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    Ecp released!

    They will require a recipt(SP?)!!! who would save a small tiny paper after a year!? So scratch that out! (next?) lolol Thnx anyways! and ive already downloaded the patch! it always gives the error message "Cd not Found" I hope someone can help me!!
  2. sniper pilot

    Ecp released!

    Hey, I have 2 quick questions: -1Does this mod make it possible to work the game w/ out the cd? (Like the mod i use for that feature:Wargames addon pack) {I know its sort of bad but i fully bought the game and lost the cd!} -2 If i was to use the Wargames addon pack(mod) and put in this:(-mod=@ECP;mod name;mod name) in the short cut would it use the Wargames mod's config file or ECP's? If So please tell me what to do! Thnx...btw i didnt want to skim through every page out of 75 just to find these two awnsers!