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    Desert war set in the future.

    as long as it doesnt have that cheesey sci-fi feel.
  2. Skewballzz

    Any mission making groups?

    I'm planning on making a campaign using either WGL or Kuriyami's config. Its going to be based off of an Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) or a GI in a ground war. The island I will be using will probably be GAIA. If you would like to talk to me about this, you can E-mail me at: Skewballzz@aol.com or Instant Message me on AIM at Skewballzz Thanx, ~Cory
  3. the best thing to do is to make a sentry waypoint, and then make a get in waypoint on the car u want it to get into. The trick is to set the waypoint ON the car, not near it. When you go to set the waypoint, hover over the car so its name comes up and double click. After that make a trigger, whatever conditions you want, and set the type to "Switch". Syncornize (F5) it with the "sentry" waypoint. Now when the switch is activated it will make the unit get into the car. From after that its your choice what it does
  4. Skewballzz

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    NisuMies, what are those winter units you used in the "advancing BMP" pic? They look like just what i need. And i they dont look like the units from Winter Nogojev...
  5. Skewballzz

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    Ummm, radley....no crably....nope not that.... uhhhh.....I GOT IT!!!! To be honest when they came out, the first thing i thought of was an update for this config with it.... call me ur #1 fan, or just a geek who gets excited of the "CONFIG OF THE AGES"
  6. Skewballzz

    Eu expands

    It's great to see more unity in this world. Maybe this will cause us americans to stop thinking that we're the head of the world, and nothin else matters. I say that the EU is the next powerhorse of the modern world. Rome wasnt built in a day, ya know?
  7. Skewballzz

    Vietnam collaboration

    Than keep it in the PM's between you two. I think I speak for everyone that noone wants to hear another argument in this community
  8. Skewballzz

    Vietnam collaboration

    From the way this thread has been, it doesnt seem like this "merger" will ever happen. How sad that in a thread about being allies turns into a potential flame war... DROP IT and move on. The last thing this community needs is another name calling game. We got enough of that already. "Can't we all just get along?"
  9. Pppppppplease help solve this someone. I can not mention how much better OFP would be with more detailed terrain option....and not the terrain detail settings, just a little "engine tweak"
  10. Skewballzz

    Battlefield 2 announced by ea gamges

    I am a die hard OFP fan, and always will be. Other than the early nintento Zelda games, OFP is # 1. On the other hand, there are times where I feel like playing BF1942, BHD, etc. I've noticed that the OFP community in general is a very arrogant community, saying that OFP is the best. I totally agree, but IMO people need to open their eyes. In a way I'm almost afraid to mention any of the more "arcade" military games, as I will get flamed up the wazoo. I just wish people in the community would respect other games, even though it may not be up your alley. I dont mean to point anyone out specificly, just the community in general. Maybe its because its a small one compared to other games, and everyone gets a bit of cabin fever. On that topic, take ofp.info for example. The comments section. That used to help me a lot, but it turned into a flamers paradise, and in the end had to be shut down. It just seems that this community can be so positive and friendly, but the minute it hears something that it isnt into, it turns into a warzone. Just a request to other people in this community... please be tolerant. From there things can work out so good. I understand a heated debate is a wonderfull thing, but on the other hand, a flamers paradise isnt. Help give back to the community that has given you so much...
  11. When u see something on TV or in a book and think: "THAT WOULD BE A FUN MISSION", and then spend the next 4 hours in the editor setting up the scenery, only get tired and fall alseep. Next day... "Stupid mission, I'll finish it later." That night... You read "The Stand" and try and figure a way to make it into a campaign (which i am somehow making)... ....etc -In a nutshell Making everything that happends in life into an unfinished campaign
  12. Skewballzz

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    is it me or does the AGS buildings look a little revamped? OMG, amazing work.... Nothing else needs to be said.
  13. Skewballzz

    Winter usmc

    Calm, I am in C.A.P. and do a lot of work with the 10th Mountain Div. in Ft. Drum. They use those outer shells as basic issue, but figureing the 10th mountain is based around alpine and snow fighting, they must have better gear or something. They have thick white parkas with a hood and fir insulator in it. For their pants they wear a snowmobile type suspenders that are a gortex, fir insulated combo. They also wear special boots, which are sometimes yellow...Dont ask me why. I would grab some pictures of em next time i go up, but summers almost here and i dont think they'll be wearing any winter whites soon...
  14. Skewballzz

    Parachute on the ground?

    The new WWIIEC C-47 has a bunch of extras included in it. One of them is a script that places a parachute (collapsed) on the ground where the unit landed. You can also place them on the ground in the editor if u want. See if this suits ur needs
  15. Skewballzz


    I dont know how many times that Ive fallen asleep and began dreaming of OFP combined with AAO. What nice nights those were.... I hope to god that BIS decides to make the players and units like AAO. I just wish i could move the AAO units into flashpoint. Im not talking about the way that they look, but the way the AAO engine handles the player controls. The speed, the leaning, the different options of running, crouching and prone speed, plus the aiming. Imagine playing AAO in the OFP envirnment. I understand that some things can not be at the AAO map level, due to the size of the maps. Just make OFP2 a giant, army size world of AAO style controls... Feedback anyone?
  16. Skewballzz


    i wish more forum threads were like this...simple and to the point. Looks like not many people like my wishes
  17. Skewballzz

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    Kurayami, i just reinstalled the DR sound PBO's. It works perfectly now. Im sorry i wasted your time, i shoulda realized what the problem was. Anyway, I am enjoying the release even more now. Keep up the good work!
  18. Skewballzz

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    I just discovered this on the forums and I can not believe it!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHHAHAHHA THIS IS SOOO GREAT. Ive sent Emails to every OFP site about this. I was getting so sick of everyone whining about WGL and singleplayer, and here I am, playing this amazing thing. I love it so much that I am replaying the entire campaign. One problem though.... No vehicle sounds are working. Got DR sounds and everything. Everything else works, but helos, trucks, u name it, its like theyre in stealth mode, and theres no engine running. Any ideas what I should do?
  19. Skewballzz

    Winter usmc

    I got so excited when i saw the title of reskinned USMC for the snow, but when I looked at the pics, I saw B&W versions of the normal one. I just wish someone would make a winter soldier like the one in Americas Army Operations. You obviously know what ur doing to do this addon, so i reccomend ur next project be white parkas and stuff such as that
  20. Skewballzz

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    I was wondering what do i do if i want to use the NVG's and compass only. Â I want to use those two things in my ECP folder (I'm more of a SP guy) I have different mod folders for each theater of battle (ie. Â Modern War, Vietnam, WWII, etc. ) Â What files do I copy over to use the two things. Â I do not want the new map style, with the rocks and everything like that gone and the new round "forest" thingy. Â I understand that I need the WGL_ui pbo, but when i change config in the BIN folder, everything gets wacky. Â Any help?
  21. Skewballzz

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    I agree with major fubar. I have thought about this many times when I'm playing (ie... resistance missions where soldiers need to carry as much firepower as they can. I'm a big res fan...). I know this is not realistic, as I have seen soldiers do this in real life. If it is not possible, o well, but if it is, all the more power to it. I also understand that there are priorities, and compared to other stuff, it is understandable if this is put off 'till much later.
  22. Skewballzz

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    i understand what u mean LT. Dammage...the greatness of WGL:) (DAMN I LOVE THIS "MODIFICATION") its just that after i moddified the HYK US infantry to use Earls weapons, every other addon seems to lack. Anyone out there, I recomend playing a mission with those two addons combined, and you will see what I mean. On that topic, WGL is sometimes overlooked by me for the fact i can go play SP with those two addons, just cuz their quality alone seems to overplay WGL somewhat. ZiRo, I am sure that you agree with me, as you seem to be an experianced and devoted player. The config of these units means nothing to me, its mainly a visual thing... Being in C.A.P. for 4 years, I have played with many of the real life versions of these "TOYS" and as WGL is based around realism (and it damn well is) WGL would step beyond if these were included in the next update. Plus, its more big addons to download, so we can filter out those laggy 56k'ers who claim they got cables from that. Us cable users think nothing of ~50Mb things. Keep up the great work WGL, looking forward to some great MP games.
  23. Skewballzz

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    I love the idea of this pack. My only gripe are the choice of addons. I understand that everyone is not going to agree on this subject, but i have some requests. Using: -HYK US Infantry -EARL's USMC ASSAULT PACK Weapons -SUCHY AND EARL's USMC/RUSSIAN NAVAL INFANTRY I understand that I can do the changes myself, but it would be nice to have universal coding for MP.
  24. Skewballzz

    Fade keeps happening

    I have been playing OFP(+Res) for almost 2 years now, and have never had a problem. Recently gameplay went to the crapper, and i realized that fade was enabled. I deleated OFP, and reinstalled. It happened again. Next, i tryed uninstall, and then manually deleating the rest. Nothin. It happened again. I had quite a bit off addons, and i thought that maybe they were causing it, so i didnt extract them again. Again, it didnt work. So now im playing, and having to reinstall every few days or so, as the gameplay degrades quite quickly. Its wierd cuz i know its not a problem with my video card or anything like that, as it has been fine and working for a long time untill i triggered someting when i tryed to move the chinook mission into my mission editor to see how they did the eject script. Ive upgraded with the 1.85 patch, and to no avail. Tried 1.90, nothin. If anyone knows what may be goin on, I would appriciate it if you would help. Thank you. ~Cory Martin
  25. Skewballzz

    Ofp sound problems

    I do not have resistance, just the gold upgrade. Â The game works fine except for one thing. Â Whenever a tank runs over about three or more trees, bushes, poles, etc.. the sound compleatly shuts out, and i have to restart the game to get it back. Â I have the latest upgrade. I was wondering if anyone could help me w/ this situation. Â Thank you