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  1. Community made missioon :co15 The riverbank.

    File DL:https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=71038910E2569C0C%212614

    The server running the following addons:










    The mission only requires:





    Helicopters used by players only.

    AFD: YES

    AI controlled by OPFOR

    AI count: A maximum of 44 (random)

  2. Just a small update.

    We where not that many on last night (11) but all reported low volume on direct speak. However small variances on volume are present, some hear practically nothing a few meters away from talking player others ( like myself) can hear ok up to atleast 5-8 meters before it becomes to low.

    That said, we talked a bit about this and we kind of agreed that lower volume on direct speak is a good thing, but not as low as it is for some players. The old direct volume was in my mind to high sometimes.

    No volume issues was noticed when using the radios. Altough we do wait in great anticipation for a long range radio to become available. Since we often use air transport and CAS, keeping in touch with 152 is a bit tricky..

    But all good comes to those who wait..i think some patient guy once said

  3. Voted

    Vehicle Simulation (Interiors, Driving Models)
    based on the hope that it also included rotary and fixed wing inflight systems.

    As i really feel this has been let down a bit in development. Not saying im expecting a sim..but to have a working TGP or a better navigational system on a island the size of Altis would be great to see. Having big hopes and anticipations for the Helicopter DLC.

  4. I disabled 3° person camera in regular difficulty, and not work , anybody know to solve this?

    With the latest dedi packs i also seem to have trouble getting this and other settings to "kick in"

    Also when setting the ingame setting to veteran 3D person is still on ?

    After a deletion of old cgfs and profiles and the new 1.08 dedi package, it all worked as expected again..

    Just saying making a new profile with the new stable dedi version might help if you have the same issue of settings not correctly firing up.