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    War humor

    Damn, these mods are getting militant! That thread was there 2 minutes. Mind you that was quite long, are the mods losing it? I was just trying to see how many people are actually active, I mean there must be people who stay permanently signed-in. Looks like loads of people are here but then very few ever actually post more than a few times.
  2. Shabadu


    Damn it's quiet in here. There's an echo. echo.
  3. *Bump* Can someone from BIS make a comment?
  4. Shabadu

    Ofp rts

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (BratZ @ Oct. 16 2002,19:02)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">creds = 0 ? _buildingplaced : creds = creds +1 after you have changed the variable on any computer in a multiplayer game use: publicvariable cred So that all computers get the changed number hint format["Credits:%1 ", creds] (run this on every computer if you want all to see when it has changed)<span id='postcolor'> I see. _buildingplaced a command or do I need to make an addaction to do this?
  5. Shabadu

    War humor

    Fair enough. Mind you, don't really matter if anyone asks me who he is, 'cause I've got to go! Bye all.
  6. Shabadu

    War humor

    I had a feeling it was but how high is Dick's profile? I don't want a load of people to start going 'what the hell you goin on about?'
  7. I'd have thought it was obvious.
  8. Shabadu

    War humor

    Does anyone here listen to BBC radio 4? On saturday is the funniest program around. They usual make fun of Dubya and Tony and they did one called 'Iraqi Races', with Dubya Dastardly and Tony. At the end they had the dove of peace fly past and Dubya goes "Stop that pigeon" and other lines such as "Tony dooo something!" and "I'll give you a medal". It was so funny. Er please tell me you have Dick Dastardly in US.
  9. Shabadu

    War humor

  10. Shabadu

    Are you famous?

    What with me being god and all, I found quite a few sites dedicated to me.
  11. Shabadu

    Happy birthday

    Happy Birthday Placebo! Not closing this one then? Shall I start flaming so you can?
  12. Shabadu

    Metal gear solid

    For the Nikita you could look at the Slayer on N64s Perfect Dark. The most fun I've ever had is me and a mate playing Capture the Breifcase(CTF) against 8 bots. We sit in one room which we gaurd with sentry guns and then proceed to blow the crap out of anyone that's stupid enough to respawn.
  13. Shabadu


    Since everyone wants weapons that behave as they do in real life, would it be worth including jamming in the game? Since in real life you have to stop and clear the jam before you can continue, would we lose too much of the game to this?
  14. That's a point. Nedal, did u make sure that your co-ordinates are correct? Usually easier to use getpos.
  15. Shabadu

    What to do?  trapped in a bush by a bmp!

    Uh, MarkShot? U actually get away from the bmp yet? If so which solution worked best?
  16. Shabadu

    Best character in ofp

    I liked Lukin and Gastovski, but Troska is king (or was ). I actually felt quite depressed when Viktor died. Harsh.
  17. Shabadu

    Do you feel like invading iraq

    I was planning on going in ofp style. Y'know leave the squad behind and take out the enemies entire air defence network alone 'cause your squad ends up getting massacred, usually by farting too loud or something. The ofp:r method might work better though, what with your squad able to shoot something further than 12 feet.
  18. Shabadu

    Ofpediting centre ?

    Oh, ok. Old version still shows up on yahoo. Thanks mate.
  19. Shabadu

    Ofpediting centre ?

    Um, I've been away and I can't seem to get onto ofpeditingcenter. Am I missing something?
  20. Shabadu

    Football season

    49ers? Redskins? Are we talking about sunday league? Dr Martens? None of these teams are even in the conference as far as I know!
  21. Looking for an RCP-120 type gun. You know, theone from perfect dark and stargate. Any ideas?
  22. Shabadu

    Reload on the run

    Is it possible to make a running/reloading animation, as in doing both in one animation. That way you could make an action command, in a script, which ran this animation and when it's done your script could simply fill the clip. It's probably simpler than that but there you go.
  23. These addons are cool but I was dissapointed it wasn't in black. Don't like all the wood and stuff on this gun. Still handles beutifully and that desert eagle is amazing. I was pissed when the handguns in ofp:r had no recoil, they had no feel to them, but this baby "bucks like a mule".
  24. ripvanfish, you are officially the first person to go on my buddies list. Though the other members would agree that's not exactly a good thing.
  25. No idea where I might find FN P-90? PD was a classic, far better than the lacklustre goldeneye but never gets a mention.