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    bin file can't be copied

    There was no bin file inside the zip file. I've contacted metaboli about this. Is it possible that they're missing something? I downloaded both files that were available. One is the zip, containing no bin file, and the other is a large exe file.
  2. Stonge

    bin file can't be copied

    They told me that the serial number isn't necessary. You just need to install the game.
  3. Stonge

    bin file can't be copied

    Wait, how did you fix this? I downloaded both files to the same folder, but I'm still getting this problem...
  4. Stonge

    William Porter's Blog

    Guys, the island is WAY smaller than they said, those liars, it is clearly only about 4 inches wide, according to the map!
  5. Stonge

    System requirements?

    No one knows yet, BIS has not published any system requirements. They did mention in yesterday's press release that the game will be optimized for DX9.
  6. Stonge

    ArmA Progress Updates

    You know, when the say H1 of 2006, that simply means any time before the 1st of July, so we don't necessarily have another six months to wait...just try to be optimistic!