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  1. sniper pilot

    Is Arma3 still the "Flagship"

    I'd support delaying it indefinitely to implement AI self preservation. Ie: against heavy weapons (tanks, attack helicopters) where it can be easy to sustain heavy losses. (Which now happens a lot as they seem to just stand there and take it)
  2. sniper pilot

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    That was weird, kinda like how the volumetric clouds react to movement.
  3. sniper pilot

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    NVM The night looks just grand in that video! Gosh i love those UHhhs :D Ivan Buchta FTW!
  4. sniper pilot

    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    Anyone else feel the night was too bright? Idk, I think they took the complaints that night was too dark and went to the exact opposite side of the spectrum!
  5. sniper pilot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I feel bad for you then :( ArmA 2 is STILL one of the best looking games on the planet and you need to get that fixed ASAP bud! --- Screenshots look good! Wondering how easy it will be to port existing addons!
  6. sniper pilot

    What is the first thing you will do in Arma3?

    I hear that! The overcast skies in one of the videos gave me a flashback like that- in-fact the whole 3d clouds feature, should do well in helping to bring that feeling back! ArmA 2 can be stunning at times too, but the new lighting engine is going to be sick! Wish I was better at world building in this engine... :/
  7. sniper pilot

    Is Arma3 still the "Flagship"

    LMAO I literally spit out my drink! Lol, Even if I am one of those apes!
  8. sniper pilot

    Is Arma3 still the "Flagship"

    Very Sad imho- But I guess Everyone has their price, and everyone sells out eventually. :803:
  9. sniper pilot

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    That was bloody BEAUTIFUL Stuntman! Loved it!
  10. sniper pilot

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    Im gonna go out on a limb and theorize that the reason people are so attracted to DayZ, is yes the survivalist and the open world type gameplay- but i think more importantly people are so sick of the "Over-Balancing" that plague games of today! Modern Developers are so concerned, rather obsessed, with balancing the gameplay (making it fair) that they've forgotten that we play games for a challenge- not to be hand held through everything with sugar on top. In my opinion it totally waters down a game. Life is not fair, why should games be? I think the no-rules, anything goes, gameplay is a real refreshing change that the mainstream players have secretly been yearning for. (I say secretly because you still see the same people begging for balance and fairness that you see in over balanced games such as COD and BF3, and any mainstream game to come out since BF2) Thats what makes DayZ so popular imho. And I hope the Devs realize that.
  11. sniper pilot

    Operation E3

    I just want to thank the devs one more time for their efforts. You are pretty much the only developers that have this much hands on involvement with it's community. While some are definitely ungrateful I can assure you a lot of us do notice your continued efforts and value just how unique of a company you represent. That alone will compell me to buy everything you release just on that principle alone! It's been fun following the BIS E3 experience! Can't wait for many more years! Keep it up!
  12. sniper pilot

    Operation E3

    And BI-ngo was his name-oh!
  13. sniper pilot

    Operation E3

    Because YES the game is 100% complete- the e3 demo is in fact the full game and they are infact just holding the release until the market is ready for it. Seriously? BIS = sly devils who look for any opportunity to deceive and mislead.. really now... :banghead:
  14. sniper pilot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Wow nice find! Loved the ragdoll drop and animations!
  15. sniper pilot

    Operation E3

    I hope that was sarcasm. You act like the CEO answers directly to you! You don't think they know this? Maybe you're new here but BIS has proven over and over they strive to make quality games vs quantity ala the other "mainstream" developers and it's high time to stop always attacking them thinking that they are somehow trying to pull a fast one! They actually play their games and want things to be good and great. So I have faith and just can't understand this entitled attitude after everything they have done (OFP,A1,A2 etc etc) yeah sure you pay them for a service but you can only take that so far before you realize there is no pleasing you. Sorry to go a little offtopic! So how about them e3 photos?!
  16. Easily "fixed" by more spawn points/ randomized spawns Brilliant!! Shared with all my friends!
  17. sniper pilot

    Barrel heats up after firing

    Its the little things in life, and BIS gets that.
  18. sniper pilot

    [TvT/FFA/CO-40] Dynamic Zombie Sandbox

    Ces't super cool! Yeah its really damn cool i had to say it in another language. Thanks bobtom/Craig!
  19. sniper pilot

    Arma 3: Confirmed features | info & discussion

    Ha! PIC LINK Are the Iranians really using Israeli IMI Tavor TAR-21s? I KNOW im not the only one who noticed this, right? There isn't a "Alternate Reality" where the Israelis would collaborate with the Iranians!
  20. Trying out the new drivers...
  21. sniper pilot

    Arma 3: Confirmed features | info & discussion

    Amen, really surprising we are in the minority here- but then again it isn't. Oh well- Bis hasn't failed me yet... It just sucks that we lose the amount of addons/modders with every new game VS the previous ones in the series. (And that I suck hardcore at making addons my self ;) )
  22. sniper pilot

    180 turn animation for AI

    Yeah BIS if you can make the animations look like that, then OMG would make the best game be impossibly better!
  23. sniper pilot

    AI going to be player centric?

    I would Love a module like this! AND just to reiterate what others have said, yeah don't make it a hardcoded ALL-THE-TIME feature.
  24. sniper pilot


    Dunno if your still looking for a banner but here: and a somewhat different BIGGER version: (Click to Enlarge.)
  25. sniper pilot

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 78183

    Nooo! :( Alt F4 was great, especially when you wanted to exit fast! Sure I accidentally closed the game maybe once in the last year but its a necessary evil imho! :D