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  1. sniperandy

    Dedicated Server Licensing?

    Yeah, like mentioned above you can run the german download version on your server.
  2. sniperandy

    why trackIR and nothing else??

    The Z800 is also not a head tracker but a mounted display that cost you some good 800$. Writing a TIR emulator wouldn't do any justice to the 3D visor.
  3. sniperandy

    why trackIR and nothing else??

    yes please. this would be awesome. Or maybe just get that code of David and implement it
  4. sniperandy

    Keyboard mapping change?

    yeah, actually you go to your settings and define your keys like you would do in most other games. And if you run out of keys you get yourself a Z-Board Merc or Fang
  5. sniperandy

    Realism soundpack v1.0

    Realx will you, I was refering to the post made about getting the BF2 sounds for the east side and I was not attacking you in person or coming down on you by any means. hahaha that's some twisted logic you have there. Na it actually isn't cause I wasn't aware of the 1 sound form BF was I? Or did you state anywhere that the sound was form BF? Never mind, I stay out of this discussion. I said nice pack, now do what you want with that comment.
  6. sniperandy

    Realism soundpack v1.0

    Realx will you, I was refering to the post made about getting the BF2 sounds for the east side and I was not attacking you in person or coming down on you by any means.
  7. sniperandy

    Cold War Rearmed Discussion

    I like the whole concept of this. I know people we scream about ports etc. but they should be happy for what they will get in the time that is estimated for this.
  8. sniperandy

    Realism soundpack v1.0

    Yeah right, rip the sounds out of BF2 and break your BF2 end user license that way by porting them sounds to ArmA. ---------------- Nice sound pack mate, I didn't have the time yet to check if this works. So anybody got this working or is it buggered?
  9. sniperandy


    I guess that means that we will have to lock Keycat into his dungeon until he comes up with a Grouplink version And who said this? I would wait till BIS releases the FMS editor. Agent-AI is a word used in VBS2 by BIA. However, the FSM editor you see in the Agent-AI video on VBS2.com is/was the same. And before you have to go through this AI scripts I better wait for the FSM editor with the simple gfx interface
  10. This is a good start: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Topics
  11. sniperandy

    3d Studio Max plugins

    Well I know they got this plugins etc. never heard a word of them releasing them to the community. Sure would be a very sweet thing if they did.
  12. sniperandy

    official complaint to BIS

    Anybody still remembers the OFP release, the bugs, the problems and that it still became game fo the year... sure BIS could have done a better job since you would have thought they learned from their mistakes they made in the past... but hey, until now they always got it fixed and they will continue to do so... Unless Marek dumps all his money on the Cayman Islands now and does a dive, then it's up to the community to fix the game
  13. sniperandy

    How to play CZ/GER version completely in English

    thanks for 0.8... it's up now
  14. sniperandy

    Dedicated Server Application

    Not the application, however your server would require a "legit" copy...
  15. sniperandy

    NATO Map Symbols Pack 1

    Like I said already mate... well done
  16. sniperandy

    Where to buy ??

    Let's say they have send it on the 29th and not 28th. That was a Thursday. Friday 30th. it ended up at the Postal center, Sat and sun no work (cause we German ****** are lazy *****)... yesterday Monday, December 4th... your package is finally on the way to a plane...
  17. sniperandy

    Where to buy ??

    You should have gotten a boxed version then
  18. sniperandy

    Some ArmA tools

    Well then for the no modders...get the server launcher. You can save your most visited servers or the server of your mate or a dyndns and you can check who is playing without ever having to launch the game. you can manage your mod folders and check with what mods you want to play on witch server, you can watch a server and get a alert when the current mission ends and the next round starts etc etc. If you don't have that browser get it...
  19. sniperandy

    Where to buy ??

    Ehhmmm, Amazon.de stated in orders that are outside Germany that this orders will be shipped between the 2nd. and 8th. of December. So if you haven't got it yet (05.12.06) you shouldn't be moaning but be glad that you had found a way of ordering it. If your order confirmation says something else, like "this item will be shipped between the 28th of Nov and the 1 of Dec" then take into account that there was a weekend just now. So I don't know what it is like where you life but over here there is no postal services or deliveries going out on a regular Saturday or Sunday. On top of this it is that time of the year where people get all cheesy and start buying presents (even for people they don't like) and quite a few of them send them with...guess what...the mail. I have been told today that already registered air mail will take longer than it usually takes. How long? They couldn't tell me, depending on the country you send to. US is one of them where it will take longer anyway with all the terror paranoia going and anything that is send from outside the country being a potential thread to homeland security anyway. So maybe get your tracking numbers and check what customs are doing to your game. And since this isn't Harry Potter I don't believe that the German Parcel Services have been doing any extra shifts to get ArmA shipped so you would get it on the release day at 00:01 local time. ----------------------- Besides that you could always have cancelled your Amazon order and get it some other place... There is enough places that sell ArmA and that ship it as well. If you read some of the other large community sites you would know.
  20. sniperandy

    Some ArmA tools

    Except the launcher, these tools are "useless" to the "usual player". Unless you're interested in modding the files, then you dont really need them. Better than no tools.... Thanks you're a legend. I love the launcher!!
  21. sniperandy


    Like before...looking forward to see TCW in ArmA as well mate.
  22. sniperandy

    Dedicated Server Application

    Nice application... (I remember your board and all the posts about some VBS stuff. I hope that's gone by now...)
  23. sniperandy

    Goodmorning Sahrani

    Thanks for the Interview Jerry, it was nice coming to your studio in the heart of Sahrani