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    1.02 Patch fix for Win XP x64 users

    2 therads with the same topic...you can tell he's leaving...;)
  2. sniperandy

    ERROR with 1.02 patch

    This is what we got on our forum and it solved iti for loads of people: Crashing in MP remains a issue though....
  3. sniperandy

    1.02 Patch fix for Win XP x64 users

    BIS is not the only company this has happened to. Even EA and Ubi have released mullered patched. The patch was released last friday and BIS only learned of this on Monday. So maybe you give them a day or two to fix it and solve this issue?
  4. sniperandy

    Goodbye Placebo

    It was a pleasure meeting you when I had the chance ,and even it is sad you're leaving, sometimes one just has to move on to take up the next challenge in life. I wish you all the best for you and your wife for the next chapter in your life. Asia some people say? I used to live there for 4 years, wise move and very understandable... chok dee... good luck. (does this mean nobody will edit my pics out of my posts any more?)
  5. sniperandy

    startup parameter -user / - profile

    Okay go it thanks. do I need the arma.cfg in that folder as well or doe that remain in the arma folder in /document and settings/ ??
  6. I been searching and searching and searching after I was told that it was possible to move the "MPMissionCache" and profile to the ArmA directory. I found the -profile startup parameter but have been told that you would want to use it with -user. I can't find any reference to -user in the wiki or here on the forum. Somebody said that there was a topic about how to do this and suma had replied to it explaining it. If anybody had that link he would make me quite happy...thanks!
  7. sniperandy

    Problem patching german DVD version

    You need at least 2GB free disk space. The patch also patches sara.pbo and that alone is 700MB. And if your partition has less than 25% free space you lose performance anyway.... so free up space and you be good to patch the lady...
  8. sniperandy

    Where to buy ??

    Well if you can't get a boxed version the I suggest you Download the German version @ Metaboli After the initial problems they had people seem to be quite happy with their service by now. If not, check the larger ArmA sites and I'm sure you find some info on boxed versions... Placebo doesn't like them to be posted here and as you can see at his santa claus anim his has a lot of "warning level icons" in his sack
  9. sniperandy

    SJB Weapons Pack

    excellent jackal. I loved your seals in VBS and I will sure love the weapons in ArmA...
  10. sniperandy

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    Well if you use the english "patch" you don't need to reinstall. Unless you didn't backup your files before patching as suggested in the language patcher. It was known that of course a new "official patch" would look for the original "signed" files. If you have not backed up your files then you will have to reinstall your game and then patch it. If you actually read the readme and you did packup your original files then restore them to their original location and patch your game... Yeah, I know, soon as something is called readme people don't read it anyway, and then you get errors like this...
  11. sniperandy

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    ArmAmods.net Mirror for German and Czech Patch
  12. sniperandy

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    german patch is being tested as we speak....
  13. sniperandy

    Flecktarn Units v1.0 (WIP)

    Thanks for version 1.1. Mirrored on ArmAmods.net. Little something... seen this now with several relases, so not only you. Could you guys spend maybe 5 minutes more on your readme files and include the class names etc to the file? Sure people who kow OFP & ArmA get them in minutes but hey, a good readme shoud be included in such a nice re-texture imho.
  14. sniperandy

    Where can I find the German to ENglish patch..

    And if that fails you can use the Forum Search function... even works...
  15. sniperandy

    "Data file too short 'addons\voice.pbo'"

    Was a error of the language patcher you used. The rest about your gfx card was explained above.
  16. sniperandy

    Populating Sahrani

    Nope, but the new version will and I hope this will allow again for enabling and disabling zones since that makes populating and high unit count very possible and it is easy to be done and managed...
  17. sniperandy

    Dedicated Server Beta available

    Well done BIS, I guess this will calm the screamers a little. Running stable so far on the SES server(s). P4 HD and all good.
  18. sniperandy

    Where to buy ??

    so there is no transportation of post in Germany on a Sat and Sun? Post Office is 7 days a week over here, we dont have post delivered to the door on a Sunday though but peeps are still working. p.s on the 29th I had an email saying that ArmA had been dispatched, excluding Sat and Sun thats still 5 days Well I guess they work in one way or another. Then I don't know if it they work it on the parcel airport centers, if they fly it to the UK on a saturday, if they again sort it to the different cities on a sunday etc etc. + Christmas business has picked up now as well for all parcel services world wide. I have been told by my local post office that we can add 1-3 days (easy) to any estimated postings at the moment. Hell I live here and I wait for a parcel that has been send from Munich on Monday and was still not here today. Same thing last week - send on Monday and arrived on Friday. It's a pain with parcel services at the moment. However, I believe you can trust in Amazon if they claim that it has been send.
  19. sniperandy

    Cold War Rearmed Discussion

    Like Jahve said.."You do that"!!
  20. sniperandy

    Codemasters still working on OFP2

    Afaik they dont even have a team that is working on this so there is no way they can share any information on the current DEV status this has. This is the current jobs going: http://www.thenewbreed.info/flash.html I see they found a project leader and lead developer by now... cool, now they only need a engine. BUt hey, you can earn ~60K-90K UK funny money per year if you join them. So as long as they don't "really" get a job there for the next 6-12 months and once work picks up you can always leave + This release date on Amazonis total S***. I had my preorder with Amazon for quite some time till it was announced that BIS wouldn't be doing OFP2 but ArmA. Must have been +2 years or something before I cancelled that order.
  21. ArmA browser toolbar 0.7 released! This toolbar as first started by JerryHopper of Radio Sahrani. In the future it will be continued by Radio Sahrani and ArmAmods.net...thanks Jerry... Radio: We had Sahrani Radio in the beta as well. It has been removed for now because it is ACC encoded and does not work correct in the toolbars radio player. We need to talk to Jerry about that I guess. Links: The toolbar contains links to several english and German ArmA sites as well as to editing sites and tools. The links will be extended as the tollbar is getting updated. You have a good site that is missing? Post it here and we get it added!! RSS News: You get the latest news from your ArmA sites now directly to your toolbar. As for the links the RSS sites will be updated as we go. Got a site with RSS news that should be listed? Post it here and we see if we can add it! Hot Info: Over this feature you will receive the hottest news directly from us. And you can reply to them as well over the toolbar network if you feel that we made a mistake or that you have hot infos. MSN: You can use the toolbars MSN if you like and you don't even need to have Messenger installed on your system ------------------------------------- Get the free toolbar now and test it! (no tracking, no spyware, no adverts...before you ask) ------------------------------------- And don't forget to leave your feedback and suggestions here!!
  22. sniperandy

    ArmA Browser Toolbar v0.7 released!

    The only thing that could be send to you ise the "hot info" and that works as a RSS feeder. you get the message that their is new "hot infos" but you're taken to a website that displays the infos and nothing else. If you would be a little more specific about what you think that is opened and where you can see any security risk in this for your system it would be very nice to share this information in some propper feedback. The above doesn't tell us anything.
  23. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Yeah install the game again and then apply the language patcher v0.8 again. and make sure you read that readme this time But there is a thread here that deals with the language thing...
  24. sniperandy

    Open BIS models?

    Yes, you be able to do that once the tools are released. You can use this to get an idea on how things are done or to base new addons on it. However, once you unpbo any of the bis files and you pack them again they wont be signed any more. this means once ArmA is released in all countries and servers will enable "verify signature" you wont be able to join that server with modded bis files or unsigned files. (well, that's how I understood it anyway being a german and all...)
  25. sniperandy

    Petition for Friendly-Fire Options

    I totally agree, the US version should have friendly fire disabled. But there is no need for a option to enable it imho....