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  1. Status_cz

    OFP videography

    Yesterday I made my first ofp video,so why not show it... ;] DOWNLOAD-23MB Thanx to Cervo for hosting file Enjoy ;]
  2. Status_cz

    Tunnel is alive!

    Looking nice ,good job. btw:tutorial about LODs
  3. Status_cz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    nice pics @all CSLA:Lacerta project
  4. Status_cz

    Shuld i buy this pc?

    Looking good,maybe it needs just a bit more disk space...if you gonna have on disk movies,games etc,80gb is not so much
  5. Status_cz

    Hey you Cheat0rs

    Hehe,nice vid...yes,cheat0rs are lames,n00bz,l00sers and they don´t have any skill...and ofcourse no respect in comunity I don´t understand this people....
  6. Status_cz

    Good Graphics Program?

    Adobe Photoshop
  7. Status_cz

    New Addon

    btw:material settings for CSLA units is already done in CSLA mod 2.03,which will be released soon.
  8. Status_cz

    Weapon standards!

    btw: I found on my hdd some amraam and sidewinder,I done them a long time ago and don´t use them...maybe some1 likes to use them... -both rockets are on 1 texture. -Sidewinder polycount: 86 -Amraam polycount : 114 -There is also some new flash... Download
  9. Status_cz

    OFP videography

    No,You are crazy driver nice video
  10. Status_cz

    Community Performance/Hardware Thread

    I got: -P4 1.7ghz( ) -768 MB RAM -GeForce FX 5700LE 256mb
  11. Status_cz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Nice pics all When I tested CSLA1 campaign with CSLA2 units,I took quite interesting sshot
  12. Status_cz

    model troubleshoot

    texture is no problem, but try to drive with that tractor.. you can drive thru trees and houses. why? Wrong geo LoD,imho
  13. Status_cz

    dirt on armor

    btw:There is already multitexturing on vehicles in XboX version,so dirt on armor can realy be in OFP2
  14. Status_cz

    Flashpoint 2 music?

    I hope there will be something from O.Matejka and Seventh,again
  15. Status_cz

    Crazy Lightning

    Check faces.(structure>check faces) when you do it,then check non-planar faces (you found this in selections,after cheking faces,selection will be created automaticly).If those non planar faces are on that part of model where is "crazy lighting" then do triangulate (strcture>...)
  16. Status_cz

    OFP Community Census Project

    The same prob here.
  17. Status_cz

    Top 10 most realistic FPS games

    In CoD I like only MP...scripted SP sux
  18. Status_cz

    Top 10 most realistic FPS games

    Half Life2 (alpha) Stalker:Shadow of chernobyl(alpha) Doom 3 Rainbow Six:Raven shield+datadisks Far Cry Ofp CoD
  19. Status_cz

    JASDF Aircraft

    Well,that Hind looks really awesome,so detailed model and so nice textures...just perfect
  20. Status_cz

    World cup 2004

    CAN-CZE 4 : 3 after overtime... anyway,it was good match
  21. Status_cz

    New Wallpapers

    That's not what he ment. He means he should send them to themexp so more people will see them. Themexp is quite popular you know  oh,ok  btw:i meant link from 1st post ofcourse
  22. Status_cz

    New Wallpapers

    D/L dont works for me...
  23. Status_cz


    I dont read all pages of this thread,but at first page´s it is with backround if is it repaired,sory and pls don´t hurt me Â
  24. Status_cz

    PLA Demo

    Looking good,congrats PLA to finished demo