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    Gamespot's Reader's choice awards

    Moved to News Discussion
  2. Sith

    what is your favorite part of ofp

    Editing and scripting (indeed, they're one and the same...one cant live without the other IMO ). Why?....well, prolly the fact that you end up really making something. Making a good mission just feels so damn rewarding IMHO. But dont get me wrong, I luv playing OFP SP/MP too
  3. Sith

    Iron Maiden

    Indeed, O/T
  4. Sith

    Iron Maiden

    Indeed, O/T
  5. Moved to Mission Editing As for your question....setting the AI's skill to max is the only way to make them engage targets at a greater distance I think.
  6. Sith

    Making AI see farther..

    Moved to Mission Editing As for your question....setting the AI's skill to max is the only way to make them engage targets at a greater distance I think.
  7. Sith

    Take a trip to Winter March

    Moved to Addons (soon to be Addons & Mods )
  8. Sith

    Take a trip to Winter March

    Indeed, Davebabe sure knows how to do his models & textures
  9. Sith

    Whats popular in Missions?

    Good AI scripting/pathing....and most of all, the "Ooooohh SH*T!!"-factor. Nothing beats one of em missions where you're shitting yer pants cuz of some damn BMP/Mi24/sniper that's after your arse And use the terrain wisely....consider the tactical (dis)advantages of certain positions and use em wisely
  10. Sith

    Broadband Satelite Connection UK

    Moved to o/t
  11. Sith

    Avon\'s OFP FAQ is down (but not out)

    We'll make sure you have more than enough mirrors to post
  12. Sith

    OFP 1.40 mirrors

    Download to slow for ya? More mirrors can be found over at OFPN. Happy downloading and Merry Xmas!
  13. Sith

    Community Pessimism

    Every forum have moderators. But they are only moderators. Not entirely true. Forums, like the OFPN ones, which are led by guys that have been following the game for ages (1 year+ ) can answer about 99% of all questions. This is also the main reason why I'm so upset about 'veterans' leaving the community....they're the ones that know almost as much about the game as BIS themselves, since 'in the old days' BIS used to keep us fully informed on what was going on with OFP and stuff.
  14. Sith

    custom missions...where?

    Check sig
  15. Sith

    Community Pessimism

    I've been thinking about making this kinda post for a long time now....looks like you beat me to it Uzi It's a sad thing to see all the ignorant, ungratefull and egocentric posts around here. I often long for 'the old days'...before the demo was released. The community was awsome back then. The daily chats with BIS on IRC, you knew almost every1 in the community...everybody respected the game and the developers...unlike what we see now. It's really sad to see all those folks from the old community leaving because of those d*amn annoying noobs. Do you happen to know what happened to Vikingo? I really miss the biggest OFP-fan around
  16. Sith

    Not a Whine, just a thought.

    Errr....in case u might wanna know....CM are not Americans....they're UK Your post is pretty rediculous u know....saying that the ppl behind the game we all love so much are not creative, is...well...pretty dumb? The OFP campaign is one of the biggest (and best) campaigns I've seen in a game.....so you cant SERIOUSLY expect BIS to include ANOTHER campaign besides the one we have now. Making a whole campaign is a s**tload of work.....you should try it sometime, that'll teach u some respect for the hard work they put in it. And to be honest.....I dont expect too much of that Red Hammer campaign. CM have about just as much experience with the editor as most 12 year olds like yourself, so forgive me for not being too positive about it. FethisFool get yer facts straight before you make such an idiot post.....and plz spare me your rediculous USA praising....it makes me feel sick.