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    Everon *Special Edition*

    just realized to topic mini subject made this thread look like a BIS release... sorry for any inconviniance. Mods feel free to fix this...
  2. Skewballzz

    Editing FDF ??

    no offense FDF, with all of your great addons, why are you so anti-messing around with ur files. I understand if you dont want people distributing them, but why get offended if someone wants to costomize their own. ***Just my 2 cents. In no way is any offense intended. Please continue with the great work.***
  3. Skewballzz

    Ashua valley Beta1.1

    atleast hes honest and not making up some BS reply to bump his thread up
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    o god watch out Nightjay, you'll get flamed on here if ur not willing to pay $100 for OFP2... better go run and hide
  5. Skewballzz

    Doped pilots

    accidents happen, and I am in no position to determine the fate of the pilot without all the the facts. Heresay is not admissable in court.
  6. Skewballzz

    How would I advertise

    supply and demand. If people dont need a forum, they will not go. There is also a thing called a "tipping point". When you get a certain amount of people coming back and posting, it will come to a point where people will sign up because of the large community. I for one wouldnt sign up for a forum with less than a 100 people unless it was something i really liked.
  7. Skewballzz

    Rainbow Six the movie

    Get Speilberg. His war movies are the only ones that dont have that HOLLYWOOD feel to them. Windtalkers...I dont know if it was Woo or Cage that ruined that. Probably both. Who runs around with a tommy gun acting like rambo??? Pearl Harbor...Should a war movie attract chicks? Need I say anything else Tears of the Sun... Great movie.....UNTIL....the end in the big battle where they all pull back in a line together with the guns blazing at their hip... Amazing how one scene can ruin an entire move. Plus Monica Bellucci shoulda shown some nipple. Thin Red Line.... Great Forest Gump... The movie that isnt a war movie, yet started the way modern war movies are done. I will always remember the part in the dike with tracers and bombs goin off Band of Brothers......Hmmm, need I say anything. The Patriot..... Even with the lame "girly" aspects i think it did a great job. Lets just say if a movie made me go practice with a hatchet an hour a day it deserves some respect. Gods and Generals.... may have dragged at times, but I love the southern point of view. You also got a great feel for the generals. Nice job making the special effects seem real, and not hollywood. The Rock.... May not be an official WAR movie, but it fits in the R6 category. Another movie where Nick Cage ruined a great flick. Sean Connery...AWSOME. Plus we had a Ding Chavez in a stocking cap...AWSOME Full Metal Jacket...boot camp part...great. The war scenes were intersting, as they showed how battles are not 1 hour of continuous shooting. Apoch Now... More of a drama, watch while ur stoned kinda movie. Total cult classic Saving Private Ryan.... What modern war movies would we have had with out this? Enemy at the Gates... cool, except we had british people playing russians and americans playing germans. Atleast they didnt attempt to give em native accents. Wow, what a ramble on my part. Im sure theres a few i left out. My rules for R6 (movie) NO NICHOLAS CAGE Spielberg as director Keep Jerry Bruckheimer away from the set (I dont want girls outnumbering guys at the theater) The movie may have to change a bit from the book, as the action in the book is the suspense of the setup, with 30 seconds of action. Cant wait for the castle scene.
  8. i dont know how to do this, but make ur leader a civilian... maybe edit the mission sqm and make him a civilian... he wont do anything hostile. the only thing is that the entire squad may be viewed a civilians, so you may have to find a way around that. What is the situation for this? Maybe if we all know the story we can find some way around this...
  9. Skewballzz

    Rainbow Six the movie

    I've read all the TC books up to The Bear and the Dragon (BEST TC BOOK- READ IT!) I always pictured Harrison Ford as the president (John Clark), and Ben Douchefleck shoulda broke his ankle before taping so I didnt have to watch that lame excuse for a CIA agent acting. I say keep the actors the same from Clear and Present Danger.... technicly the ages would only be a few years off. Oh yeah, make Kate Beckinsale or Keira Knightly Ding's wife so I can stare at either of them if they decide to cast Ben Douchefleck again.....
  10. Skewballzz


    I had a bad feeling outside and went out to look. It was like someone was guiding me to a certain place. The energy was really off, as if someone was raped in the area i was. Then I had the feeling like someone died a few feet from there. The next day I went and looked at my deed and found a family that lived in my house in 1867. They moved after one year for some reason. I went up to the historical society and found an article about a man who shot one of his farmhands because he raped his 12 year old daughter. It turned out that that man was the one from my house. At certain times I still get the feeling like something bad is happening, and it always comes back from that area.
  11. Skewballzz

    Anim Pack Update

    everyone might look like a Fullback charging the defensive line
  12. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    What are your view of terrorism? Is a a radical, slaughter of innocents, or the newest form of warfare? I always think back to the the times of massed armies in lines with their flintlocks. Â "Guerilla" forces then were viewed at "uncivilized men doin atrocious things". Â Now thoses same type of troops are labeled "Special". Â Anyone see what I am pointing out. In no means to I want to start a debate if terrorism is justified or not. Â I just want to know what everyone thinks of it, as a form of warfare or just a radical slaughter.
  13. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    Flame bait anyone? Would anyone like to take a freebie at a troll? It's a perfect opportunity, mighty tempting i must admit. So who are you to be calling Americans terrorists? What glorious pompous name would you refer to yourself with? i view myself as a patriotic american, but in doing so I refuse to be ignorant of the facts. We kill more civilians in wartime than "terrorists" do. So we take out some T-55's in the process, but does that justify the 12 civilians we took out along with it? I understand that war is the most terrible thing man can do and people WILL die, but the US in general has a superiority issue. The populous think that we can romp around the world removing dictators who we dont agree with and we will only suffer few to little casualties. Too bad the rest of the world doesnt think that way. There are conciquences for every action, and we must be accountable for them. So overall, if we have the nerve to labal the "terrorists" terrorists, then what are we? Freedom fighters?? Oh yeah, were an OFFICIAL country, so if we go through the process of declaring war, we can kill 1,000's and it will be justified...
  14. Skewballzz

    AI a bit low

    Remove all the planes ordinance except for what you want him to use in the mission
  15. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    SEAL84, I couldnt have put it any better. I noticed that people have to tread lightly on this subject. I for one am for the fact that terrorism is the basis of all war like u said in the above post. One of the problems I have is getting my beliefs across without coming off as a pro-terrorist. I propose that from this post on taking people opinions as they are, and not haveing any judgment without cause. I must say that this thread has been very good about this compared to many other threads along this line of topic.
  16. Skewballzz

    Help with realism

    cam create some LGB's, grenades and fires...just use timing to set off the different explosions. Hide the fires inside the object (smoke and light will still come through it). As for USAF personell, id use an officer because of the cap, but webgear might pose a problem. Maybe a BAS crewchief with no NVGs etc... Theres also a set of of reskinned Gubas for each branch of the military, but the USAF men would have to be officers due to the hat they have.
  17. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    30 ft for all of that hassle... sounds like a b***h. But what does that have to do with staying on your side of the line?
  18. Skewballzz

    Anti- English

    theres nothing i can do aboot it...eh?
  19. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    ps: if you wanted to push it we could take charge of the sidewalk and strech of road next to our houses?
  20. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    My property line.... "This is my house, my yard, and my driveway...dont stand on it please" We could all start there?
  21. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    good point shinRaiden. You brought up a good point that "terrorist" have no such word <civilian> in their vocabulary. That fact alone should prove that point that no one is exampt from this. If you are being shot at intentionally from a soldier from another country, would you sit there and say, "Im a civilian, dont shoot me!" even if that is the truth in your head? The fact that you are another soldiers enemy makes you a soldier, like it or not. So you dont have a gun and have done nothing to offend them? OK, just sit there and die. Thats what differentiates cattle from humans. Cattle can be driven to death with the thought in their head, its ok, Im just a cow, while humans have the privilage to think, no, I am human, and will not let this person do as they wish with me. Would you rather die doing nothing becuase u didnt deserve to get into this fight? Or would u face the fact you are someones target and die fighting? Ask this, and be 100% honest with yourself....now do your actions and belief follow your answer?
  22. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    Because we did it in the self interest of protecting ourselves, so therfor it is alright.....haha what a bunch of hooey. Didnt the "terrorists" attack the WTC in the interest of protecting themselves? The best defense if of course a good offense... As much as I don't like the fact that my country got attacked, we deal it out like that to other countries all the time. Thats why u dont hear me bitching about "being patriotic and saving my country". My concern is my home, and when I got 5 enemy soldiers walking on it, I WILL shoot. But I will not go to their land and insitigate a further confilict. You stay on ur side of the line, I'll stay on mine.
  23. Skewballzz

    Terrorism or "Modern" war?

    ditto denoir
  24. Skewballzz

    Soldiers: heroes of wwii  demo

    Soldiers: Heroes of WWII, produced by codemasters is out. I tried it out, but nothing too monumental. It is entertaining for a while, but nothing worth buying IMO. The best part of the game is the Codemasters logo when the game loads. Makes me think how great it will be too see that on the upcoming OFP2 Fileplanet Info Page
  25. Skewballzz

    New rebel campaign

    At this moment, I am about 25% done. I just finished one of my favorite missions: You are downtown in your apt. You job is to destroy the generals hummer. After launchin your RPG, you must drop all weapons and dissolve into the crowd, from there, you must get on your bike and pedal away to the safe house. While it may not have much action, it is not intended to. I am going for the life of an insurgent during a civil war. To make up for the uneventfull(?) walks and escapes, I have gone more toward making the ambiance feel right. You may notice a Cop chasing some redneck down an alley, to only end up shooting him. Oh yeah, about Pappy's config. Its for the most part a definate. After I finish, I'll make a no-addon version (may require JAM weapons though- gotta love that RPG-7) I'll post all the updates here as they come