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    ArmA on 64bit operating systems?

    @raedor, the new patch is for all systems. It is a fixed version that removed the 64bit system issues. Yes, it was initially announced as a patch for 64bit users but it works for all owners of the German ArmA version...
  2. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    505 release is still confirmed for the 16.02.2007!
  3. sniperandy

    No-Grass islands released!

    I think this is a good solution for people with performance issues. And I don't see a problem in this being used on coop servers. Nice and thanks...
  4. sniperandy

    Please fix the AI

    Major issue I see with the AI is the AI leaders swamping the AI's with commands every second. If you have a good headset you will hear the AI being given commands every single second and I don't think that they can work things out that way. Left alone that there is no point in hearing the AI being given their commands. But I believe that the system is just blown with commands witch results in the behaviour we see in ArmA.
  5. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Just check the community sites like AAZ or ArmAmods.net for links...
  6. sniperandy

    things to change

    a readme file with class names etc would have been nice in the download. apart from that nice pack, thanks...
  7. sniperandy

    things to change

    a readme file with class names etc would have been nice in the download. apart from that nice pack, thanks...
  8. sniperandy

    Goodbye Placebo

    Aren't you gone already??? I got links, pics and stuff to post...so leave the building would ya?? all the best once again and a good start into 2007...
  9. sniperandy

    Cheats and griefers out already

    verify signature is only one way you can secure your server. Another is "checkfiles[]={};" and of course "ban.txt". It's up to the admins to keep their servers clean.
  10. sniperandy

    Goodbye Placebo

    so, he has now left the building has he? farewell and don't be a stranger now... (and I hope your wife gets that job you mentioned)
  11. sniperandy

    Some Server Config commands?

    Well, missed this on the wiki: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">disableVoN=1; To get rid of the VoIP. But maybe I just didn't look goodenough on the wiki.
  12. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I thought you're leaving the building...aren't you gone already...? Thanks for the confirmation..
  13. sniperandy

    Scratch Modworks' IED

    I like the idea of a IED pack very much, but 1 addon for 1 object? come on scratch....
  14. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Well, like I said, I was told this and maybe we should wait for a official comment, specially on the Atari thing
  15. sniperandy

    [CoOp08] La Isla Bonita

    Here is the ArmAmods.net mirror (account needed) @W0lle, I uploaded this to the AAM server, in case you want to try your mission online (Yes, one day, after trying for 2 years, I will get you online, I swear...)
  16. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    This is something I was told today, maybe Placebo can confirm it: * Australia: Red Ant (February 2007) * Taiwan: Atari (Q1 2007)
  17. Like I said on scratch already...nice stuff Jahve Looking forward to give them a nice swing. Hope the tools come soon so you can start modding them real nice...
  18. sniperandy

    European Armed Assault To Feature Exclusive Conten

    Maybe read the post again where it says Placebo said...??
  19. yes, they would get out of the chopper.... "flyinheight 0" you would do now. Or you let the crew board the chopper when needed. Shame about the setfuel...
  20. sniperandy

    Goodbye Placebo

    I she gone yet? Can I post my pics?
  21. I been searching and searching and searching after I was told that it was possible to move the "MPMissionCache" and profile to the ArmA directory. I found the -profile startup parameter but have been told that you would want to use it with -user. I can't find any reference to -user in the wiki or here on the forum. Somebody said that there was a topic about how to do this and suma had replied to it explaining it. If anybody had that link he would make me quite happy...thanks!
  22. sniperandy

    Mapfact.net releases DAC

  23. sniperandy

    Goodbye Placebo

  24. sniperandy

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Yes, exactly. If you buy either the german version or the czech version you can use a community released patcher to change the game to english. use the search on this forum for the "language patcher" and you will find it. 505 has announced that their version will hit the shelfs in february 2007. So I guess this is what they are aiming for. Some people said the game is not on their site? Well it is now: http://505games.co.uk/products.htm?con=PC
  25. sniperandy

    Where to buy ??

    There is no official place to download the English (505 games) version yet. Since that is not released before February 2007. So if you "don't feel like" buying several copies of Armed Assault you will have to wait until the 505 release. And then see "if" there will be a download version when it is released or if 505 games will release the boxed version first and then offer the download later. Or maybe they decide not to offer any download version of the UK version (but I don't think so).