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    Hyk modern u.s. infantry pack released

    If I remember correctly, Hyakushiki has dissapeared. Countless people have been trying to contact him, and no one has yet to get a reply. Maybe he locked himself in a closet with his computer till the next release?
  2. Skewballzz

    The day after tomorrow

    Sad that such an unmoving film came from the director of Stargate and the author of Communion and Transformation
  3. Skewballzz


    I'd say if worse comes to worse use Wrp-Tool. Even if BIS didnt use it, it still works. If it aint broke, dont fix it...
  4. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

    I've been reading the Dune novels over and over since I was 12, and something came to me yesterday while reading about the Saudi hostage crisis. For those of you who have read Dune, translate it into the modern world theater. ***I AM NOT CONDONING TERRORIST ACTIONS, SO PLEASE DONT FLAME ME FOR SOMETHING I DO NOT AGREE WITH*** Think of the characters, their actions, and what came about from it. Stop the empire by taking away the thing they need the most...spice, or in real world terms....OIL. "Where religion and politics go hand in hand, the wirlwind follows"... sound like an organization you know? People who die for a cause are one thing, but people who die for their god is another. Who is Muad D'ib? A man who is in control of an entire underground society, and their agenda. Who wins..... The religious "freedom fighters" from the desert.... Scary, huh?
  5. Skewballzz

    Incoming french addons

    Zee French ar coming, grab ya riefles.... Looks good guys, keep up the good work
  6. Skewballzz

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    For those of you who have read Harry Turtledove's "Guns of the South", I will make a campaign for that. If you dont know what it is about, heres a quick overview.... Soldiers from our time travel back in time to help the south win the war. The way they go about this is that they arm General Lee's army with AK-47's Yes, it may sound a bit out there, but the effects of this are quite interesting. I have always wondered what it would be like to take a modern weapon back in time. Imagine running around Fuedal England with an RPG-7 and an AK..... Welcome to the new age of King Cory... now i just gotta solve the problem of carting around all my ammo.........
  7. Skewballzz

    What mod is this from?

    when i take screenshots, i crank up everything and then put it in slow motion. It seems to help with the lag, and you can take ur time getting good shots. Just because there's so many units there doesnt mean that it will work ingame like that. There are times where i place as many units as i'm alowed to on the map, just to take cool pics. I could never play the game that way though On a side note, that looks like Everon with grass???
  8. Skewballzz

    Ai reactions

  9. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

    I also believe that the Bene Gesserit sent out missionaries thousands of years ago to remote planets to set up myths a fables that could be used by stranded sisters...
  10. Skewballzz

    Marijuana plant

    Anyone planning on making some "weeds" for the game? Â Could be handiy in different scenarios: -SF "columbia" type missions -You and your hick family denfend against the ATF trying to take ur plants -Combine it will the smoking animation, some Marley background music, and a .44.....what do u get? Â One stoned guy shooting his friends cuz they ganked his stash If someone makes the plant, i'll make missions. ***EDIT - typo***
  11. Skewballzz

    Marijuana plant

    hmm, anyone wanna update that so it looks bit more bushy and realistic? seems a bit thin to me (growers must be slackin) Something bushy with a lot of buds. In the meantime I'll be makin missions with this
  12. Skewballzz

    Oxygen eats textures

    kill the little crap computers and use JPEGs. If only they fit in with the rest of the game...
  13. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

    It are people like the ones u described that events such as this are caused. I just wish that people could stand in the middle, instead of taking sides. That only leads to closemindedness for most people. People tend to be stubborn, and will fight for their side even if they dont agree with it. I used to be a big republican, untill I began to question everything. Thoughts and ideas seem to take new shape when viewing them from a third point of view. All I ask is that people look at everyday events like a child would - not knowing anything about it or having preconcieved notions about it. Long live the fightes sof Paul Muad'Dib
  14. Skewballzz

    Ofp re-playability factor

    LONG LIVE THE EDITOR!! One problem with is though... It ruins all the other editors out there, and makes em so brutal. The only other editor i can think of that compares to OFP is the old Starcraft editor.
  15. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

  16. Skewballzz

    New aao version

    Sorry bout the typo... Auto walk zoom brings u to a walk instead of a trot when u bring up ur iron sights instead of hitting the toggle walk/run button. Â Saves you hitting one more key to do it. i think u mean the moving speed isnt it? you could say that, but its called toggle run/walk in the game. What most people think is running (where ur gun is not usable) is called sprint ingame.
  17. Skewballzz

    New aao version

    Sorry, dont have time to elaborate, goin to play it right now. In a nutshell, theres Strykers, Karma engine, AT4, and other goodies. Fileplanet Download Page or go to www.americasarmy.com
  18. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

    I used to think that about Al-Qaeda untill i compared it to the books. They are written from the Fremen perspective. If they were written from the harkonnen perspective im sure we'd hate the fremen as much as al qaeda.
  19. Skewballzz

    New aao version

    Sorry bout the typo... Auto walk zoom brings u to a walk instead of a trot when u bring up ur iron sights instead of hitting the toggle walk/run button. Saves you hitting one more key to do it.
  20. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

    Miles Teg, I applaud you. I have never seen a more in depth anylisis. You hit my words to the tee. It's also nice to know someone else whos read the Dune series. Such a shame Frank Herbert died before he could finish the saga. What are your views on God Emperor of Dune? That one is by far my favorite.
  21. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

    what i mean by war is probably different than most people think. I think of this war as the new face of war. As people in history have shown, most of the biggest armies are overthrown by the fact that their leaders cannot fathom the new aspects of war. The days of tanks are over. Uniforms will be gone. All war will be is men with guns, acting like normal civilians. At times they will come out, do their quick job and go back to life. As with a new kind of war, a new way of thinking about it must come. As I read peoples views on this subject, I notice that they are in a high-tech idea of WWII combat. That is what in essance modern war is. Special Forces may play a bigger role than before, but not to the degree that army may need. A new kinda of warfare is emerging, where all soldiers must be of an unconventional type. Times change and people must recognize that training soldiers to fight unconventionaly will only help a little. From the huge masses of the roman army being overtaken by a much more unconventional force, to single breach loading musket skirmish lines being over taken by semi-auto repeaters, to the horse drawn "trench warfare" armies being overrun with blitzkrieg tactics, TIMES CHANGE. Whatever the "BIG" army of the world will have, there will always be a way to defeat it. People must come to the realization that war is no longer the "T80 rolling down Times Square" scenario. Your neighbor may be your friend during the day, to turn around and take potshots at your house at night hoping to hit someone. Amies will be no more. It is the age of armed citizens fighting for beliefs, not government interests. ****A little side note****** Yes, give me tons of examples of armies that still fight conventionaly, and how they MAY invade or attack or whatever... These fights will not determine the future of the world. All it took to beat the medival knights was a crossbow. Armies still had knights, but their time was over. Of course kinghts were extremely more powerfull in comparison to a lone, plain clothed footsoldier. Yet, with a small change in tactics, the age of the knight was over. From there the age of projectile weapons came about. Inventions spurred this, but it is an example of how a change of anything can make the most powerfull weapon unusuable. Imagine if someone could harness the power of the EMP??? Goodbye technology....hello AK-47, my new best friend
  22. Skewballzz

    Dune is becoming a reality

    To be honest, I do. I always try to keep my views in the middle, neither left nor right. I view terrorists as people who in their mind, are defending their nation and religion. Their society is much more unforgiving, and when you have an unforgiving society, people from there tend to be more rough. We (the US) have been sticking our nose around in the middle east (for god knows what reason, thats another topic) and people are pissed off there. What would you do if you saw soldiers from another country walking down your street with guns and telling you your moral standards are not right by theirs. I would sure as hell not stand for it. ***I am not a terrorist, so dont call me one *** I may not condone their actions, but if I was in their shoes, the black flag policy would go up, untill my country was left alone. When you corner a dog in a corner, he will defend himself the best he can, but eventually he will get way to pissed off and come attack you where you are. LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE. They would have no problem with us if we had left them alone, but we didnt. A hornet nest has just been pissed on. They're pissed, and I'm sure more sad, brutal things are yet to come. Can't we all just get along???
  23. Skewballzz

    An error

    I depboed the DATA3D.pbo and it works fine. Â I am using ur superconfig though pappy
  24. Skewballzz

    Headset and speakers

    I think its just going for the realism aspect too much. I see your logic in this question, but IMO it seems kinda pointless. Make the envirnment sounds come out in the envirnment, while the radio comes through ur headset. Id like that if I had a soundproof room, IMAX quality sound in there, and then a headset so i could hear my squad. Dont forget the wraparound 3 monitor setup Anyway, good luck with this, as I think its possible if u put some money into it
  25. Skewballzz

    Lsr delta force teaser

    I just hope when these guys are done they are as widely used as the BAS deltas. It was only a matter of time before someone surpassed BAS, impossible as it seemed (my jaw dropped when I saw these). Keep up the good work guys.