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    New rebel campaign

    Hello everyone. For the past three years I have been working on countless campaigns, only to get sick of them and start another. Recently, I have devoted myself to the compleation of my Rebellion campaign. Here is some info about it OFP:Rebellion Overview: You are John Farson, a member of the Peoples Army of the Republic. The time has come for a purging of the system. For too long you and your fellow citizens have sat back while your freedoms have been taken away. Now comes a time, a time of great pain, where we must take up arms against our fellow citizens and soldiers. Missions (quick overview of a few): -You and your RPG-7 are tasked to make sure that the presidents car and himself can no longer work... -Sapper type missions -"Pot-shot" missions... -E&E -Full out assaults... Other Info: My goal in this campaign is to stay clear of the typical OFP type missions. No more "you are an ex-special forces soldier, and the time for you to do your duty has come". I am sick of the focus on special forces in games lately. I will portray the life of a citizen soldier who has no more experiance with a gun than a typical hunter. Missions may not seem like your average type OFP mission. Instead of sneaking through enemy lines to plant satchels, you will sneak to bases only to launch an RPG into a barracks compound. I am trying to portray the modern guerilla soldiers task. Some missions may not seem moral (it is only a game), so if you are looking for a campaign of honor and moral justice, this may not be for you. Addons: Pappy's Y2K3 super config (I have considered using 3 or 4 smaller addons in place of Y2K3, and this is possible. As of right now, many more options are open due to the addons used in Pappy's config, but if the majority of you would not like this, please tell me. Things are still open as of right now) The only thing I need at the moment is a cutscene editor. If worse came to worse, I could pull it off, but the campaign may suffer greatly as I am no where as skilled as other people in that field. ~Cory Martin
  2. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    Are you trying to justify AQ's attacks on the WTC with this argument? Just curious... Justify...partly While I may not agree with AQ's actions, I do see their point. As terrible as the outcome was, they did it, and got what they wanted to do done. War is a terrible thing, and people WILL die. It is sad that so many people met their fate on that day, with no clue it was coming. But because they are US citizens does not place them higher on the list than another country's citizen. We have no doubt killed as many if not more in overseas affairs. Pardon my french, but our Kharma came back and bit us in the ass. Just because you live in the US does not mean you are exempt from terrible things. We (as a country) have grown weak, and as many good things come from terrible things, 9/11 has shown us the truth in which the world works today. I forgot who was talking about this, but they brought up a good point. Since Vietnam, our country's military actions have been for the most part victorious. We have come to assume that, due to our overpowering strength, that we will have few casualties. How sad is it that US citizens are outraged at the amount of US casualties, while when the war started and we swept through Iraq, they were for it. I am just stating my point that many US citizens are for a "just" war when the other side is dieing, but against it when their side is dieing. In my view, you must be ACCOUNTABLE for your actions. Be aware that the world is not a happy, flower-picking adventure, and that everyone is a "soldier". We may not all have guns and uniforms, but in essance we are fighting this war in our own backyards. I assume people could fathom the old WWIII scenario of fighting a guerrilla campaign against some T80's in americas back yard, but now that war has no front lines, we must be aware that war is everywhere. What is the difference between a soldier and a civilian? a gun? Not anymore a uniform? Not anymore a commander? Not anymore Get my point? Soldiers in todays world wear no specific uniform, may carry no guns, and take orders from themselves and their own ideals. Being a "civilian" myself, I wear no uniform, carry no gun (most of the time ) and take no orders from a commander. Yet, I am in a war, and must face this fact. All in all, the point I am trying to get across after this long, uneventfull ramble is that everyone must be accountable for themselves, and not rely on their government to come save the day.
  3. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    AGREE What is the difference between an LBG or a pipebomb? Besides coming from an aircraft, their purpose is virtually the same. In my view, civilians are almost non-existant in this world. Everyone (Typed Everon first....must be playing too much OFP) is a citizen now, and must be prepared to take accountablity for their host country's actions. There are no more battlefields, just "hot zones" where the probablility of death is higher. The world is now one big battlefield.
  4. Skewballzz

    Other Game Tolerance

    I've watched this community tear itself apart with the flashpoint.cz comment system. Now another problem... Anyone notice how this community is so hostile, yet so friendly at the same time. On to my point. If you would like to promote the general welfare of games other than OFP, please reply to this. All I am going for is for people to become tolerant of other games. Yes, you can not like other games, but all I ask is that people see games as an outlet for fun (ok, start the whole "how is running around throwing nades fun" comments...). I just wish I could see a forum where the majority of its members would get their heads out of their butts and realize there will be a game (other than OFP2) that will be better than OFP in some aspect. Its almost like reading little children in denial about a new toy that may be better than their current one. Open up people...
  5. Skewballzz

    BI Forum Constitution

    Anyone wanna draft a constitution for these forums? Im sick of people talking like the moderators are out to get them. Yes, we have the forum rules, but they are things we can NOT do. How about something that has the things we have the RIGHT to do? Just a dumb idea i had at 430am
  6. Skewballzz

    Joint operations: typhoon rising

    yet again another "game other than ofp" bashing thread. Open up you minds, and play a game to have some fun. It is a GAME isnt it?
  7. Skewballzz

    American civil war mod close release!!!

    any new battle screenies? P-p-p-p-please
  8. Skewballzz


    I dont do it unless hes a pilot
  9. Skewballzz

    USAF Pararescue

    I'll keep this simple. Is anyone in the process of making any USAF PJ's? I've been using BAS air crews for them as a stand in, but it still lacks. Anything would be greatly appriciated. If anyones making em, Ill be glad to make a mission to release with them
  10. Skewballzz

    Introducing F.E.A.R. - Half-Life 2 is done

    Why do people in these forums have to be so critical of other games? Cant anyone say it looks good? Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but even if you think OFP is the best, it does not mean everything else sucks (which i may ) Ive said this before, but I feel like I'm gonna start WWIII if I mention a game other than OFP.
  11. Skewballzz

    USAF Pararescue

    Im so happy that theres something in progress. Id like to see different soldier models too, as most PJ's Ive been with never look the same ie: USAF PJ(WL) 1 USAF PJ(WL) 2 USAF PJ(WL) 3 USAF PJ(D) 1 USAF PJ(D) 2 USAF PJ(D) 3 USAF PJ(OD) 1 USAF PJ(OD) 2 USAF PJ(OD) 3
  12. Skewballzz

    New Uniform, new addon?

    Im sure it will work out
  13. Skewballzz

    War music

    My friend always loved The Rock soundtrack, but I couldnt get into due to my intense hatred of that terrible actor Nicholas Cage.
  14. Skewballzz

    New everon

    Id recommend DL'ing HR (High Res) islands from www.ofpnews.com They are great for fans of the island, and they add resistance buildings and more vegitation. The only thing is malden still has the same buildings and plants due to the fact there were no good replacements that would fit
  15. Skewballzz

    US Army gets new combat uniform

    Im not sure if they are using 3 different patterns, or if that one in those past two pics are a genaric one. Im pretty sure the one they are showing is the urban one. I cant see how the army could be THAT dumb. Can someone please tell me if that one if for all areas, or if everyone is assuming that pattern is for everything. Its gotta be the urban one. Id like to see the woodland and desert one though.
  16. Skewballzz

    What celebrities have you met

    Ive hung out with all the members of O.A.R. three times. We sat around and all played Xbox in their tour bus
  17. Skewballzz

    Tank foxholes

    oh yeah, if u cant find it email me at Skewballzz@aol.com and I can send u the PBO personally
  18. Skewballzz

    Tank foxholes

    Battling's WW2 Fighting positions have a nice firing pos. for tanks. The M1's turret just makes it over the embankment, and AI will fire over it. I dont have an URL for ya though.... Kinda in a rush. If i got time I'll post it. B's addon is wonderfull though, it comes with an 88 position, which can make a great firing wall for infantry, as well as the MG pit. I remember finding it over at OFPnews.com, but I could be wrong The tank position is in essance a 3/4 wood box with dirt built up on the sides. It has sandbags lining the top. The textures are also high caliber. An M1 will fit in it almost perfect, except for a little bit of its rear sticking out. If you got trouble having the turret come over the wall, just setpos the "bunker" down a meter or so.
  19. Skewballzz

    Funny game!

    I love goin to practice mode and shooting it up 100 at 90* and then doing a weak one while its in the air. It ends up hitting you when u dont expect it
  20. Skewballzz

    Video of a nice way to dig a big hole:

    Wow man, you must have a fast computer to do that with no FPS drop. My OFP couldnt handle that
  21. Skewballzz

    New rebel campaign

    Im glad you catch my drift. You brought up a good point. In essance, it will be a modern terrorist/guerilla campaign. If anyone has any more ideas that go against most peoples wartime morals, please speak up. I want to make the most brutal campaign available
  22. make the missile follow an indipendant Laser dot. Â Just make it so whenever u shoot the missle will follow its laser, or what is perceived to be the crosshair. Â I dont know if it will stay directly in the crosshairs though
  23. i just love how people will reply to their own thread to keep it on the new posts page.... How sad I just helped...
  24. Skewballzz

    Water waves , whirl, air twist etc.

    seasons would be beautifull. I just hope that BIS isnt too far along to impliment it
  25. Skewballzz

    Paintball sugestions

    @cero, I am Are you planning on making paintball gun models? If so, all I ask is that you make a Tippmann model 98. I wont go into how i love it, turing this thread into a paintball gun discussion. Good luck with it, and if worse comes to worse, you and me can play it