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  1. Well some sites have run trough few test on games available now and top hardware on 32 and 64 every test recorded similar results with both 32 and 64 only problem is that games and programs are not yet exploiting 64bit technology and are based on 32bit and actually you might have compatibility issues with games and programs since in Windows 64 it has two Program Files

    1. Regular Program Files - For 64bit apps

    2. Program Files (x38) (Not sure about the number) - For 32bit apps

    And I.E. you can't run Splinter Cell 3 - Chaos Theory on Win64

    Yeah, but I'm not talking about running Win64 since it's not neccessary for running on an Athlon64.

    Since 64bit PC's aren't entirely prolific yet, it'll take time for the extra scope to be fully utilised.

    Until then, I'm (relatively) happy with regular winblows.

  2. Quote[/b] ]I'm considering a P4, 3GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM with relevent motherboad

    Don't consider, just buy.

    OFP is more CPU & RAM oriented that VPU.

    AMD (Winchester) Athlon 64bit 3200+ 939pin 512kb L2cache 90nm Retail Boxed Processor With 3 Year Warranty and Fan Included. 079189 210 Å104.79

    Abit AV8-3RD Eye Skt 939 K8t800pro 8xAGP ATX Gigabit LAN, SATA150 RAID, IEEE1394, 6ch Audio, Ä›Guru USB2.0 Retail Box 066708 130 Å68.07

    Corsair (VS1GBKIT400C3) 1024MB (2 x 512MB Matched Pair), DDR400 / PC3200, non-ECC, Unbuffered, CL3, Memory Modules With Lifetime Warranty 054472 295 Å59.01

    Cart Total: Å231.87

    What do you think of this little lot? Been looking at AMD vs. intel and as far as I can see, Athlon 64 FAR outstrips the P4 biggrin_o.gif

  3. Dont upgrade now, the game is supposed to come in 2006 and that could be close to 2007 so new hardware will come and current HW prices will drop, if you really want a new system to play current games in decent quality you should go with pci-e so you can upgrade graphics in the future without replacing the mobo, i have doubts that the next gen video cards will be agp compatible so my advice would be to keep saving  smile_o.gif .

    You have a good point, but I'm trying to see what people think of what I'm looking at here smile_o.gif

    I'm only interested in OFP2 as far as future compatibility is concerned... do you think an Athlon 64 3200+, 1GB DDR will be a sufficient base to put an AGP card on, later on?

    It'd be enough for what I want it to do now, with my old card, I'm just considering if there will be any AGP cards that will cope with OFP2. Especially given that OFP2 isn't going to be an overly graphics-heavy game, as compared to games like Doom or Half-Life. As far as I'm aware.

  4. OPF2 will use DX9c, so SM 2.0b or SM 3.0 will be used for sure, one thing u should consider is, when it comes out if u want to play it in all his glory u will need a good grafic card.

    but again we dont have a clue when OPF2 will be relesed so if I where u I dont bother with that.  wink_o.gif

    So you think I should just wait until OFP2 comes out?

    Sorry, didn't quite understand what you meant smile_o.gif

  5. Hi all,

    basically the thing is this...

    I'm currently running my crappy old 1GHz celeron, 512MB RAM, GeForce Ti 4200 (64MB) graphics card....

    recently got a small windfall of Å280 from my employers, for some vague 'holiday pay uplift' thing, probably just trying to keep us on the old contracts happy because they screwed us over so much recently.... but I digress

    I'm considering a P4, 3GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM with relevent motherboad, upgrade....

    but I'm at a loss as to whether I should wait until I can afford a PCIe graphics card, or stick with my trusty Ti4200 and go with the agp motherboad, since the Ti will be fine for everything I want it to do (including play CS:Source, I hope)

    the *only* concern is whether or not I'll be able to pick up a decent AGP graphics card when OFP2 comes out, to be able to run it comfortably enough... or if I'll need to wait and get me some PCIe action.

    Any suggestions, comments, insults are welcome  biggrin_o.gif

    edit: I just re-read this and I'm not sure it's very clear lol So basically what I'm asking is: do you think I should get the upgrade, to be able to run OFP now, with the chance of getting an AGP graphics card later on that will run OFP2? Or should I wait until I can afford to get a system with PCIe?

  6. Well the thing is, it's worked before. We had problems but after a while ofp would eventually spot his game. All with the same gear, I'll have to check with my friend next time about the router... I think he has a router, but nothing's changed since we last played except I have a new copy of ofp.

  7. So whenever my friend hosts I have real problems connecting to him. I recently had to buy the GOTY ofp edition as I've lost my ofp cd's, when he hosted I put his IP into the 'remote' and sat there for about ten minutes while nothing happened.

    I hosted and he could connect to me okay, but if I host then my framerate is into single-figures.

    He checked his activity logs and it showed where he'd connected to me, but it showed no incoming traffic from my IP at all. So it appears ofp isn't even attempting to connect.

    I've tried it without firewall, though it used to work before, and still nothing.

    Anyone got any ideas? I've searched already and didn't find anything helpful.

  8. how do I uninstall this mod? I've been searching but it's taking ages to find where it says how.

    Edit: and I don't mean for someone to tell me to just 'not use the mod shortcut' because when I play the game normally without the mod it runs slower than usual

    Edit2: Ok, never mind, I just deleted the directories

  9. Okay, so after having read what everyone's said, I'm much less annoyed about the later release date being given out...

    But still, the only reason I was really annoyed is the fact that they haven't given us a reason why(if they have and I've missed it, please tell me I'm being a knob). Playing silly games with release dates is only going to wind people up, particularly those more highly-strung members of the community wink_o.gif

    Anyways, I'm fairly glad of the extra time to upgrade my PC, hopefully by that time I will have the money to do so and with OFP2 not being released until long after I finish at university... I have a higher chance of passing wink_o.gif

    Good luck to BIS, but I hope they release a statement sometime soon smile_o.gif

  10. @shadow .. ohh the big update like resistance u mean?

    nothing is for free  . the bugfixes are common in every trade without cost.those patches was in my book allready payed for when i bought the 3 cds.

    Have you forgotten about patch 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.85(res) ?

    They are all included in your GOTY-edition, but not in the original Flashpoint. These are addons that we have gotten for free.

    SU-25, Vulcan, AH-64, CH-47, Hummvee, Kiowa, Laserdesignator, Kozlice, Huntingrifle, Bike, Bus, MM-1, RG-6(6G30), Steyr AUG, XMS, G36

    Might be something I've missed aswel.

    Most developers put out patches for their bug-riddled games, in what way is this different?

  11. Oh come on people, HL2 took 6 years to develop, and that looks like its going to be a good game. So why shouldnt we let BIS have that amount of time to work on OFP2?

    You are all very very impatient. I dont see how you got past the lobby in multiplayer!

    How much of those 6 years for HL2 can be attributed to the code that was stolen? If I recall they had to postpone release while they technically re-made the game....

    I'm absolutely pissed off at this, I don't so much mind the fact that we'll have to wait for so long for this game to arrive, I hate having to wait that long, but then that's because I'm really looking forward to it.

    What pisses me off, is the fact that nothing has been said... all there is, is that stupid screen that says Coming Spring 2006 and absolutely NO info or updates on anything, anywhere.(as far as I can tell, I've looked and they didn't even announce anything on the Codemasters forums)

    I hope BIS or Codemasters will at least explain why... if they don't, then I'd suggest that the X-Box port and VBS1 have taken up their time...

    Which is ridiculous because the X-Box port will doubtless be a pile of crap(no offence, but games rarely survive the transition, as far as I recall... someone will probably prove me wrong smile_o.gif )

    and VBS1 is one hell of a sell-out, if the army can't train their people without the use of a bloody simulator then what use are they? *I* could probably go kick some army arse on VBS1, does that make me a good soldier?

  12. Played on my 1Ghz Celeron, 512MB RAM, GeForce4-Ti4200 system and had really no problems. Some blurriness in the menus and such, but not really a problem, can probably sharpen that up I suppose.

    All there was when using postprocessing, was a small hit to the framerate... otherwise, all good, those reflections are beautiful *sobs*

  13. What I'm saying, is that when I'm taking out tanks, I aim for the gun, since you can disable that and then it really isn't much of a threat, so you can concentrate on other targets and finish off as neccessary....

    Having a tank in a hole, where the only part of it you can attack is the turret... doesn't really seem like such a good thing to me... or maybe it's just me.

  14. The only issue I have with a tank foxhole is the fact that when I'm taking out a tank, say with an RPG or LAW, is the fact that the first thing you aim for is the gun....

    hitting the hull is a bad thing, unless you have a one-shot kill weapon like the AT3/Gustav or something, but I rarely bother with those one-shot weapons, can't carry enough rockets.

  15. Don't see anything wrong in it here.... so long as credit is given where it's due, what more could you ask for?

    Especially given that you've put it out there, on this forum, and not simply gone right ahead and released some addons without saying something. You put the effort in to contact the guy, had no response, cleared the air and then are going to make a decision.

    I'd say, go for it.

  16. I've experienced this bug, it seriously buggered up one of the Campaign missions for Resistance....

    it's the mission where you have the choice to either infiltrate alone and steal some tanks or bring your guys on a frontal assault type thing... I forget the mission name but it's the first one where nicking tanks is the theme...

    Basically, I sent a T-72 to repair before leaving in my newly aquired vehicles and the damn tank kept returning to the spot where the repair-truck was.... regardless of whether or not the truck was there or not, despite ordering it to move elsewhere.

    Then, in the same mission, the stupid AI crashed the ammo-truck, which I promptly repaired, but the AI refused to get in the truck again, so I had to choose between driving the T-72 or the ammo-truck myself.... not a difficult choice really, but it does mean I'm down an ammo-truck load of... erm... ammo *cough*

  17. Yeah, I know. I've seen this before.

    I just wanted to make some simple missions, being on a 56k modem I'm not about to make missions that require people to download 5MB addons, mainly because I wouldn't do it myself.

    Thanks though, fighter