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    What i would expect: Banking a straight flying plane to the left or right -> The plane starts slipping to the roll-direction and also starts to pull its nose slightly down (if it is trimmed neutral).

    What i actualy get: The plane just keeps flying its old straight direction. That's it. No Side-slip. A fundamental part of flight-physics not existing.


    What i would expect: In a final approach i lower the flaps to full, plane decelerates, i raise the throttle to maintain a clean approach-speed.

    What i actualy get: Doesn't matter if i lower flaps to half or full, they have no effect. It's also almost impossible to maintain a speed. Throttle (i have the Warthog HOTAS Throttle Unit) is to imprecisely.




    This above would make me and many with me happy puppies...its not about simulation, its about immersion.

    Looking forward to the adjusted APEX configs, and hope the above will be implemented atleast at some degree soon.

    Looking at this threads life span, it is a topic of great concern.

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  2. I think there are two sides of the matter.

    1. I totally agree that this bird is in need of all the cover it can get and going all out black is one way of covering up.

    2. The other side is that one also uses these birds for transport not only inside the AO..


    So i think it adds to the immersion to have lights that one can turn on and off that are visible without NVGs. It good ( read cool) for players on the ground to notice an incoming chopper with their lights on.

    Secondly this also adds the aspect of "FENCE IN/OUT" when using the chopper in AO.

    I think its a good SOP which also adds to the "pilot feeling" to FENCE IN before entering hostile areas.


    I did a test of the IR lights and they are nice, but flying formations in close proximity without any visual clues are quite hard, unless one also uses IE CTAB to keep track of other movments.

  3. Raising hand about the anonymous bug report 😉

    I just accidentally came across this as we flew some formation training.

    I like the idea of IR lights, but have not been able to test yet. I tend to use the collision lights quite often and really do miss them. If I do have to choose I would go for standard lights as they work both in day and night regardless of NVGs.

    btw, love the search light now being effective up to 150-170 meters ðŸ‘






  4. Found the time to test these ones, and they are really great :)

    With the littlebird in the package, its a one shop stop for what you need in the rotary section IMO.


    However i have a few issues i wonder about.


    * There is a conflict with hellfire version and some other addon, that makes the weapon/hellfire file being locked ( not visable ingame) .

    Have not found which mod it is yet. All works well with CBA and the helis alone. ( will report when i have found the "culprit")


    * The AFM instrumentpanels are not visiable, is this a feature and does not these aircrafts support the advanced flight mode ?


    * Feature request..Since they come with wheels, any possiblity of getting the wheelbrakes/wheels to function ?


    ps, could not find the wildcat on PWS any particular reason ?




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  5. Not really related, but i have got a strange issue with my TM HOTAS after last patch (1.44)

    For some reason a saitek stick pro command is added to whatever key i try to bind as long as the TM HOTAS devices are connected.

    IE if i want to bind "B" to a function,,it will look something like this "Saitek stick pro (input XXX) + B "

    Do note that i do not own a saitek stick or throttle..only the pedals are from saitek, and they seem to be unrelated to the problem.

    The dirty work around is to disconnect all TM devices ( funny enough the saitek pedals does not have any impact) then make the key binds i need. Reconnect the TM devices and all works.

    I also have had some of the issues mentioned above, but after reinstalling pretty much everything related ( arma, target SW and driver) it worked again. So i cannot give the exact solution what was wrong.

    One tip if you have issues with the Throttles not working when using TARGET. make sure the Axis in Target are assigned correctly...took me a few weeks to establish that as a cause :)

    But all these strange errors combined leaves me to think there is something fishy about the whole joystick input scenario in arma3..so many people report of "strange" Pheripials issues.

    First of all, why would you need T.A.R.G.E.T for anything?

    If you want to use TFR or ACRE using TARGET is needed.

    ( might work with other emulators too, but i have not been able to get others working fully)

  6. One thing i have noticed lately is that I struggle taking off from airfields I would have no problems with before. Not sure when this change occurred, but I could swear this was not a problem one year ago 😉 For instance taking off from the NE airport on Altis has become very difficult recently. Its like the plane has become "heavier" so I cant get enough lift/ speed to do a safe take off. Its possible, but tricky. I remember taking off from this particular airfield earlier without any issue.

    Try it and see what I mean..if lucky you should just be able to get lift before the end of the runway( flaps, down, wheel brake on..max throttle and of you go)..but before it would get lift before the end of the runway.

    Not saying that its in any way " realistic"to even try taking off from these kinds of runways ( grass, gravel) but the point is something must have changed.

    It just brings up the question why we have 6 airports, but only one with tarmac?? I mean the A10 was in deed made for these gravel/ dusty conditions, hence the engines on top, but still I find it problematic when making missions.

    Note this was without the config fix. I will try that and see if I notice any difference.

  7. If we could just get the near

    complete lack of horizontal component of lift
    fixed it would help a lot on the feel.

    Arma being what it is i dont expect anything close to a flight sim, but you do expect basic features like horizontal movment to be implemented.

    The Helicopter DLC which for me is a great bonus as an airhead infact also adds a bit to the frustration that the fixed wing is so poorly implemented when it comes to flight physics.

    For me this is the main and outmost important thing about fixed wing that should be fixed.

    The wish list is of course long, but most of it will be fixed from the community, just give it some time :)

    BTW: is this test config still workable...its been a few patches since this was released ?


  8. Another thing was brought up from one of our "test pilots" regarding the laser.

    Would it be possible to have the laser as a "on / off" switch/ keybind in stead of a weapon one has to toggle ?

    Would be more effective when allready being in the AGM mode and toggle on and off the laser without changing "weapons"

    Again, im not a mod techie, just a fly boy, so dont know if this has technical issues written all over it :)

  9. Hi Neptune and thanks for a great mod..truly missed aircraft for our clan :)

    As Rawhide was mentioning above we had some issues with throttle. The problem or challenge is that on this mod the collective is only active on the upper 50% of the axes. ( using TM Warthog) This causes the input to be extremly sensitiv and hard to manage.

    Im not sure of how the throttles are "programmed" in the mod, but it seems like its not set to be able to use both + & - on the axis.

    I read about this earlier as the collective settings from BIS side is not very initutive as you have to set both + & - axis to ensure the collective works on the full 100% of the axes range.

    Ref: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23060&nbn=1

    This works fine on other helicopters but i struggled with throttles on the Apache. It may be a hot fix to set client side axis differently, but that would mea changing inputs for every time one uses this mod, which is not ideal.

    A second thing we had some issues with was when lasing targets directly, IE a tank, car etc it will not get a lock..We have to to lock on to the ground next to target, then slew laser lock onto target. Not sure if this is a "feature" or a bug. Loved the ability to buddy lase btw,, creates tons of fun :)

    On the same note but not directly related to only this mod..The PIP cameras for pilots are unfortunatly quite worthless, as you cannot see anything unless the gunner is looking at close ranges.

    This is the same issue as for the vanilla Commance..Is there any way to bring back the optics screen instead as in Arma2. Here you could open up a screen to watch the gunner screen..the only limitation was that you would not get the same depth of zoom as the gunner..but it was working far better then the A3 option..That said..they could also just fix the PIP so its possible to be properly controlled/ used by pilot.

    Btw. We got some pretty desperat airheads in our clan that would be more than happy help you test further updates if needed.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Cyruz View Post

    You're both over thinking this, it shouldn't require any user input at all. It should be handled internally by the application that spawns it's own thread and moves the AI handling, HC was a crutch to fix something they couldn't do in A2, I still want to see this handled better in A3 without a band aid solution.

    The fact that you either need to understand how to transfer units or spawn them directly on the HC isn't really acceptable as it alienates a huge amount of casual mission makers who aren't interested in have to script this kind of stuff. Not going to touch the fact that the documentation is still shit and linking to 3rd party guides for A2...

    I absolutely agree, if we get a solution now, it should be a proper one, without the need to script for hours again for mission builders. If a virtual client unit is placed on the map, the game should automatically detect it and move the AI calculations over to its own thread.

    + 1000 Would be so good to see.