to anything else is devastating to the convoy, and will make them do all the things that a run-and-gun convoy should not do - I'm just going to specify this in my mission in the briefing or even maybe an in game hint. It should be noted as well that through quite a few tests, even with careless behavior the gunners are actually firing pretty heavily in general. I've kept damage off on the humvees for now, and have added allowfleeing 0 to the vehicles themselves as well as the units, due to the fact I saw one time during a number of tests with damage enabled two of the humvees appearing like they were fleeing, driving away the opposite direction of the engagement - and fleeing was set to 0 on the units - Im hoping this was due to damage inflicted on the vehicles in general, have to test more. Convoy vehicles consist of CUP Humvees with mounted Mg's: Lead vehicle of convoy has driver only, no gunner (When player is not group leader, then lead vehicle driver is group leader): Player is outside of the lead vehicle, in group: If a player IS the group leader, and they board the lead vehicle as gunner, the vehicle and entire convoy will follow move orders and maintain formation. If a player is Not group leader, and they board the lead vehicle as gunner, the vehicle will not follow a waypoint plan, convoy will not move. Player is Inside the lead vehicle, in group: If a player IS the group leader, and is gunner of the lead vehicle, the vehicle and the entire convoy will follow more orders and maintain formation. If a player is Not the group leader, and is gunner of lead vehicle, the vehicle will not follow a waypoint plan, convoy will not move. For players using Non lead-vehicle gunner slots: If a player is Not group leader, and they board any Non Lead vehicle as gunner, the vehicle Will move normally and stay in formation. If a player is Not group leader, and is initially gunner of any Non Lead vehicle, the vehicle Will move normally and stay in formation. Player is Not in group initially: Player cannot do anything with lead vehicle gunner slot, starting inside or out - the vehicle and convoy will not move - even if after boarding the player joins and leads the group. Player Cannot board and *stay* in their own group in a non-lead vehicle gunner slot, the vehicle will not move yet the rest of the convoy will move on. Player CAN board any Non lead vehicle as gunner and *then* join the group - this does work and will allow the vehicle to properly move with the rest of the convoy. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've only tested a little with the passenger slots with nothing happening, I doubt they affect anything. When the player boards a non lead vehicle gun seat, sometimes the vehicle moves to a different formation position - last usually it seems, there probably is a way to stop this - possibly by joining separately grouped vehicles as they are boarded, if that doesn't cause other issues that is. So much for getting other stuff done in my mission today lol - the convoy thing has taken quite some time to work out, at least it's working out though. Any contributions to the improvement of the overall functionality of the run-and-gun convoy usage here is welcome and appreciated.
  11. Thanks a ton f2k sel for the link and help :) After sifting through things there in that thread, found a combination of commands that is indeed finally working. (On a side note, things were a bit different on my end than what some of the content suggested in the thread, as most of my car type vehicles have no "commander" slot, and the command "commander" actually returns a null object even when technically the gunner is the commander - effectivecommander command confirmed this - in fact only the Prowler car type vehicle has a commander seat that I have seen, ironically it's the only one that works with a separate group gunner method) So, finally with just everyone in the convoy in the same group, Cup humvee/m2 vehicles, 1 driver, 1 gunner per vehicle, lead vehicle has group leader as gunner with max rank, all others private rank - Group is set to: Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon Stay In Formation - and CARELESS. Waypoint plan is placed that sends convoy through a city area down various streets. The lead vehicle Init field has : this forceSpeed 10; <-- for effect only, as even limited speed without forcing speed makes the convoy go 50 Mph through the city.. Drivers Init field : this setskill ["Courage",1.0];this disableAI "FSM"; this disableAI "TARGET"; this disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; this disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; Gunners Init field : This DisableAI "Target",This DisableAI "FSM",This DisableAI "Suppression",This DisableAI "Cover";This SetSkill ["Courage",1.0]; /Update: Forgot to mention that I have fleeing turned off on all of these guys as well. One can just add to the units init field code the following: This AllowFleeing 0; The convoy of 4 hummers drives right through a couple of engagements while firing back - the gunners fire a bit less than what might be preferred sometimes, but it works, and looks quite good overall for the effect of a convoy running and gunning. I was actually amazed to see it work, after the 20th test I was prepared to abandon using gunners. For the test, I do have damage disabled on the Humvees, so I don't know yet what repercussions may come up for either vehicles or units being killed, but the core stuff is working which is enough for me right now. There probably is a few disableAi commands in there that are not necessary, at some point I will whittle it down to the essentials and put down the final init code here, but for now I'm happy. Thanks everyone for the help :) /Edit Forgot that I also have fleeing turned off on all of these guys too - for testing I have a trigger set to true - activation : {_x AllowFleeing 0;} ForEach AllUnits; - alternatively one can just put: This AllowFleeing 0; in unit init fields (just fyi - I know most people know this :p)
  12. I didn't know that - yes that would have been nice if the separate groups method worked in A3. At least things work with the convoy without the gunner slots filled, probably going to just require a certain volume of players for the Mp version of the mission to fill the empty mg positions, there really isn't any other way I can see.
  13. special ed

    Advanced Rappelling

    I have to say, this is one of the most amazing things I have seen for Arma 3. It works very well with the AI which instantly provides very enhanced mission content, and looks very good as well. In fact, it looks and works so well, it really seems like it's something that you would see incorporated into the game by BIS. Just a few simple script command inputs, and there is a blackhawk helicopter flying in low, then nicely slowing to a stop and deploying by rope incrementally an entire squad of units to the ground - very atmospheric. Great job on this.
  14. Thanks for the link Swtx After looking over the description though, it appears that the convoy system there integrates combat response behavior - which is actually what I am trying to avoid, and just want the convoy to keep going. I'm thinking at this point that the only alternative may be to just leave the vehicle gunner slots empty for the MP version, where players can man them and this will not cause any issue with the vehicles movement - and in SP mode I'll probably just have the entire convoy without mounted MG's and lessen the danger, as the player will be likely doing something else in that scenario. Downside is that the MP version will pretty much demand that at least 1 player take up a gun in the convoy to defend during the drive, but at this point it may be as good as it gets.
  15. Hello After a good amount of testing, I've finally managed to get a vehicle convoy to be able to stay in column formation and stay moving down designated city routes while under enemy fire - unfortunately there is a hitch - if the gunner slot is occupied by AI for most vehicle types, it seems the gunner ends up commanding the vehicle instead of the driver, and this results in them no longer staying in group formation and rather doing all sorts of undesirable things. This issue does not seem to happen if the gunner is a player unit though. I have found that so far only the Prowler type vehicle actually is an exemption to this, where the gunner slot does not cause the AI gunner to take command of the vehicle. Unfortunately this particular vehicle, the prowler, is the worst pick of all for a scenario involving trying to drive a convoy through a city under heavy fire, as they are more of a beefed up 4 man Atv with almost no protection. By adding gunners of separate groups to the Prowlers, with group set to fully engage, the combination actually works - the drivers in their group do their thing, driving routes to a "T" while under fire in formation while the gunners in their separate groups do their thing, firing on enemies as the convoy comes upon them. Again, unfortunately, only the prowler so far is allowing this though. What I really would like is for a convoy of Humvees that have mounted Mg's which are manned to be able to stay in formation and on the roads while under fire. What I have right now: 4 manned CUP Humvees in a group Group is set to only fire if engaged, stay in formation - Careless Each Humvee operated by one driver, drivers are all setSkill Courage 1.0. - Leader is maximum rank This alone works fine, they will plow through the worst heavy fire and stay in formation going down a road following the waypoint plan exactly as if they were no enemies around. As soon as gunners are added, they start doing their own thing in combat, moving all different directions, etc. I've tried putting in gunners that are of separate groups, and this makes them not move at all, because it seems again that the gunner slot is the 'commander' slot for most armed vehicles, therefore the new group takes control of the vehicle. That's where things are now, I've tried a few different addons in case maybe some other vehicles out there have gunner slots that don't turn the gunner into the vehicle owner/commander, and have found no difference. Any help, advice, input would be appreciated - at this point I really don't mind trying different things in order to get this to work. Tia :)