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  1. Sudden Death

    BD MultiGunFix v1.4

    Dont worry, everything is okay and on the best way to make ARMA2 a little bit more perfect.
  2. Sudden Death

    BD MultiGunFix v1.4

    My congratulations, he made the job for which I did not have the time. Great addon - Kind regards. Sudden Death
  3. Sudden Death

    SDP Shilka and Tunguska cannon fix

    Sorry folks, but at the moment I don´t have enough free time to spend 1 hour or more and continue the work for BIS games. A CBA version of the addon wont be released in 2009. Maybe in Q1 or Q2 of 2010 the situation is changing. If there is anybody out there, who want to (and can) make a CBA version "on the fly", you have the unrestricted permission to do so. Kind regards S.D.
  4. Sudden Death

    Assault Pustoshka SP

    Yeah make it step by step, it´s the best way! S.
  5. Sudden Death

    Assault Pustoshka SP

    I´m atm not shure played version 1.0 or 1.1, have to check this out at afternoon. But I remember i see the overview so it seems to be 1.1 The "all enemey died before i reach the town"-thing was happend to me the first time i played. But i thought maybe its why i played with 1.03 beta so i tryied again without beta-patch. Next time it was more chalenging but i´m not shure if it is the beta-patch or not. It seems (like you wrote) everytime the mission starts its a little bit diffrent kind of way it goes. Its a nice little mission and for the first mission from you its a good beginning. Maybe you can improve some of the following facts: - tasks; i see the map before the mission starts, but i see no tasks, if i start the mission after a second or two the task and diary is shown. Please make the briefing is shown before the mission starts - all in all a briefing should give more informations about the situation, reinforcements, possible count of enemy etc. - you should start the attack of the ofter squads by a trigger (or radio command), if the player is near the town - more atmosphere by adding environment sounds, music (at the right moment), a fly by aircraft and so on... - intro and outro cutscenes regards S.D.
  6. Sudden Death

    SP Mission Comms Tower Siege

    I tried your mission today. As one of the mission testers at www.armamdb.de let me write some first impressions: - no intro :o - no briefing before the mission starts :rolleyes: - mission starts in a US camp okay, but what about a short sitrep from an intel offizier or someone else - retake the tower an hold is tricky but not impossible - after the counter attack, there´s no information to attack the town now or wait for further counter attacks - attacking the town starts the US reinforcements but without radio command for? :( - can´t find the last enemy in the town to get this mission finished :mad: - is there an outro-cutscene? All in all: Nice little mission with a bunch of firefights. But i missed some special things thats makes me "Aaahg!". Kind regards S.D.
  7. Sudden Death

    [SP Mission] The Hunt

    ARMAMDB-Mirror (German): http://www.armamdb.de/phpkit/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=1480
  8. Sudden Death

    SDP Shilka and Tunguska cannon fix

    CBA will be the next step with improved maths. The differences between the two barrels of ZU-23 static and carried is to small to make a appreciable effect. Its possible (scripts is here) but IMHO it makes no sense.
  9. Thx W0lle for the Q&A and first impressions.
  10. I made a "small" tutorial to explain all the new stuff about Briefing, Overview and stringtable.xml in ARMA2. Today its only available in German. If someone want to translate it, please contact me. Kind Regards Sudden Death
  11. Sudden Death

    SDP Shilka and Tunguska cannon fix

    No problem. Have fun with both addons! Kind regards
  12. Sudden Death

    Removeable Silencer

    in the addon-config you can define different firing-"modes" to a weapon IMHO with different magazines (silenced and non-silenced) and optics (see G36fix). You need to made a "mode" with: - nothing - silencer - optics - optics + silencer But a silencer wont be shown at the weapon. If you want to have semi / full burst mode too, you have to define each mode twice.
  13. Sudden Death

    SDP Shilka and Tunguska cannon fix

    Yes, we´re in contact.
  14. Sudden Death

    SDP Shilka and Tunguska cannon fix

    updated version 1.1 out now: ADDED: smoke effect to ZSU-23 barrels ADDED: smoke effect to 2S6M right barrel ADDED: missile transmission to right pod every second launch ADDED: smoke and flash effect to right missile pod FIXED: config wont forcing an entry within the mission.sqm (thanks to kju) FIXED: turret offset IMPROVED: maths for bullet transmission Link: http://www.armamdb.de/phpkit/include.php?path=content/content.php&contentid=1441