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  1. Mirror by ePrison.de 31st Normandy - WW2 Mod BETA RELEASE by rip31st Regards, Stavanger
  2. Stavanger

    Project RACS

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de Sa330 puma pack v2.0 by Project RACS Team Regards, Stavanger
  3. Stavanger

    Antarctica Alpha Release

    Mirror by ePrison.de Antarctica Alpha Release by rstratton Regards, Stavanger
  4. Stavanger

    T-90 PACK

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de T90 Pack v1.1 by Marijus Regards, Stavanger
  5. Stavanger

    WIP-BLUEFOR Replacement

    Mirror by ePrison.de BLUEFOR Replacement v1.0 by wipman Regards, Stavanger
  6. Stavanger

    troopersbugs are coming !!!

    Mirror by ePrison.de Troopersbugs v1.0 by Colonel Well Regards, Stavanger
  7. Stavanger

    Aushilfes AddOns

    Mirror by ePrison.de G36 Pack v1.0 by [CeDe]Aushilfe Regards, Stavanger
  8. Stavanger

    Area 51 'Groom Lake'

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de Area 51 Groom Lake v1.1 by blackknight63 Regards, Stavanger
  9. Stavanger

    F 14  Tomcat

    Mirror by ePrison.de F-14 Tomcat v0.1 BETA by Shouty Regards, Stavanger
  10. Mirror by ePrison.de Mig29 v0.1 BETA by Southy Regards, Stavanger
  11. Stavanger


    Mirror by ePrison.de ~R3F~Launcher v1.0 by Clint Regards, Stavanger
  12. Stavanger

    V3.0 Russian architecture pack

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de Russian Architecture Pack v3.0 by SMERSH & Studio SARMAT (all Version) Fantastic, nice & thx Regards, Stavanger
  13. Stavanger

    Nevada Terrain 0.1

    Mirror by ePrison.de Nevada Terrain v0.1 by Opteryx Good job and nice Map! Regards, Stavanger
  14. Stavanger

    Area 51 'Groom Lake'

    Mirror by ePrison.de Area 51 Groom Lake - Proof of Concept Map by blackknight63 Regards, Stavanger
  15. Stavanger

    Viper Artillery

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de Viper Artillery (SP) v1.3 XEH by Viper169th Regards, Stavanger
  16. Stavanger

    Mapfact releases 3DE-Project

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de EU (Editorupgrade) v1.1 by Lester Regards, Stavanger
  17. Stavanger

    RTM animation kit for Maya

    Mirror by ePrison.de Maya RTM kit for ArmA - preliminary release by teaCup Regards, Stavanger
  18. Stavanger

    Special Forces Detachment Alpha

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de SF Det. Alpha Weapons v0.8 BETA by Scubaman3d Regards, Stavanger
  19. Stavanger

    Mercs and Civilians

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de Mercenaries and Civilians v0.5 BETA by SchnapsdroSel Regards, Stavanger
  20. Stavanger

    T-90 PACK

    Mirror by ePrison.de T90 Pack v1.0 by Marijus Regards, Stavanger PS: good job! No Readme in the File Marijus...
  21. Stavanger

    Civilian Airfield (Geo Specific)

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de Civilian Airfield (Geo Specific) v0.94 by blackknight63 Regards, Stavanger
  22. Stavanger

    SPON Core

    Mirror by ePrison.de SPON Core v0.5.1 (incl. debug log) by Spooner Regards, Stavanger
  23. Stavanger

    Hamis_loading_screens mod

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de ARMA Loading Screens v1.2 by Hamis (2IN1) Regards, Stavanger
  24. Stavanger

    Project RACS

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de -F-16C Fighting Falcon v4.0 by Project RACS Team -Super Etendard v3.0 by Project RACS Team -AH-1Z Cobra v1.0 by Project RACS Team good job and thanks, Stavanger
  25. Stavanger

    Viper Artillery

    Mirror updated by ePrison.de Viper Artillery (SP) v1.21 by Viper169th Regards, Stavanger