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  1. The VON in this beta is broken. While VON connection binding is working almost perfectly, I have completely forgotten to redirect the VON data traffic into the shared socket. Will be fixed in the next beta.
  2. This is the player Id you see in the player profile screen? If not, where (and what is the player Id in the profile screen)? What is the game build number you can see in the main menu? ---------- Post added at 09:17 ---------- Previous post was at 09:15 ---------- What is the player ID you can see in the profile screen? What is the build number in the main menu? What edition is your game (Operation Arrowhead, Reinforcements, or X: Anniversary edition)? If someone is not comfortable of posting his Player Id here in public, feel free to post the reply to me as a personal message.
  3. The OS where we do the compiling should be irrelevant (it is some Debian, but this really should not affect the compiler output). What matters is we had to move from old GCC 4.x we were using before to GCC 4.6 or 4.7 because the old version did not support some language features used by libraries we are using now.
  4. Game communication only. Gamespy communication is already handshaked.
  5. Handshake implemented in 95442. As nobody contacted me back with repro or technical details of the attack, I did not test if it is really efficient against it. In theory it should be. You shall see once a next beta is published.
  6. Miracle: They will transmit at the lower quality (narrowband), but they will hear high quality clients with high quality.
  7. The beta is OK, seems like the thread was probably locked by mistake.
  8. What you did should effectively disable the port mapping and NAT traversal should be very easy. I have no idea why it did not help. Debugging NAT traversal failures is often hard, as some routers are very unpredictable in their mapping behaviour. Still, chance is we might be able to learn more. This is really strange. Does the .rpt file contain more details about how NAT Negotiation worked? Can you copy the relevant part here?
  9. This build has significantly reworked the way NAT traversal works for VON. If you observe any serious problem in this area (people often unable to hear each other or similar issues), please, let us know.
  10. Yes. It it my own fault, my responsibility. And this is what I do: - I apologize - I do my best to fix the situation - I try to find a temporary workaround (which currently seems to be using the Wine - not perfect, but it seems workable) I understand you are perhaps not interested in any of those three lines, and you want the situation fixed now and immediately. Unfortunately I am unable to provide that. Let me repeat we are aware of the problem and we try to fix it as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience made.
  11. The trouble is the porting of 1.62 is more difficult then usual, therefore the version we have does not have glitches, as it is not compilable at all at the moment. The project changes were more extensive this time than before, requiring us to significantly modify the Linux makefile and to upgrade the compiler as well. We are sorry for the delay, but we are really working on it and there is nothing we can do to make it happen faster.
  12. There are technical reasons: the way it is done now the Dayz servers will never be seen (and their info requested) by the non-Dayz users (and the other way around), which is important to reduce the matchmaking server load. As the Dayz servers are more centralized then normal Arma servers (they need to be registered with Dayz developers before connecting to the central hive) we are confident it will not take long before the Dayz server admins will complete the transition. ---------- Post added at 21:30 ---------- Previous post was at 21:14 ---------- Moreover, there is one more thing which will press Dayz server admins to upgrade: if they do not upgrade, they will soon be without players, as players with recent betas will not see their servers at all.
  13. The check is done against the version of the main game executable (Arma2OA.exe). To allow installation of 1.60 beta, temporarily rename the exe to something else and copy any 1.60 exe in its place (copying altogether different exe with a lower version might work as well, but I am not sure - perhaps someone wants to try?)
  14. Just wait until Dayz servers update to this build as well. It needs to be on both sides.
  15. If you have Dayz mod installed, you need to disable it first to be able to play normal game content. Hopefully some future Dayz releases will make this more apparent to prevent user launching normal game when it is not possible.
  16. I am afraid 1.61 servers are inevitably crashing a lot because of MP code bugs. You should either go back to 1.60, or move forward to 1.62, both of which should be reasonably stable.
  17. We would make it easier, if it would be reasonably possible, but we see no easy option how to do this. Currently you have following options, which do not seem quite difficult to me: - do not test full RC, test a beta only (the beta can be tested alongside with a stable version) - before testing RC do a full copy of the game installation so that you can revert the RC if needed
  18. With patient help of sxp2high and beezel (thanks to you both) I was able to identify and fix the problem. The bug is when the user name is not stored in registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bohemia Interactive Studio\ArmA 2 OA, it is read as if it was there, but empty. This should be fixed in 95099. If you do not want to wait for that version, just create an registry value with a name Player Name and containing your user name as a value. An alternate workaround is to create an additional profile with any name and use that.
  19. To anyone who has a problem he is kicked with "kicked off by BattlEye: Bad Player Name": We would like to fix the problem, but we have no idea so far what is the source of the problem. Please, do not try to solve the problem on your own, instead, help us reproducing the problem, so that we can fix it properly. I understand you want to play the game, but if possible, please, try to help us instead. - Backup your profile (located in Documents\ArmA 2) and have it ready so that you can send it to us. - If you have a folder called Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles, backup it as well - note a name of the server which is kicking you off - Post a notice here in the forum that you the problem and have the files ready - We will contact you and get the files from you
  20. If there is still someone out there who can see the problem in its more serious form (the name appears as empty both in the BE and in the initial Player connecting message), please, post here so that we can get in touch as well.
  21. suma

    Im a bird!!!help!!!!

    In some missions being a bird is a normal occurrence when you are killed- it is a kind of a spectator mode, which allows you to watch the progress of a mission in which respawn is not enabled. When the game considers you to be using illegal copy, you will always be given a message like this: “Good birds do not fly away from this game, you have only yourself to blame.†Are you given such message?
  22. Definitely not for 1.61 final. If everything goes well, this RC will become a final. If something goes terribly wrong, what went wrong will be fixed, but there will be no more fixes or new features for 1.61 final.
  23. Most likely nothing at all. TBB Allocator seems not to be touched in this update. Just keeping versions in sync.
  24. Beware, following compatibility note was added to http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getPlayerUID: We are preparing a significant new features in handling the playerId for Operation Arrowhead, significantly improving their security and reliability. However, it is impossible for us to keep the current size limitations for the playerId, and therefore it is important that addon and missions makers adapt their scripts to be able to accept non-numeric (or large numeric) values as well, besides of the small numeric values seen until now. Before implementing and publishing those features we would like to be sure the community content is ready for the change.
  25. OK. This is a restriction we can impose on our future implementations. The UID will only contain numbers and upper case letters. ---------- Post added at 11:09 ---------- Previous post was at 09:49 ---------- The UIDs for Operation Arrowhead products will stay the same. The UIDs for all other products will change automatically once a version of engine including this change is published for them. The first visible change will be for players using Reinforcements or Arma X license, which will have they UID changed once they use the new executable, and therefore they will appear as a new players to all systems using the UID (including DayZ hive).