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  1. I did take notice of this during our clan night yeasterday.

    And in fact it occurs even if im alone in the chopper. However not in the same degree so i believe it has something to do with player count of some sort.

    As example when i flew a full chopper with players the list of SPaircaft/ Set SP etc was duplicated proably 40/50 times..when alone in chopper and i might add only after some time, i had 3 or 4 duplicates.

    I have not thought much of this bug to be honest, but yeasterday when i flew transport and actually had to use time to be able to scroll down to shut engine off and get out it was a bit frustrating.

    I hope you can find the cause :)


  2. I just had a long brake from playing this game in wait for more updates which i felt was needed.

    Yeasterday i had a new go with version 1.06 (adding the arma2 compability was genious) and altough i have loved the idea from the day the news broke out about Take on and still enjoy the game today there are certain things i must admit im really disapointed about.

    So if BIS are wanting to keep this game alive in near future ( it seems to be dying online) i suggest some serious tought about enhancing the playability of the game in terms of using equipment that now seems to be more or less "eye candy", And lets be honest its not the graphics we all play BIS games for.

    For example, make sure:

    FLIR / camera /search lights/ winch can be fully operated by player whenever one wants to turn it on.

    AI are able to function more properly on ground tasks..Even if this requires a smaller playing field. (Seattle compact version ??)

    Add new content such as choppers, additional working equipment, islands.

    Maybe consider releasing a new set of official MP missions/ campaign to help boost online gameplay

    OR my inner most fantasy..

    ENSURE take on flight dynamics make it into ARMA3 and when set on veteran or expert mode..YOU HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO FLY TO PLAY AS PILOT !!

    Im sorry if this post reads as bit of "bitching" but to love a game idea and and the same time not see it fully develop to its best potential is sometimes frustrating.


  3. Hi

    After having a loong break in the wait for some (IMO) much needed updates on this game i had a new go at this scenario online yeasterday.

    Taking off and flying around is just great and the flying sensastion i felt was much better, however what im missing is the online gameplay side of the game.

    Before i start calling out for bugs, can someone please confirm that winch and flir is actually working and if the errors in that case is linked to this mission and not to the whole game.

    My problems are

    1. AI dont move into chopper..in fact they do not move at all.

    2. Could not find a way to use winch

    3. Could not find a way to use FLIR..

    In other words, what are they keys that are default for these options ? i for my life could not get anything to work with or without co pilot/ observer/ backseat pos etc.


  4. Been testing with dedi now and no issues here using SU. However not to sure if the v2 signature check was activated.

    Im really happy with the latest releases, and most things seem to work as it should. Lots of nice fixes too.

    The few things i have spotted are some of the civilian shorts units have camo dirt in their face ?, feature or bug ?

    Have quite a few maps on the sketch now and i will release them publicly right after our Clan is done with the Lingor campaign, expected release July.

    Might have a smaller coop series released sooner tough :)

  5. Update: I've wanted to release the units in the morning, but found out a major bug with P72 class vessel - its wreck bounces sometimes and causes 5-7fps on server until mission ends. So I'm trying to fix this issue. Otherwise I'll release it today-tommorow at max, and include units that work properly.

    Great news..Im sure we can handle some hot fixing afterwards :)

  6. Whoo cryptic meassage :)

    Yes i have also noticed that AI follows roads nicely, just to bad they get messed up in their head when on a dedi server..but thats not IB fault.

    Im working on some missions where i wanted AI to drive for bit, but had to give it up..Worked perfectly in editor and local host but on dedi he got stupid and never drove where he should.

    Tried all the things i know about ( not that really says anything :) )

  7. Hey

    Great to hear that you are on the ball with fixing stuff IB.

    I have just made a mission series using lingor v1.337, only using the Lite version and mostlyA2OA content in addition to some ACE/ACRE stuff. But will the new update change positions of bulidings, elevations etc ?

    So far i have not expected any problems in testing. However some fellow clan members told me there are some potential config problems causing the sound of the guns to sound the same ?? I have not been able to replicate this so far. Just wanted to hear if anyone else have noticed this..( will check dev heaven..)

    Btw i just want give you credit for this great island once more. Now that i have been fiddling with it for some days, its just so fun being a mission maker as there is so much cool places and features to build upon.