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    BAS Tonali SF and BTR-T

    lol, he was just TRYING to be funny :P And yes, the reason they could use a BT was because it was contracted to them. Cheaper than buying one man, i wish i cound find a rental place where they let me paint what i get. Anyway, great job BAS! Now that you got a lot more time on ur hands, show some pics of ur work to some ladies and go get laid...you all deserve it. Cya in OFP2
  2. Skewballzz

    AI Curiousity

    BAS Opfor or Tonal (dont remember which) have an invisible target u can place in the editor. theres ones that make the AI think its infantry, APC or MBT. They come for all different sides. Kinda interesting placing them in the jungle and watching the enemy randomly shoot at all these "targets" while u and ur squad pick em off.
  3. Skewballzz

    Where are my waypoints??

    The game starts in vet mode till u play a mission (not previewing an editor mission-an actual mission). If Im doing waypoints, when I start the game I load a mission, and at the briefing I end it. Go to the editor and it works.
  4. Skewballzz

    WW2 Mod Alliance

    TY, that was some info I needed...
  5. Skewballzz

    WW2 Mod Alliance

    To be honest, I highly doubt the other mods were not asked. The ones not included are the WWII mods that were pretty well off. From a logical standpoint it would make no sense for them not to be asked. On assumptions, I am free to assume whatever untill further info is available. The problem is someone might read my thoughts as facts, not opinions. So until i hear that the other mods were not asked, I'll stay with my present opinion.
  6. Skewballzz

    WW2 Mod Alliance

    As good as the other teams are, it seems somewhat egotistical of them to deny joining this pact. This is what OFP needs, and will benefit from. I have henceforth lost some respect from the 4 other mod teams. (INV44 have always seemed to hold themselves above though... o well)
  7. Skewballzz

    Ugh! Flashpoint stuttering BAD!

    Even the most powerfull consumer PC will not handle OFP maxed out to its fullest. I understand if you have a nice new PC and u wanna crank stuff, but sometimes it wont handle a game 3 years old.............sad isnt it? Computer companies cant keep up with a game.
  8. Skewballzz

    Negative points?!

    apperntly your a russian...
  9. Skewballzz

    Everon *Special Edition*

    landing strip done. Just used basic dirt textures, a barn, wood lookout tower and an old CWC building. Its located on the souther part of the island. I'm almost done with my OFP editing website, where I'll post all of my news (besides here). I'll post the URL when its up.
  10. Skewballzz

    Everon *Special Edition*

    Bridge is now complete. On a more sad note i will not be able to get much done in the next week or so. During that time I'll take some screenies and put em on a website
  11. Skewballzz

    Predator Addon

    haha i thought the same thing. But damn, thats one high quality unit. Id like to see it ingame if u can
  12. Skewballzz

    150+ mph through Forrest's

    PS. Im a woss when it comes to car speed. Im the ass that accelerates at racecar speed and tops off at 50mph. I get enough thrill watching the "Fast Cars" 200ft behind me get all "egoed" out and gun it only to hit their brakes when they realize im not gonna speed... Theres no laws that say I can accelerate fast if I put no one in danger, but i already got a ticket for speeding, so I drive at grandma speeds now.
  13. Skewballzz

    150+ mph through Forrest's

    My record is 130mph in a pontiac GTP. I dont feel safe goin any faster in my car on the country roads by my house...too many deer (even though if i hit em at that speed or higher, they'd probably blow up, but i like the way the front of my car looks without deer brains and dents.)
  14. Skewballzz

    Everon *Special Edition*

    DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! Now I got even more ideas running through my head.... No definates, but I'll add that to my project list. On the topic of trees and LZ's, all you have to do is blow something big up... the trees are the ones you see everywhere except the forests. Technicly with the OFP engine the way it is, you could do doughnuts with an M1 and clear an LZ.... oh well, what can ya do? Im glad you like the city/bridge idea. I always wondered why most maps didnt have that before. It clicked especialy during the second gulf war when US armor units had to capture a bride but it turned into a "stalemate" till the A10s came. Troops were shooting at eachother across the river... that always seemed apealing to me in OFP. Sorry about the screenie delays...had a lot of shows these past weeks and band practice is taking up a lot of time.
  15. Skewballzz

    Flashpoint need standart addons pack

    I have often thought about this. Maybe we could all elect a commitee to decide what addons are for what pack.
  16. Skewballzz

    Everon *Special Edition*

    Airport is fully functional. I am presently working on the bridge. Perfection is key here as I am sick of tiny gaps in bridges on the user made maps causing AI issues. I will not release untill I am positive the bridge will work.
  17. Skewballzz

    Everon *Special Edition*

    Glad to see everyone is into the concept. At the moment I am getting the "forests" and bridge/river area done. I'll post some screenies later tonight before I go out if I get done today. Anything else anyone would like to see? ie. powerplant...mine...etc? At the moment I want to stay away from the industrial aspect of OFP on this addon. I plan on making Kolgujev an industrial workhorse of an island. Malden always seemed like a mining island to me, while Everon to me is a pitstop/fishing/farming island. At the compleation of these 3 projects I plan on combing them all in one map like AEC. I may make bridges between them and ferry points etc...comments?
  18. Skewballzz

    150+ mph through Forrest's

    OMG, all I can say is that F1 driver is F**KING NUTS!!! Thats gotta be such a thrill. Damn, I wont even drive that fast in video games!
  19. Id like to respawn as a flying vagina... and u can rain your "woman juices" down on your enemies, causing them to slip and smell like fisherman.
  20. Skewballzz

    Everon *Special Edition*

    . http://www.juxtaposse.org/Everon_Map.gif I did a quick modification of the previous map to show some differences edit: files size over 100kb!
  21. Skewballzz

    Everon *Special Edition*

    I am open for anything.... I origanally planned on not announcing this till its realease, but if anyone had a good idea id rather impliment it earlier. Ive always loved the feel of Everon, but when i plan out my campaigns, the terrain is very forgiving from a generals point of view. I decided to do this version for the need of more strategeic points. -No big city -biggest choke point was below the airport and the valley in the south...not hard to overcome in a general plan. -no ports?? hmm, kinda odd for an island. -OFP forests...the only good implimented forest for OFP is BAS jungle IMO. Other than that they are wasted space for me. -A bridge...one of the biggest goals in that plans of warfare. I designed it to be in an area where a pontoon bridge is unusable due to the banks. All in all, it is set up to be less forgiving for generals. Single missions will not matter much, as the overall terrain mean little to most missions. Another thing is realism. After looking at my area in detail (upstate NY) i realized there are few areas without trees. Other than agriculture fields, you will always find trees, and not little bunches and Huge square forests as in standard OFP. I credit GAIA with the inspiration to do such things to Everon. After its completion i plan on doing to same to the other 2 CWC islands. PS: Kolgujev will no longer be a giant base... Whats the point of it? With no civilians what is the need for ground forces on it. CARPET BOMBING!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAA ;)
  22. Skewballzz

    Editing FDF ??

    Can they come into your home and reprogram your cell phone or tinker with your computer settings? Simply, it's their work and if they chose to not tell you how to modify it, it's their own perogative. As a rep from the FDF mod has spoken, there is no further need for this topic's existence. I dont put out 1000 different copies of my cell phone for other people. When I get my cell phone from my company what I do with it is my choice. I understand that if FDF was a seperate game, I would respect their choice 100%, but since they had no part in the core OFP development, I view it as an insult to the community that they hold their addons above the rest as "untouchable"...
  23. Skewballzz


    OMG IVA, chill out. You already got 2 other threads on VBS1
  24. Skewballzz

    News from the front

    WOW, looks like a new Americas Army screenshot....but in OFP!!!!