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  1. sniper pilot

    Got game crash? Do this

    I have this problem all the time! Thanks Michael!
  2. sniper pilot

    Any soundtrack tabs?

    Good luck! If you do get it, upload it on youtube or somewhere as i would love to hear it.
  3. sniper pilot

    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Q: Did you guys have anything to do with this? FPDR LOL FPDR very subtle BIS! I like! :D
  4. I havnt had this problem yet with OA... (beta patches incl) :-/
  5. sniper pilot

    Latest Beta Patch: 72197

    BIS you got the AI pretty much perfect now IMHO! I just cleared a town with a bunch of units, they didn't get stuck in Danger, they covered their sectors and they did what was expected of them! The only improvement I can ask is in the driving sector, which really isn't that bad either! (compared to A2,A1, and OFP) Also when a helicopter drops off units they are a tad too high. I really hope you guys keep the infantry AI as is, as I am really happy with it!
  6. sniper pilot

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Im definitely buying this! Thanks BIS For all your hard work! $10 is a meal, so this is such a steal!
  7. sniper pilot

    Close quarter AI

    No i really dont think its your CPU in this case, though it is a very small possibility. I have seen this with only 20 units at times, the AI doesnt (can't?) turn as fast as players can (In MP, Ive witnessed players zip around pretty fast before.) EDIT: I sorta take that back, ive seen a couple times the AI turn around real fast before too, maybe that was because of the SLX mod tho.
  8. sniper pilot

    Dam when will DI optimize towns and cities

    I cried- I am still laughing hahaha thanks Zipper. :D
  9. sniper pilot

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Great video Fromz! I like youku (minus the ads) better that youtube anyways!
  10. Sorry to dig up an old thread, Is it possible to have multiple "high commanders" such as one on each team. Would be great to duel it out RTS style against a friend.
  11. Hey guys, searched everywhere. Is it possible to play a movie file (any type) at a given point during a mission? Like an Overlay? If so, can anyone be so kind as to show me where I can find a tutorial and/or a place that would describe how to accomplish this? Thanks a million! :) (something in the back of my head is telling me ive seen it done in a mission back in the OFP days.)
  12. Hahaha My heads been doing that a lot lately! Thanks! Well,I guess ill just have to work around it! :D
  13. /FAIL and /Triple-Facepalm! Especially on the Editor part of your post. I FAIL at life, yet I am able to use the editor very well. How much more simpler do you want it?! It is so laughable because even my 8 year old sister has learned th baisics of creating a map with civilians and waypoints with vehicles and a working Ambulance for when she gets a "boo-boo". -And barley a graphical interface? ROFL, LMAO I'm not even gonna bother explaining how wrong you are on that one! I guess my kid sister and I, are such fanboys that we know how to read and type. You don't have to be a scripting wizard to make a great mission and that's a fact. "Good design is as little design as possible." The Editor is the least of this game's problems! Heck and it is arguably the foundation for which this game is built upon.
  14. Agreed on the sounds- Although they are unfortunatley not placeholders :/. That's one of the more lacking areas of A2 and OA that is quickly fixed with a soundmod. Maybe BI should hire one these sound modders, given the rescourses of BIS, I can only imagine what kind of a masterpiece that would come of that!
  15. It most certainly will have more of a boost thanks to the patches- well at least In my experience (and I have a crappy pc)
  16. sniper pilot

    Not happy :(

    Awesome to hear krz9000! Sometimes you just get so used to everything going a certain way you get confused when things go dynamic! :D Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  17. LOL this is exactly what the ArmA series is about. Its not supposed to be some Hollywood action game, its a simulator with game mechanics. It not another BF2/MW clone that they've so sadly become accustomed to. It makes me sick. They need to realize: If they dont have a computer capable of running it, thats THEIR problem! If they cant accept that a small company innovating more than any other company in its field making it virtually impossible NOT to have at least some bugs, and the need to sacrifice some eyecandy, THATS THIER PROBLEM. Maybe this game is not their kind of game? No problem at all, it doesn't have to be. Just dont go blatantly "the expansion doesn't improve on the original and doesn't fix any of the problems ArmA 2 had" LOLwut? :confused: Please show me who does it better than BIS? Please? Anyone? Codemasters? Pfft! Thats what I thought... Whether people or the reviewers like it or not, ITS A FACT that BIS has been pushing the envelope on whats possible, on all levels(large scale open world sandbox type of gameplay) beyond ANY, ANY mainstream production company ever has. The only game that comes remotely close is FSX and look at that, that company was shut down. Actually it was probably one of those old JANE games that ever came close. And BIS rarely to NEVER gets recognized for that. All we ask is that they would at least mention that and give credit where its due- AND im not saying dont mention the bugs, Just put it into context. Which is sad, but anyone with the IQ above 100 will know not to go completely by Reviews. We as a community grows day by day, people would be foolish to dismiss that and say BIS is not making any sales- Especially after the Dragon Rising debacle, we will continue to grow, until someone does it better. AND I can almost guarantee no one will probably do it better, nor support its player base like BIS. EDIT: See Zipper5's post below \/
  18. sniper pilot

    Identifying The Enemy

    One of the many challenges not faced in many other games! Make your shots count and check your fire!
  19. sniper pilot

    Laser realism

    Probably could of added that A2 (or was it A1?) "laser designator blob effect" at the end- but Ill admit I have no idea what I'm talking about. EDIT: Nevermind I do have a slight idea, though I couldn't find a video of it in Night vision mode. a-6XVjQKq8Y
  20. Well played Placebo, well played! I wanted to yell out "Owned!" but I havnt quite reached the Im-crazy-yelling-out-randomly stage just yet. :p
  21. sniper pilot

    How will the installed user base change?

    +1 to both 11aTony and Cossack8559 Its going to be split anyways. It always balances its self out in the long run. ArmA2 even with the mods and now OA still has a good handful of servers running vinilla A2, and Im sure OA wont be any different. Besides, 9 times out of 10 anyone sticking to this game for any meaningful amount of time means that they will usualy shell out for any and all installments. If not then they will be happy with just that! :D
  22. sniper pilot

    Operation Arrowhead AI Question

    I usually do: All StandUp, All Disengage, All board CAR. Sometimes it works unless they feel like they still need to be in danger, which 9 times, well 8 times out of 10 is correct.