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  1. It could be if you view through the camera and a hill is between you and your original sp, the camera will move the sp to where it is centered on that hill. It is a limitation in how I have coded the camera.


    As for the other issue, this is no "show stopper" and i will continue to use it in the maps im making.

    I have made a training scenario for our clan which can be downloaded from here ( first post) http://www.nopryl.no/smfprod/index.php?topic=3890.msg45532#new

    The map is for both air and ground players.

    Requires: full ACE2/ACRE and Blakes PINS. Enjoy.

  2. First of all thx for a great addon Blakeace.

    I have been testing and using this addon recently and its really a component which ARMA2, and ACE2 are missing.

    However i have a small issue which im not sure is intended or just a technical limitation.

    The problem is pinpointing a target on ground especially at night. Normally i would use right shift click on map as my SPI which both guides and a also points to a specific point on the ground. With the PINS MOD enabled the cue is gone and is replaced with the red SP marker on the map. You still get the guidence but trying to focus your aiming pipper from a distance at night( with nvg) its nearly impossible. To increaase the difficulty, lets say there is multiple targets in the area and you want to select only one. The reason for this is that the guiding rectangle is very wide and leaves it up to the pilot to find the designated area on the ground within the rectangle. In daylight this is usually no problem, but at night with no visual reference its very hard and is a big threath to friendlies :)

    What i idealy would like to do (coming from a realistic DCS point of view) is to circle the area and using the camera to search for target and point to the most prioritised target with laser etc. Then pop back to HUD mode to find a small cue(spi marker in the hud) where the laser is pointing. Then you know that you can direct your plane and aligne the cannon towards the target from a distance and not franticly looking for the correct target in last seconds before overflying the target.

    One solution is to ensure that the original right shift click cue is still present? Not sure if this is possible. Another solution is maybe to use a target square maybe in a another color than the original green where the laser is pointing. This allows the pilot to sort out the intended target amongst maybe 5 other green target squares.

    I have no idea if this is actually possible to do, but im hoping :)

    Secondly i have a small issue concerning the red SP marker on the map. For some reason it keeps "jumping" of the area where i have placed it. This is a problem when going inn for the kill, and you suddenly realize that the SP marker has changed to a new area without you knowing.

  3. Yeah, this "simgame" has really increased my understanding and intrest of flying choppers, eventough i have been flying in the arma world since 2001 :)

    The community approach that BIS have is what i would call unique in the gaming industry. Of course there are not always polished releases, but they actually listen.

    Keep up the good work BIS, and tell me where to sign up for Arma III :)

  4. Hi there, thx for a nice game..

    I have allready spent quite some time with HOTAS here and still having fun. However there are certain things that i was expecting from day one. One being ATC communication, i kind of took this as granted calling it a sim. I must admit i was looking long and hard to find the ATC settings, but never found them. Also it seems to be to much instruments and switches in the helos are just for show ?? Coming from a DCS A10 experience, its a bit hard to see this as a full bodied simulator. Ie, i bought a flir and HD camera for my chopper, i really would like to try them out, without it beeing a scripted contract. How coool would it be to be able to take som snapshots for your self...

    Secondly i must admit to the feelings and comments of Toby23 here, it feels a bit unpolished and semi arma1/arma2 ish..

    Beeing a BIS Games fan since ofp days i dident expect all to be 100% from day one, giving the level of ambition you guys are on, but i was hoping for a bit more "smooth" ride upon release.

    I really hope that the plan is to contiune the great bug fix and pacthing service that you currently are doing with arma2. I believe this have great potential for being a new type of flight simulator, its just not right there yet.

    try remember the GB size of the game already

    Bring it on I say :)

    Keep up the good work, ill keep on practising those landings meanwhile.

    p.s just to mention it, atleast i could not hear the ROOAAARR from the speedboat, when cruising over the chanel :)

  5. Yup same here for the warthog throttle.

    Was trying to set up a "logical" starting seqence using the throttle eng switches and APU, only working switches for me is the ENG L switch..(th e switches on the HOTAS works though)

    Using mdf panels, and they work fine, but i was hpoing to map that for other options such later flir cameras/ fast rope etc...

  6. Thx for info. My map is on Isla duala,not sure wheter that may cause an issue. Is there a set direction in which AI must take off on all airports ?

    The wp i have used to move pilot in plane is "get in nearest" and made sure he is within 50m of plane. He gets in and starts taxing in the right direction ( he should actually just fire up the engines and take off, since he is allready lined up on the runway) however, he never crancks up the engine and he also set full flaps as he was to break ?

    Ill try to assignasdriver in the "get in nearest" wp and do some localised tests to se if i can get the numnut in the air on a dedi :)

    Edit"Is there a set direction in which AI must take off on all airports ?"

    I guess there is, AI only wants to take off in one set direction locally to..oh well..

    Still wont take of in the right direction on my map tough :(

  7. While we are on the ai pilot topic.

    I just noticed that when setting an Ai pilot to take off on dedi server, he turns on full flaps, 10 ish % throttle and never takes off..Same set up on local host and he does not initiate flaps and takes of as he should.

    I used a simple waypoint (move) to make this work on local, but is there anything else i need to do for this to work in dedi ?

    Note. the pilot starts outside the plane, and are activated to get in plane and take off when a bluefor present trigger goes off.

  8. Regarding controls. I use the TMW and i have noticed as with arma2 the switches on the throttle control does not function in the preview. Also notice that not all buttons on the stick works. This is a quite cumbersome workaround with scripts that most pepole wont want to go into i think.

    So far i have mapped the start up procedure to the HOTAS, but i hope all the inputs can be used at a later stage.

    E.g. id love to have APU switch on my throttle working, in stead of having to click it with mouse.

  9. Hey Kylania

    I have been fiddling about a bit more now, and firstly i found that changing from veteran mode to recruit kinda sorted the problem as a "hotfix":D. Flying stabile with no right banking at all in this mode (even completed the mission). Surely vetran mode should be harder then recruit, but then there must be a way to "prepare" your chopper for flight before take off or else in my case i have a 50% chance of survival of each flight...

    However i also manged to get a slightly more stabile flight in vet mode by applying approx 60 - 70 % ish left rudder and manual set trim..But its very hard to tell what the right amount of trim is as there is no indicator..i wish i could use the trim hat switch on the Hotas :)

    I set all my controls to pretty much default and im using the slew button as the rudder, its a bit "short" on the axis but untill i get my pedals that will have to do.

    btw..when i have you here..cred goes out for your editing page and forum posts..been using them a lot in mission making..thx..

  10. Hi there.

    I seem to have the same problem ?/ (challenge?) with the chopper banking hard right when trying to fly level. Im using a thrustmaster hotas warthog as inputs and i have tried to customise the controls as best i can. Straigt after take off the chopper will start banking hard right as soon as i pick up speed.

    To maintain level flight i need to add atleast 50% left bank to ensure straight flight. I have tried the rudder and setting trim, but that does not seem to be very much related.

    Im a noob at TOH( as most would be i guess ;) ), however iv been flying choppers in the bis world since ofp so i assumed that i would get a hang of it rather quickely, but atm im struggeling to even get in the air without crashing..

  11. Soloution..(in my case)

    For some reason when installing arma2 on win 7 (enterprise)

    win7 did not set the correct folder permissions for Arma..

    Make sure that your folder permissions are ok and that arma2 are allowed to read & write files to MP folder..

    This is on a complete reinstall so no tampering by my clumsy fingers made this problem occur. This then might relate to many others too ?

  12. Hi there.

    Unfortunatly i got the same problem here. After a few years of mission making i have saved most of my mission folders. Although during my latest install of win 7 64 bit i am no longer able to save the projects into a pbo in its usuall mp folder.

    Im really out of ideas here. My projects work fine in the editor and arma 2 in general seems to work just fine. I have tried to export as SP and MP but no luck. As far as i can see after a complete search of the computer there is no sign of the mission.pbo anywhere?

    Just to note, the reinstall was simply a reinstall to same Os version used before where everything worked fine .

    I have not tried reinstalling arma yet, but i guess its my next weapon of choice unless someone have some good pointers.

  13. Hi

    Just played this map a couple of times with my clan now, and we seem to have the same issue with the MIA`s. They cannot be controlled and will not follow orders. Anyone know if this is a known bug? and if there are any fixes/ workarounds for this issue.

    Would love to play it again as we all thought it was a great map.

    Have tried to contact Shark-Attack, but with no luck. Hope it can be fixed, to bad to leave a nice map like this to its death ;)

  14. Hopefully this is yet another noob question..

    I have searhed the forums regarding this issue, however it seems like most similiar threads are concerning load/unload problems.

    In my case the problem is as follows..

    a civ pilot are moved in as cargo in a c130. The c130 is called in via radio command when team is ready on ground. The c130 is in not way grouped to the pilot in the cargo. At a certain point he is ejected and lands close to the civ hind chopper, he is orderd to get in and fly to the next wp where he will be "deleted"

    The problem is that the pilot will not complete the final move wp, he takes off and pretty much stays there, hoovering.

    This works fine in the editor, however on a local host or on a dedi server it fails (sometimes it actually works on a local server).Iv tried a few solutions like, domove, notarget, changed wp distance etc but no luck.

    I was hoping that this could be sovled without a script, and thought this was a quite simple task, guess i was wrong :)

    Edit: I have now tested the sequense alone in a new map on dedi server, and it works fine. So it seems like there is something that the ai pilot reacts to in the map, that makes him halt his wp orders.

    Id appriciate any help.