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  1. This board is the place for the community (and developers) to discuss the specifics of the Warfare mission. Feedback on the mission, discussion of current features or new features, exchange of your own modifications of the mission, and support on Warfare-specific design and scripting issues can all be posted here. More info on the thought behind the "semi Open Source" development of Warfare can be found on the Developer's Blog: Open Source Warfare If you're interested in modifying the Warfare mission, your first stop should be the Warfare Editing Guide on the BIS Wiki, giving a step-by-step introduction to how and where specific mission features can be changed. Do not hestitate to share your work here on the forums. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the future shape of Warfare! Have fun
  2. Sith

    Production Costs

    Blood Sweat Tears -------- + And then some
  3. Discuss all the OFPN tutorials here. When you post here with any suggestion or question please state clearly which tutorial you are talking about. OFPN tutorials
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    I took that screen some 8 months back. It is 100% ingame and actually looking relatively bland compared to today's engine state
  5. A quick request ... Would it be possible to maintain a "Warfare 1.1" reference in the mission title, as mentioned in the Editing Guide? With WF mission builds 1.1, 1.6, 2.0, V12.7 and Mk3B appearing all over the place, it'd become increasingly complex for people to keep track of the current "core WF" build number, let alone filter the missions properly in the MP server browser. Warfare16 v1.1 GWL[@] vA3.0 would make the mission listing a whole lot easier to read
  6. Sith

    Warfare questions

    As the license in the Editing Guide states, you are free to edit the content of Warfare for use within ArmA and/or its sequels. So translating Warfare or using its objects, scripts or markers in a custom ArmA mission/addon is allowed. Porting Warfare content over to CoD4 is not
  7. Sith

    ArmA Warfare 1.1

    Simply download the Warfare 1.1 update linked in the first post of this thread. It contains all the latest mission files. It should eventually be placed in the MPMissions folder
  8. Sith

    Warfare v1.0

    Including an airlift script for the constant flow of supply trucks? Hmm, that's reminds me of a certain setting for an interesting mod *Worm sign!*
  9. Sith

    Warfare Full Sahrani and others soon

    The Warfare addon config still calls the original missions if you don't change the (edited) mission's name. So simply renaming your new version to something like Warfare_Full.Sara / Warfare32_Full.Sara should do the trick.
  10. Sith

    Warfare v1.0

    Technically Warfare doesn't contain any elements that should prevent the AI from functioning with additional behaviour scripts such as SLX. But with the dozens of complex scripts running on both sides there's always a chance of things going haywire somewhere along the line. Give it a go and find out. Same holds true for gameplay flow. Unfortunately I'm far too busy right now to test it myself, but please do let us know how any such ArmA/mod hybrids turn out
  11. Sith

    Warfare v1.0

    Unpack the Warfare.pbo addon in your ArmA\Addons folder. It contains a MPMissions folder, in which you'll find both the Warfare and Warfare32 missions. Outside of the mission.sqm, they contain mostly identical scripts, so any script changes made in one mission can be copied over to the other as well And "SV" stands for Supply Value, indicating how many supplies have been delivered by Supply Trucks. This generates income for your faction, Supply Points for the commander (used to construct base facilities), but also increases the number of friendly AI troops defending the town.
  12. Sith

    Warfare v1.0

    Thanks for all the responses people. A lot of hard work has gone into this mission and it's good to finally be able to share it with all of you. As the "1.0" indicated this certainly won't be the final incarnation of Warfare, so bug reports and gameplay feedback are certainly welcome. But we have far bigger plans in store than just a few bug fixes. Head over to the Developer's Blog to get a first glimps of what's to come Mano a mano - Online Warfare
  13. Sith

    First ARMA impressions

    Everybody gather up for a head count: OFP 1.0   -  ArmA Jeep     -  HMMWV .....      -  HMMWV M2 .....      -  HMMWV Mk19 .....      -  HMMWV TOW UAZ      -  UAZ .....      -  UAZ DShK .....      -  UAZ AGS-30 UAZ Res   -  Landrover .....      -  Landrover M2 5t Truck   -  5t Truck 5t Truck Open  -  5t Truck Open .....      -  5t Truck M2 Ural      -  Ural .....      -  Ural Open V3S Res   -  5t Truck .....      -  Stryker ICV M2 .....      -  Stryker ICV Mk19 .....      -  Stryker ATGM TOW BMP-1    -  BMP-2 .....      -  BRDM-2 .....      -  BRDM-2 ATGM M113     -  M113 .....      -  M163 ZSU-23   -  ZSU-23 M1A1     -  M1A1 M60A3    -  ..... T80      -  ..... T72      -  T72 UH-60    -  UH-60 .....      -  UH-60 GAU-17 Mi17     -  Mi17 .....      -  MH-6 AH-1F    -  AH-1Z Mi24     -  Ka50 A10      -  AV-8B .....      -  AH-6 PBR MkII   -  RHIB .....      -  CRRC Boat     -  PBX M2 Machinegun  -  M2 Machinegun M2 MachinegunE  -  DShKM .....      -  M119 .....      -  D30 And that's not even counting civilian vehicles
  14. Sith

    Armed Assault videos

    For those of you who hail the missing first person shadow in the previously posted movie as a rider of the apocalypse, and casus belli against ArmA and BIS in general ... It seems to be just a small bug in that particular model.
  15. Sith

    Let's see you

    I can't really recognise myself in it, but according to Placebo it's reasonably accurate
  16. Sith

    Prague advice

    They are both in Prague 1. Here you can find a map with all Prague city districts. And this map shows a closer picture of Prague 1. Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) is clearly indicated. Old Town Square (Starometska) can be found right above the red arrow in the center of the map. Wenceslav Square (Vaclavske Namesti) is the big traffic square pointing to the South-East.
  17. Sith

    Prague advice

    This, I definately concur. There's so many good (and I mean WOAH! G-O-O-D!) looking women walking around in the 'regular' (non-touristic) parts of town, that it's yet another good motivation to prefer it over downtown. Just don't mention this bit of info to your lady, and try not to stare ... too much
  18. Sith

    Prague advice

    Like GoOB said, as long as you stick to the touristic zone, pretty much everyone speaks reasonable English. However, I can definately recommend to try and break away from the 'tourist parade', which is the linear route along which tourists march through the city like a bunch of sheep in column formation. Yes, this route will take you past all the picture postcard locations, but there's definately many other interesting things to see if one takes one of the sideroads. If you don't mind communicating using your hands and feet, you can get all the same things here, while paying only a fraction of the prices you see in "Down Town", and not having to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the next regiment of noisy German or American tourists
  19. Sith

    BIS Forums Top 100 Games - Finished!

    1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2. Operation Flashpoint (I will burn ) 3. Star Wars: Rebellion (AKA Supremacy) 4. Homeworld 5. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 6. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 7. Transport Tycoon Deluxe 8. Tactical Ops beta 1.2-1.6 9. Battlezone I 10. Goldeneye 007 A mere top 10 does not do justice to all the amazing games out there, so here are the runners up (in no particular order): - Smash Bros (Melee) - Super Mario 64 - Mario Kart (SNES & 64) - Shogun: Total War - Sudden Strike - StarCraft - Sim City - Mafia - Unreal Tournament - Command & Conquer - Freespace - Anno 1602 - Alpha Centauri - Empire Earth - Sam & Max Hit The Road - Day of the Tentacle - TIE-Fighter/X-Wing series - Jedi Knight And so many, many more ...
  20. Sith

    Master chief vs darth vader

    Nice But Badger is right, better make sure Palp beats MC's rusty green ass real good, or there'll be a Sith deathsquad on your doorstep tomorrow
  21. Sith


    A cow that is mostly black, with some white spots, will be refered to as a "black cow", just like a largly white cow with some black spots will be indicated as "white". Putting all properties on which to judge something down to their relativity, according to your opinion one would never be able to call something "beautiful", "tasty" or anything outside of "A is more ... in objective comparison to B" Sorry for taking this even further offtopic. Ontopic: I will save my judgement on this game till after I've played it. From the first look, I'd say DICE like to play along the old rule, "If it ain't broke ..."
  22. Sith

    Nuclear energy being dispersed

    Well I guess never. Some major oil companies are buying patents for alternative energy sources for big money. The buy them to put them into their safe and lock them up. That´s really sad and should be punished by the government. Solar power may be limited but it depends on the useage of the system. We have/had a governmental initiative here in germany that was called the "100.000 Dächer Programm". Germany sponsors solar installations on private houses roofs and the people who have such a system get a guaranteed price for the electricity they contribute to the public electricity system. This installations have a pretty good efficiency and the program that was only thought of for 1 year is still running. A lot of people I know have solar cells on their roofes and are happy with it. Imagine every household in germany having these cells on the roofs. It would certainly contribute to the environment and cut our need to have conventional energy sources like fossile fueled plants or nuclear power plants. An alternative for countries with coasts are tide plants that use the tides to get energy. I guess the netherlands have such a thing. Any dutch here ? Untill about a year ago I don't know everything about the current status of those alternative power projects they have running in the Netherlands. I did see tidal and wave powered generators in several expositions, but for some reason I get the feeling all those ideas never make it past the flashy "look what tomorrow will bring"-presentation stage. I think they do have pretty solid plans for "wind power fields", with hundreds of windpower generators, so we'll finally put some truth in the foreigner's view that Holland has nothing but windmills Although I can see environmental activists stop the project dead in its tracks, as pretty much any location in in Holland suited for such a project (read: non-urbanized) is a nature reserve. At least Australia has some room for these more exotic ideas I think they have initiatives running similar to your 100.000 Day thingy, where any privately generated power contributed to the public network is refunded. They also have plans for tidal pressure generators and that big power-tower Maximus mentioned (its designed by Germans ). They want to have built 5 of the latter by 2010, and so far the plans seem to be pretty solid. Tidal power generator: Wave power generator: The Australian solar tower:
  23. Sith

    The matrix: reloaded

    For those who lost track of what was said when Neo's met the architect, here's the complete conversation: **Spoiler Alert** obviously
  24. Sith

    Is artificial intelligence possible ?

    Ok ok ... bad choice of words. Especially after watching that movie you hated so much ;) Causality ... Then let me put it like this: The input generated by the AI's awareness of its environment allows it to come to a virtual neural alignment that might result in the rejection of the behaviour pattern desired by the creator Which in the end takes us to the same situation as when I used the term "choice" to describe that whole process ;)