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  1. sniper pilot

    What's the sign you play too much ArmA?

    When you run or walk and you over-exaggerate breathing! Geography FAIL. :banghead: @Beagle- Really? :rolleyes:
  2. That is a sick story! Thanks for sharing, it got me pumped! :confused: I thought the chart was based on how many total copies sold in its entire lifetime... Though now that i think about it, it probably a bit too optimistic to think that ALREADY OA surpassed the total sales of MW2.
  3. That is the best screenshot ever! Im gonna hang that on my wall.
  4. sniper pilot

    [OA]A few guns need zeroing....

    Should of bought ArmA2 or Combined Ops ;)
  5. Wow amazing AC130 video here: Especially at 8:11 when the vehicle tries to run away! WMY5Y45U5YI
  6. sniper pilot

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    Are you serious?! Then thats really really bad! :mad: Were you using the Garbage Removal Module?
  7. sniper pilot

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    That's because it's mission specific! The creator of the CTF mission made it that way- my guess it was to keep frame rate up. You should make your own CTF mission or edit the one you were using and remove the script that removes the bodies.
  8. sniper pilot

    Bad reload animations?

  9. Friend who has OA is telling me that your going to need AmA2 installed with OA to have A2 addons work in OA... And I assume that you will need to run OA with A2 too. (if that makes sense.)
  10. I'm pretty sure I heard AmoredSheep talk about a new armor penetrating system. Obviously there is still hitpoints but it doesn't affect the vehicles as much as before. Seems about right for the T-34... Though I'll admit I have no idea how much the T-34 could stand, but if it could be taken down leathaly by anti aircraft guns, I'm pretty sure it could be taken out by a BTR.
  11. sniper pilot

    Vehicle Uber-spotting

    Is this OA? If so, does the bmp have flir?
  12. Which if I'm not mistaken is controlled by Video Memory in game, right?
  13. I'm pretty sure that's what the "Video Memory" Option is for.
  14. Edit: Nvm I'm sure we will see the patch any day now!
  15. Great to hear -=seany=-! Agreed on the Gamestop comment! Yep, that worked... guess i'll have to keep that setting on then. :( Ouch, i hope thats fixed soon...
  16. sniper pilot

    BIS, what have you done to lighting?

    Ah sorry Carl, I misread what you wrote! Then I agree totaly!
  17. sniper pilot

    Is thermal view ported into Arma2 also?

    Are you sure? I always assumed just some simple texture work...
  18. sniper pilot

    BIS, what have you done to lighting?

    So you've obviously never been out on a moonless night in the country- there was one night when I couldn't even see my own hand in front of me, luckily I had a flashlight. Misread what Carl wrote- I agree that if there is a tiny bit of light then you should be able to see a tiny bit as Bolded above.
  19. sniper pilot

    Apache looked Target but cant Hit it! (Bug?)

    I think it's great, and mixed with the fact you can't lock on instantly anymore makes this a feature not a bug IMHO. Why don't you just add an AI? Or have someone gun? You'd have to suck real bad to mot be able to hit anything, especialy with FLIR being available!
  20. sniper pilot

    BIS, what have you done to lighting?

    Wow those pictures are a real turn off... I couldn't get my graphics looking that bad even if I tried :eek:
  21. What difficulty did you have the AI set to? If you have them all defaulted to super soldiers- then that's what you got. Try to find a sweet spot by playing with the sliders in the difficulty menu. It's not perfect, but with a game this open and moddable you can't possibly expect perfection. People will always complain either of how well or how crappy the AI is at detecting you. BIS is trying to make an AI that is dynamic but one that still makes mistakes. So I think it's a good thing to think about before totaly damning it to hell.
  22. Just from the videos i have seen, OA choppers fly a little differently, any one care to confirm?
  23. Ok Baghdad Bob! (while this is not the place to discuss it) You posted at least one screenshot and reported having preformance issues before the game was even unlocked on Sprocket! -Hence my FADE comment. Source: THIS VERY thread! Dated 06-27-2010, 06:10 PM etc before the game wasn't even released or unlocked!** **Only a select few in Germany had OA at that pointI just dont want you giving others the wrong idea, FALSE facts, AND the wrong impressions. But I'll still give you the benefit of the doubt! lol And mods ill leave it at that! (Sorry I had to point it out)
  24. LOL ArmA 2: Operation Motherhood. ''MotherBear to BearCub, we have the package.... but not untill you clean your room'' ;)
  25. Errorhead? I didnt see any errors, The AI surprisingly did everything as expected! I was especialy surprised how well the HUMMV driver turned around in that intersection at the very end! :)