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    This C&C General MOD called Cold War Crisis

    Another good looking mod http://www.derelictstudios.net/site/truewar/
  2. Status_cz

    This C&C General MOD called Cold War Crisis

    Wow I´m looking forward to this mod :)C&C:ZH it´s good but wtih this mod it will be much better ^^ Any release date?or the web link please?
  3. Status_cz

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    It will be very similar,just read the interview.And someone who were worked on ofp,ofp:r,vbs1 thinks the same:) anyway,here in Czech it´s a little bit rivalry between IS and BIS,but not so big. EDIT:Anyway it´s looks more like OFP xbox
  4. Status_cz

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    It´s just ofp1 clone,I´ll wait for OFP2.And I think,if BI release some media about ofp2,EIS will be look near OFP2 like ofp1/EIS now.:)
  5. Status_cz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    nice pics @ll -99kb addons:dxdll and a little bit color edit in photoshop Screenhots are from mission "Chinook down"-if I am not mistaken.
  6. Status_cz

    Gothic 2

    Well,me too btw:DracoPaladore ,maybe visiting THIS PAGE a little helps you,there´s lot of infos
  7. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    Yes,but the name is PSO not POSP,maybe POSP in Belarus because they were made there.Just check out THIS PAGE and find PSO series. I hope that´s enough about the documentation of PSO
  8. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    Hm...maybe,On some weapon web I found this scope under name PSO-1.But they are very similar.Just have a look on real photos. POSP 4x24 POSP 6x24 POSP 8x42 and PSO-1 8x42 btw:propably you are right,but they are all look almost the same EDIT:Other PSO1 photo
  9. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    well,it´s PSO-1 8x42. btw:pics(previous page) are ingame,only with grey backround and shadow.They aren´t from 3dsmax:)
  10. Status_cz

    Gothic 2

    I´m fail to find other version of TNotR then German one
  11. Status_cz

    Gothic 2

    G2 is really great game with the great story and atmosphere:) I´m looking forward to Gothic 3
  12. Status_cz

    Modeling Thread

    btw:I made also straps for m1a1,but they can´t be rotated in actual engine,maybe in ofp2 :P wheels+straps=13k poly...buldozer crash with the rest of m1a1,crap http://potaro.name/pics/m1a1_pasy.jpg http://potaro.name/pics/m1a1_pasy2.jpg
  13. Status_cz

    Modeling Thread

    Nice weapon collection Actualy that´s not 10 000 but 9300 with flashlight,aimpoint and m203,but I think it´s maximum detailed. another baby: 10487 poly made in o2,again http://potaro.name/pics/m1a1_1.jpg http://potaro.name/pics/m1a1_2.jpg http://potaro.name/pics/m1a1_3.jpg http://potaro.name/pics/m1a1_4.jpg
  14. Status_cz

    Modeling Thread

    switches are there...there´s nothing more what to model...i just have to finish right side and texture it,but i´m pretty lazy for this :P http://potaro.name/pics/m4_wire.jpg http://potaro.name/pics/m4_wire2.jpg more pics: http://potaro.name/p1.jpg http://potaro.name/p2.jpg http://potaro.name/p3.jpg http://potaro.name/p4.jpg
  15. Status_cz

    Modeling Thread

    10k polies ,made in o2 http://potaro.name/pics/m4_1.jpg http://potaro.name/pics/m4_2.jpg
  16. Status_cz

    New modeling tutorials in o2

    Few old/new tutorials are HERE ,only eng.
  17. Status_cz

    New Su-22 by TomiD

    It´s always nice to see some model with good sharp/smooth edges,good job
  18. Status_cz

    OFP graphics...

    Have you scene the CS: Source graphics, they are much better than ofp. But he said just CS I´m sure OFP2 will be better in CS:S in so many ways. Anyway,OFP graph. is old (year 1999-2001?) you can´t compare old game(ofp) with the new one(cs:s). Ofp dont´t support pixel shader,that´s sad. and original (ofp:cwc) textures have max res 256px,Also models are not so much detailed.
  19. Status_cz

    Is this OFP?

    They should buy VBS
  20. Status_cz

    New modeling tutorials in o2

    Site works again after long time,sorry.
  21. Status_cz

    Convert tga to paa with texview

    ofp (or textviev like here) support sizes 8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048... you can convert textures into paa/pac only in this sizes.for a sample 1024x128 etc.
  22. Status_cz

    Cz Recruit video

    Well,we are small country so we dont need some "super army". Just our army become "professional" so they do this video for recruits.
  23. Status_cz

    Legal texture sizes

    GeForce cards also support 4096x4096 textures.
  24. Status_cz

    Custom faces

    Awesome! [imghttp://www.volny.cz/proche/fczavadilka/fotky/collina.jpg[/img] heh,nice face:) btw: Hmm best,but I think he dont love so much Czechs