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  1. Stealt Eagle

    The Moderators are Corrupted

    Ohhhh, the memories, the very very good memories *Sigh*
  2. Stealt Eagle

    Cargo addon

    You have to be at least 4-5 feet up, and be straight atop the vehicle u want to sling
  3. Stealt Eagle

    Cargo addon

    Well, this addon only works with official vehicles. We've been testing it with unofficial but it doesn't work. I can't really answer why u have to getin the vehicle to get the script working, but I think it's the only way to exec or initiate the script. I can ask the author if it's fixable but again I don't think it's possible.
  4. Stealt Eagle

    Cargo addon

    But not in this addon, it's only possible to lift up cars and trucks and PMV', no tanks coz they're too heavy. The CH47 can take up to 13.3 tons and a tank weighs in 42, so.... no. But I might try and get the author of this addon to join the forum and help u guys out
  5. Stealt Eagle

    Cargo addon

    I'm from 21VB and have been using this script for about a half year now, and I have no problems with using it. To pick something up with a rope u have to hover over it, and be under 5 in altitude. Tanks can't be picked up since they're too heavy.
  6. Stealt Eagle


    Ohh yea forgot to tell ya about the chopper which lands and you just have to put urself into the back of the chopper and the 2 chopper pilots will jump in again, fly u to a specific waypoint which will jump u up to 2000 meters
  7. Stealt Eagle

    "police" simulator

    It's just in Swedish, but whadda hell
  8. Stealt Eagle


    Yup, Dirt, that post you found there is with Gandalf, he's one of the persons who made the addon. And as I promised I uploaded the mission to Blackdogs FTP: http://www.evilmadman.com/newfiles There ya go I can also tell ya that there is comin out a new version soon with wind speed and directions
  9. Stealt Eagle


    If u gimme a place to upload it to, I would gladly upload it for to ya. But can't really give u our FTP address and code can I Â But I'm going to bed now since it's 3.30 AM over here, so just gimme somewhere to upload it to
  10. Stealt Eagle


    Just a heads up, 21VB isn't a group, it's a all Danish clan . And I'm a member, just so you know it, so I got a good advice for this when trying it out. Played it a lot of times on our server with the guys. So what you do is it that u make ur parachute guy, and then you make a chopper that follows a waypoint, and when it gets to this waypoint it activates a trigger which puts it up to 2000 meters with a "setpos", then it's really cool. A good competion we've had is to skydive from Everon Airport, and then try to land in the fountain in Meaux, it ain't impossible, but it damn sure ain't easy
  11. Stealt Eagle

    Warez are bad.....

    Poor sod, that owner of Isonews.com us. He was only trying to get things out to the public, without them having to pay 50$ for a litte cardboardbox with a piece of round plastic in it.
  12. Stealt Eagle

    "were doomed"  doomed i tellz you!

    I think some of u guys must have dl the Hemp addon for OFP and taken a deep breath
  13. Stealt Eagle

    Resistance will have huey's

    Actually true, it could be VERY cool with ropes from the HELO, becoz it would save so much time at insertions at hot spots
  14. Stealt Eagle

    Vbs for public!

    Aprils fool
  15. Stealt Eagle

    What does this mean

    It's not ROFTL it's ROFL