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    Bomber are a mint idea

    Why is it that those funless people who don't want to see interesting additions (such as the bomber or new firearms) want to spoil it for the rest of us. They moan that these shouldn't be added because they wouldn't like it. What about those that would? Don't spoil it by making BIS or whoever think it would be unpopular to add these units. Keep your miserable wys to yourselves. ITS ONLY A GAME!
  2. Shabadu

    AV-8B Harrier

    I don't know why it wasn't even in the game in the first place, just like the SA-80.
  3. If you skip an upgrade do you miss out on anything?
  4. Shabadu

    Am I missing something?

    Went from new game to 1.20
  5. Shabadu

    The weapon I want...

    I don't see why there isn't an SA80.