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    Soldiers: heroes of wwii  demo

    I still havent beat the demo mission either, tried forgettign about the colonel, hiding my troops in the woods and then counterattacking even after the mission fail. No hope. Couldnt imagine it on hard. This game could give me a break from the FPS for a while though, just wanna let em work out the stuff.
  2. Skewballzz

    The b-52

    good point hellfish. I gotta hand it to u though, after seeing you on these forums for quite a while, you always seem to have quite an open mind....
  3. Skewballzz

    Add-on vs add-on

    the best way for set standards is to download one of the modified config sets out there. They make everything equal in armor values, weapon lethality, etc. That way the BAS rangers dont rip up the spetznaz just cuz they can take a few more hits. Yes, weapons may make a difference, as if u have a squad of men with scoped weapons they will most likely have better shots than a squad with iron sights. A good way to test these out is to put two oppsing groups in front of eachother, preferably on Desert Island, and put this in each of their Init lines: | this setunitpos "UP" |. That way they will never go prone, and just be shooting at eachother. I usualy put their skill to the highest, just so stray bullets are less common. Then be a civilian, stand to the side, and watch the civilwar-esc carnage. (CANT WAIT FOR THE CIVIL WAR MOD!!!!!!!)
  4. Skewballzz

    The b-52

    I live by the saying "if something isnt broke, dont fix it". Thats one of the reasons I own an AK47 while my friends all own post ban M4's hehehe. Anyway... All the USAF has to do is throw some more modern computers in the B52 and it'll do. I noticed one of the problems of modern US defense ( ) technology is that they have been acting like they know what kinda war they will be fighting, as they think they can make the war that way. The more versitility they have the better they can be. Yes, maybe the b52 couldnt handle a heavy AA sector, but we have other tools for that. People seem so closed minded in these forums. There will be a job for the B52 in the future, but there will be jobs it can not do. Thats why we got the F22, F117, B2, etc.. The more tools you have that are for different jobs, the more efficient you can be in doing those jobs.
  5. Skewballzz

    New g8 island

    Been waiting a while for someone to make a map using Tonal objects/textures. Lookin great guys. Keep up the good work. PS: How big is the island around? Everon, Nogova, Tonal...etc. Been looking for a big ISLAND the size of tonal for my Helo campaign. Looks like this map would work perfect. Im using Tonal right now, but I'm not to fond of maps that go from barren desert to thick jungle....doesnt seem very real to me. Just please dont put that one little corner of desert like most islands seem to have. Nogova would be great if it wasnt for that stupid desert in a place it shouldnt be.
  6. Skewballzz

    Smoking animations

    All I have to say is please dont make them spit. I'm a heavy smoker, and I never spit. I dont know why u would smoke if u have to spit. Do you carry spit cups in the house when u smoke? Or do u just do it on the floor. It just seems to me that the majority of smokers dont spit when they smoke, so why design this after the few people who do spit. In the end it will look like they're dipping (chewing tobacco) cough cough cough
  7. Skewballzz

    Us army adopts .50 cal replacement

    For some odd reason I have a big feeling that the majority of the people have never shot the guns they are talking about. ...maybe I'm wrong ...maybe I'm not It's just that in a lot of gaming forums people seem to know a lot about guns, and can play it off like they own one or have owned one. It just kinda seems like people wanna back up their love for a game with the thought that they can and have done it in real life.
  8. Skewballzz

    Smoking animations

    My good old Marb Red cancer sticks would be nice in game
  9. Skewballzz

    Ofp 1.5 join in progress "jip"

    Ive just gotten to the point where I barely play OFP anymore. I still check the forums here and there to see if theres any monumental events or anything like that, but for the most part, Ive put all ideas of an update or even OFP2 out of my head. I figure I'll just forget about it till it comes out, thus making the wait that much easier.
  10. Skewballzz


    I know exactly what you mean. It may not be on my priority list for OFP2, but now that I think of it, it sounds like a greak idea. It would make it a lot more realistic.
  11. Skewballzz

    Ofp 1.5 join in progress "jip"

    I would definately pay $50 for it, considering theres no interesting games out there at the moment...(I got Vietcong to kill some time). I would definatly play a lot more MP because I dont have the time to join a "squad". Theres nothin worse than having an urge to play MP, but the only games that are open are CTF.
  12. Skewballzz

    Training buildigs anyone?

    Wait for OFP2, should be a lot easier to do somethin like this, even though it is entirely possible right now
  13. Skewballzz

    Are we intel owners forced to buy new motherboard

    If you got the $, blow it on something huge....like a tough ass PC
  14. Skewballzz


    I noticed that its just practice. After a week of playing, the keyboard setup I have become second nature, and I can do things without even thinking about em or moving. All it is is remaping your controls so they fit you best.
  15. Skewballzz

    Is this what war will come to?

    I can't even imagine the shockwave from the air alone. Sonic boom from mach+7; say goodbye to windows. I think something at that speed would definatly cause some damage, its just that people are stuck in the whole way that you need explosives to destroy things. Think outside of the box...
  16. Skewballzz

    Is this what war will come to?

    No law applies to the US anymore, they just dont care if another nation tells em no. Look in the history books....
  17. Skewballzz

    Will ofp2 look like americas army?

    Ive said this before, but the contol you have over your player in AAO is fine tuned to a tee. Once they incorporate ragdoll with it, i cant begin to imagine what it will be like. If OFP2 could find a hybrid between AAO and OFP, Id spend a few months of my time promoting it around the country
  18. Skewballzz

    Day of the cicada

    German Shepard.... and name it Lucie after my dog...
  19. Skewballzz

    Battlefield 2 announced by ea gamges

    It wouldnt suprise me if they did tack on a high price tag. Look at BF:V... there was the Eve Of Destruction mod for BF1942, and people still bought the new one. To be honest, I'll probably end up buying it, as all the games Ive got seem to be drying up. AAO better release an update with new maps, as its getting repetative. OFP...getting to the point where the realism doesnt matter cuz i dont have very much control over my player. No doubt, I'll still end up watchin the news and decide to go make a mission about it once every few nights, but like someone said, all good things must come to an end.
  20. Skewballzz

    U.s. army special forces

    Earls weapons!!!!!!! Mutha F-ing beautifull. Heard some thing about the reciever on em though, o well, they blend in with the OFP envirnment very nicely unlike INQ's shiny M16
  21. Skewballzz

    U.s. army special forces

    Earls weapons!!!!!!! Mutha F-ing beautifull. Heard some thing about the reciever on em though, o well, they blend in with the OFP envirnment very nicely unlike INQ's shiny M16
  22. Skewballzz

    No jump

    My friend was in the 82nd during Grenada and I got to talking about this subject with him, and he said his unit did numerous "confidence courses" and they had to jump obsticles a lot. He was an FM radioman, and when he landed, he talked a lot about how in the middle of a firefight youre nearly jumping over anything, as if youre just running normal, the risk of tripping over things can get u killed. Anyway, just my two cents... BTW, what branch/division/unit were u in hellfish?
  23. It may be FADE. I somehow activated it and the game started tweaking out more and more. If it gets worse, try reinstalling the game.
  24. Skewballzz

    No jump

    To be honest, Im in no mood to go looking for a jumping soldier. Â On the other hand....trenches. Â Are soldiers never supposed to jump over them? Â Is it the law in the military? Â What about streams? Â Ditches? Â Railings on porches? Â The list goes on. Please dont go on about how u want OFP2 to be realistic if you dont think soldiers jump. Â I admit, it opens another chance for arcade gamers to exploit, but there are ways to fix that. Â I understand that u may not want jumping in a game for certain reasons, but dont go to the point of saying soldiers don't jump...trust me. ***EDIT*** Fixed typo
  25. Skewballzz

    No jump

    CoD's first patch fixed the noob jumping. What they did was after u hit the ground after jumping, your speed is slowed down a little bit and u cant jump for another second or two. Trust me, all the noobs that panic and start jumping lost that option when that patch came out. Jumping is possible with all that gear on, I just dont think you wanna act like a kangaroo with it on. Jumping would be nice, wouldnt hurt the game, and would definately come in handy. As long as they use the ideas from AAO or CoD like stated above, MP has no worries. I dont think its right to sacrifice an important option of control becuase you had some bad experiance with noobs. Game companies have solved it. The Rainbow 6 games? You can climb things but cant jump, and it doesnt seem right being tied down on the floor. And you guys call urself realism freaks....:) Since when is being glued to the ground realistic...cmon....