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    SJB Weapons Pack

    Hehe...that PSG-1 I saw 2 years back on some FREE 3D models&texture page...
  2. Status_cz

    OnGoing War - Video

    Great video, good job
  3. Status_cz

    ArmA Photography

  4. Status_cz

    ArmA testing...

    I have 6600 GT,1 GB ram, 3GHz and I am playing on 1024x768 res with high textures and low rest. avarge FPS is 25.
  5. Status_cz

    To the people who are playing ArmA, how is it?

    It´s looking like Texture loading is very slow... >when the soldiers don´t see you, they aiming probably on birds...
  6. Status_cz

    ArmA Photography

  7. Status_cz

    ArmA Photography

    Something for playing...nothing interesing.
  8. Status_cz

    New water textures

    1st type of textures: Very clean water LINK1-OFP.INFO -3.6 mb LINK2-OFP.INFO -3.6 mb 2nd type of textures: Normal sea water. LINK1-OFP.INFO -3.4 mb LINK2-OFP.INFO -3.4 mb -<span style='color:red'>UPDATE-"visible white frames"bug repair</span> Note: -This is NOT an official Addon! Use it at your own risk. -This is beta version,maybe I later make some others types of textures. -Maybe you can do a backup of data.pbo,if you don´t have OFP CD -Thnx to OFP.INFO for hosting the files Enjoy.
  9. Status_cz


    Not only by you
  10. Status_cz

    Has anyobody tried 3d Glasses?

    I heard that 3d glasses have very low resulution (320x280) maybe new one have 640x480 max
  11. Status_cz

    New screens

    I guess wrong alpha sorting
  12. Status_cz

    OPF web based game

    yeah...it was on codemasters page 2(+/-) years ago
  13. Status_cz

    New title for FLASHPOINT2

    What about the name "Codemasters sux?"
  14. Status_cz

    Sell ARAS online

    DVD box...cause I must have AA box in my bookcase near other OFP boxes:)
  15. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    We are planing just M1 for now. That gun will be repaired. Thank you for suggestion! Right now is model just basic and I didn´t found enough time for detailed studying abrams series :/ . As MAA said, Abrams is now in early alpha stage, so final result will be a little bit diffrent and much more realistic :-)
  16. Status_cz

    Armed Assault

    It´s almost xbox version for pc...anyway engine will be upgraded but diffrent then ofp2 engine. AA will just keep ofp comunity alive until release ofp2 IMHO
  17. Status_cz

    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    Not bad...but it´s too plastic for me, and the screens are real ofcourse. I think ofp2 will be diffrent then ofp1 :X
  18. Status_cz

    World Hockey Championships

    Um...I wouldnt say that. We had the puck for most of the game. We played badly, you guys didnt play much better...we just didnt score. That´s qiute easy-we had good defense and the best goalie, that´s the reason why Canada cant´s score all the time. anyway Canada played good hockey. It was interesting hockey, but not so mutch like cz-swe.
  19. Status_cz

    World Hockey Championships

    woooohooooo yeah 3-0, very nice game. Here in cz will be lot of celebrations...and beer :P Anyway I dont like Smyth´s demeanour in last seconds. He can´t lose or what?
  20. Status_cz

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    http://people.freenet.de/klingonen9999/pics/oopss.jpg Those women are so dangerous nice shot
  21. Status_cz

    Real life spidermen

    little bit stupid,but on the other hand it´s amazing I already seen this guys on eXtreme channel
  22. Status_cz

    Csla 2

    Please tell me that's Lacreta (probably spelt it wong ) That´s csla project,but for now we have stoped our work on it:).
  23. Status_cz

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Nice pics Jaguar and ofcourse others:) Larger version (1280x960) Csla lacerta(unreleased).
  24. For unpack PBOs use DePbo or Unpbo.Then you must convert paa/pac textures in editable format,for this use TextView.Open some paa/pac texture in textview and save as gif/tga,then edit it,save as tga/gif and convert into paa/pac via textview maybe this few thread helps you: Short info about using right format PAA/PAC documentation Enjoy