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  1. Silent N Deadly

    Real Life Photography/Photo Editing II - NO IMAGES >100kb

    Yep very nice, looks pro. BTW supah, sounds like someone is trying to get some AR.
  2. Silent N Deadly

    Bi forum for life?

    Best post I've seen since Arma got released. Everything is dead on...
  3. Silent N Deadly

    Peugeot 207 vs Audi RS4

    You can't compare German cars with French cars, it's like comparing Nazi Germany and France during WW2. Both had very distinct qualitys and tastes.
  4. Silent N Deadly

    Peugeot 207 vs Audi RS4

    RS4 no doubt about it mate. It's a terrible comparision.
  5. Silent N Deadly

    Total Arma Sales?

    I have about 100 friends that downloaded it illegally so -100. Wait 13 - 100 = -87 Just for the record I told them not to do it.
  6. Silent N Deadly

    Your home town/city/farm?!

    Bacau, Romania then moved to Vancouver, Washington, then Portland, Oregon, then Vancouver, Washington, then Portland, Oregon again.
  7. Silent N Deadly

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    I sorry Kind raedor. I lie about other 1500 posts. This post true. And Stand firm in my belief, thank you, I no spam. Kind Regards, SilentnDeadly
  8. Silent N Deadly

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    Placebo +1WL for not writing in proper english language. §13) Write in English In the English part of the board please write in English and in the Czech write in Czech. Try avoiding writing in any other language or (internet) slang since the majority of the members most likely won't understand. To post at least something on-topic: I see no problem with that "data-junk", it's definitely not "elitistic nonsense". I can't remember that anyone before brought that to speak. OK maybe the postcount could be removed as it really doesn't says anything. The usertitles must stay, same with the usergroups. I would like to ask that this moderator not be allowed to attempt comedy. Thank you for consideration, sorry english no so good. I don't believe comment like that should be shot at Placebo. Thanks you!
  9. Silent N Deadly

    Board idiosyncracy

    They should make you a moderator, you are so skilled at it.
  10. Silent N Deadly

    ArmA Public Beta Patch 1.05.5143

    Here's a mirror for this awesome patch: Mirror Thanks To SuckySuckyLongTime.com
  11. Silent N Deadly


    You could buy a nice wheel and drive with that. And of course you can use it on foot too...gas for forward, brake for reverse, clutch when you are stopped, and the wheel for turning. I bet it would help alot and make Arma much more realistic.
  12. Silent N Deadly

    The jets

    A pretty accurate representation of the Flight Model... well the jets handle pretty close to this: If you can fly a jet in Arma you can ride on that. Don't forget to wear a helmet.
  13. Silent N Deadly


    Easiest way would be to just edit the engine and rewrite 95% of the code, that should improve it a little bit.
  14. Silent N Deadly

    Amazon.com US AA Pre-Order - $19.95

    I think Im just going to save for some DIV or DIA. No more DIB for me.
  15. Silent N Deadly

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    §16) Keep avatars and signatures within forum regulations Total maximum signature size is 600x150 px (text and/or images combined). Total maximum image size is 100KB. Avatar filesize must not exceed 100KB. Signature and avatar must be quiet, no sounds may be played back in them by any means.