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  1. spooky lynx

    What game are you currently playing right now?

    Fallout 4 with all the DLCs, trying to manage all that pesky settlements on all the locations...
  2. spooky lynx

    OFP Addon request thread

    Unfortunately no.
  3. spooky lynx

    France General

    Without an alternative to current capitalist economical and political system - nothing.
  4. spooky lynx

    OFP Addon request thread

    Does anyone know an addon containing towed large-caliber Soviet anti-air guns like 57-mm S-60 and 100-mm KS-19?
  5. spooky lynx

    France General

    And what should they do when nowdays people don't have an alternative like socialist bloc? Sure thing they don't even think of tempering their appetite. If in 20's - late 80's politicians had to behave well because of the necessity to make political and economic systems good for average people due to competition with socialism, now they are free to do anything they want on pair with trans-national companies' CEOs. The power is transitting to the hands of those who have much money. All others are screwed.
  6. spooky lynx

    France General

    Protests in France are even longer than those in Venesuela. And they are supressed much harder that those in Caracas. So... Macrone seems to be more dictator than Maduro.
  7. spooky lynx

    OFP Addon request thread

    I'm interested in it. If you have some free time please upload it somewhere. Found it on ofp.info mirror.
  8. spooky lynx

    France General

    Damn... That's a real tragedy. How the hell had the fire started? Did anyone try to extinguish it at the start?
  9. spooky lynx

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    Maybe you don't know but YouTube is a part of large trans-national corporation for several years already. And it has already quite effective censorship mechanism. It may be one of several information sources but not the only one. WAT? Are you serious?😅 This reminds me an old joke: - Mr. Rabinovich, why do you want to leave Russia? - I am not pleased with current attitude to homosexualism. - But what does upset you? - Come on, during Stalin's reign a person could be imprisoned for it, during Brezhnew's reign - could be placed to mental disease clinic, now homosexualism is free to practice and show. - So... What's wrong? - I want to leave before homosexualism becomes mandatory here.
  10. spooky lynx

    ACTA2 voted today by EU

    Terrorism has become something like Victorinox knife for politicians. It can be a universal excuse for any kind of crap done by them and for any amount of money they want to spend. Even despite the fact that simple diseases like flu or car accidents take much higher tolls of victims every year than the terrorism.
  11. spooky lynx

    My RC Shilka model

    Old good OFP days:) Was it a full kit or you used separate plastic model and engine with drives? BTW what scale it has?
  12. spooky lynx

    Russia General

    Only one crew member survived, three died (one instantly, two others died in the hospital from injuries).
  13. spooky lynx

    France General

    After several months of sexual abstinence every woman will be like a Miss Universe The same goes to Poland: its wild capitalism like in late 18th - early 19th centuries and corruption does not make western European system socialist. That's just a contrast between the bad and the worst. And all that benefits and support in EU - they aren't constant and may be reduced or even removed. Just because now the government and business may say "Workers in Laos or Bangladesh are ready to work hard just for a couple of cents and a glass of soup, why should we pay you more? Migrants are ready to work for smaller payment because they have to feed their families left in their poor countries, why should we give a job to you instead of them or pay more than them?". And several decades earlier they thought "Damn, the workers in USSR get a descent payment, have payed vacations and other benefits, law protection, we have to introduce something equal too to reduce the socialism popularity here". Feel the difference?
  14. spooky lynx

    France General

    Again you are wrong. It is not socialist but purely capitalist government. The thing is that now capitalism and big business are getting rid of expensive (for it) social benefits for people that had been introduced due to competition with socialist system. Sooner or later all that nice modern things as adequate job payments, payed vacations, 8-hour working day and other company obligations will be reduced. The capitalism without necessity of competition with other system returns to its usual condition. Strange. From what I've checked - prices in Russia are higher because of nightmare customs fees. Models that are cheaper than in EU are usually locally produced and often have reduced list of available engines and options. And the price may be lower because of RUR exchange rate - it is very low to Euro and USD because of our central bank. Oh and don't forget that car here may be a surprise because of poor maintenance and use of cheapest spare parts, oil and shitty fuel. Forget about Dacia - it's a nightmare in case of safety and repairment. For example Dacia Logan, I have them on my work. After about 250K km mileage they become a trash can with everything broken. Hell, the gearbox in my Audi which has 485K km mileage (and I bet it had been reduced several times since its arrival in Russia in 1998, real mileage is 600K+) works 10 times better than in that Logans or Sandero. Pff... If I bring the same Audi I have now from Germany, with the price of the car itself about 2300 EUR I have to pay about 6100 EUR of customs fee. So next car I will buy will be registered in Abhasia. They have fixed 380 EUR customs fee and no taxes. If you take a dedicated car credit while buying new car from dealer - you have 5-11% rate. But your car remains as a bail and you can't sell it until you pay the whole credit. So in case of serious accident you have both debt and a pile of junk that had been your car earlier. And if you want to get usual cash credit - the rate is 19-40%. Such things are not only because of greed of local bankers but also because of higher unreturned credit amounts in our countries than in Germany. Like it or not, but all unreturned credits that are written off are compensated by higher rates.
  15. spooky lynx

    Happy New Year wishes

    Happy new year, comrades. I wish you to leave all the bad in this year and take all good in the next. Peace to you.