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  1. 13 minutes ago, General Yudenich said:

    It's certainly very cool, but... What for? We already have these vehicles in the original ARMA 3... Wouldn't it be better not to waste your time on what is already in the game, and focus on the new content?

    The M-ATV is one of the most requested vehicles we've ever had. One man's waste of time is another man's hobby, and besides this is entirely new content in as far as what is in the game is NOT an M-ATV.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Dallas Medina said:


    But yeah, I've already done testing and had T-14s blown up by frontal shots from Abrams and T-72s.


    It's really a shame all the beautiful tanks in this mod are so limited by Armas 1999-style simplistic vehicle damage mechanics. 

    Again...the T14 armor is really not finished. Also a lot of people confuse reality with "what they feel it should be" or propaganda. We simply punch in the numbers we see in blueprints and spec sheets and let the simulation take care of it. Its really that simple. When people say an RPGs shouldn't kill an Abrams etc its meaningless unquantifiable unprogrammable bs. We have a round, it has so and so penetration, we have a frontal sheet of such and suck thickness. Boom turns out it would penetrate.

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  3. It has been quiet here for a while, but we've been anything but dormant. Today we are glad to announce the stable release of 0.4.9 and as we type this some of you are already downloading the update! A bunch of new vehicles, weapons and items for all factions incoming. Have been longing for a SCAR-H, a T-14 or a M1238A1 SOCOM ASV? Have we got an antidepressant just for you! Mind you some of these things (the T-14 and the Stryker for example) are still heavy WIP, but we thought we'd give you a crack anyway. But by far the largest part of this release are the bugfixes and improvements our dedicated teammates Reyhard and da12thMonkey (and many others) have been working on over the last months. A few months ago we announced the continuous deployment strategy of weekly dev builds on Steam and it has been a resounding success, with thousands of you downloading and actively helping us find the many many bugs that need our attention. To all of you, a special thanks.


    Last but not least we would like to thank all the Patrons (https://www.patreon.com/redhammerstudios) that have answered our call and have supported us over the last few months! You guys are making a real difference with our monthly costs over 50% already being covered! A big shoutout to: 


    Jonas Vogt
    Jesper Yssing
    Robert Sandiford
    jed pat
    Kevin Sudbery
    Christopher Boyd
    Brock MacDonald
    Jose García Pérez
    Jamie Bowman
    Ferran Garrido
    Сергей Васильев
    Nick Ristrom
    Michael Kuehne
    Hans Keerberg
    Cedric Pump
    AWACS Ghost Eye
    Martin Horisberger
    Anthony Papamichael
    Richard Nixon
    Lithium Flower

    And many others...


    Thank you all, as usual, for your feedback! As always, you can find the newest changelogs here:







    If you have found any bugs, please make sure to report them here:




    As always:


    RHS Team

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  4. 1 hour ago, General Yudenich said:

    Why so hate of T-64? This is a great tank almost a symbol of the Cold War era. As for the Т-14 Armatа tank, it will remain a prototype as the MBT-70 since Russia now has problems with sanctions and there are no factories for the production of guns. We are likely to continue to upgrade the T-72 and T-90 than to launch mass production of T-14.

    No one here hates 64

  5. 2 minutes ago, NAS_Juno said:


    That honestly was my biggest fear. I'm donating out of a sense of just "you've already provided us with x-amount of free material, lemme buy you a beer" whereas some are going to think it is a pipeline for requests.


    I hope folks understand exactly what this is for, instead of what they want it to be.

    agreed, and we have tried to make that as clear as possible.

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  6. 21 minutes ago, General Yudenich said:

    I Can i donate to T-64? Why don't you want to add it? It is very necessary for the creation of Ukrainian scenarios... Or T-62 for Syria?

    No you cannot donate towards a specific goal, that would be payment for services and promises. Exactly what we want to avoid. But who said that we dont want to add it? We very much do, and I assure you I want to add both of these and more in the near future. But it takes time.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, da12thMonkey said:

    All the Patreon proceeds go to a single member or RHS for the sake of covering expenses incurred by our own development. it is not distributed among our large-ish team past or present.

    There is no financial gain to be made for our content creators (in fact a bunch of the patrons currently subscribed are members of RHS paying towards since we didn't have a formal way to do this ourselves before). So there is no incentive for our content creators to provide additional information on what they are working on either.


    Donations are 100% voluntary and nobody working on the mod or donating to the mod receives any special treatment as a result of it. If the terms are not satisfactory, then we don't encourage you to donate.


    indeed, my learned colleague is correct here. We stressed that in the descriptive text as well. We encourage only the people who want to contribute and are happy by the way we operate atm. We hardly also need to make updates on developments as the latest and greatest version of the mod is made available freely for everyone on steam weekly. Unlike other Patreon pages, people are already very familiar and enjoy our work for years, and trust us to deliver a good product. Look, we want your money to go to good use, namely good content, and faster. Spending time answering questions that serve no purpose or making update posts, takes away from that speed and focus. 

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  8. 7 hours ago, Poentis.K said:

    Do wonder why the change of heart for the entire RHS team but I won't question it. Wish you all greatness in the years and beyond to come!

    What change of heart? We were never against donations, and let streamers and servers alike get the financial help they need. We just never had a single point where this could be done.

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