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  1. Very minor issue, but if you happen to play Old Man alongside any addons, the Insurgent tab on your phone gets overriden with the Addon Credits tab that appears on the normal map interface. It also appeared only to do so after I delivered some items to the insurgents and so gained some reputation/bonuses with them (Which I can't check now)



    Hmm, nevermind. It seems to be a UI bug that resolved itself on restarting the game.

  2. 26 minutes ago, slowrider8 said:

    I'm on the investigate camp mission and I'm having some issues with the first objective:

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    I'm trying to gather evidence and I've taken photographs of the whiteboard, the bodybags and the bloodstains. The only other obvious item is a pair of hazardous waste bags in the field, however I can not get any input prompt to show up from looking at them at any angle. Is this a bug (and can anyone else reproduce it), or is it not actually evidence and I'm missing something else? I have restarted from a save multiple times and it still does not work.



    Same issue here.



    Apparently some papers are have supposed to have spawned around the camp but unfortunately they do not seem to be there for me.


  3. 2 hours ago, major-stiffy said:

    Would love to play it but I refuse to buy their DLC.


    Your loss, its fantastic. Easily the best campaign BIS have ever done.


    5 hours ago, vafana said:

    A new update for Livonia port, with some minor fixes after DLC release, and some "holy places" added, link above.


    Thanks for the update Vafana, looking forward to playing it again once I finish my current Livonia Pilgrimage run

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  4. 8 hours ago, shadowhunter123 said:

    Apperciate the kind feedback. I definitely look forward to adding more content. Funny enough, I been using the Altian one with the Grey texture in the meantime, was thinking of using that (Change the flag) along with a camo variant.

    My goal is currently getting the texture camo right. (Wish BIS could help me with the camo pattern. (Patterns drawing are the biggest pain for me.)
    I can definitely get to work on a buzzard. I'll go for the Gripen first since we already got two helicopters for LDF and no planes. 🙂

    I also plan on learning how to add Editor screenshots and editor mod logos in 3den unit editor so my mods will appear as a logo and not just a puzzle piece haha. 


    I would maybe suggest the Neophron instead, because if I remember correctly, the Polish do actually use a licensed variant of the real world equivalent. It would also differentiate them from the AAF a bit.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Blackwell_ninha said:

    I have just one small question; I noticed that LDF faction is in GREENFOR (independent). Shouldn’t they be BLUFOR, since they are in NATO? (or maybe there is some story reason why they are GREENFOR?). If someone wanted to do missions with them against Looters or other green faction, it would be more simpler if they were in blue.


    Or is there possibility they would be in both GREENFOR and BLUFOR like FIA?


    I assume it is for gameplay limitation reasons, probably related to the (inevitable) Warlords Livonia so that they can act as the AAF stand-in.

  6. We haven't had the UGV's staged but one thing that would be nice and relatively low effort is a full combat variant based off TALON units. Basically just a small, articulated clamp with an LMG in it for use as a squad level fire support drone. For BLUFOR/GREENFOR this could be the Mk 200 LMG and for the CSAT one, the Zafir would be perfect. Would increase the roles that the new UGV could fill and increase its utility for combat deployment.


    Likewise, if at all possible, underslung shotguns for at least the MX and Katiba family rifles would be nice, if not the Mk20s as well.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, da12thMonkey said:

    Then you are in luck because it's the alien assets and campaign are the optionally-loaded parts.

    The terrain, structures, CBRN objects, Russian and Livonian factions and all other content that fits the previously established Arma 3 environment are set to be part of the base game install


    Yep, although as with Apex, you need to own the DLC to play with the new terrain. From the FAQ on arma3.com/contact/



    -The singleplayer campaign, and all of Contact's more sci-fi and alien assets, are optional, and you can launch Arma 3 with or without them present in-game.

    -The data of Contact expansion's premise-agnostic assets (such as factions, weapons, vehicles, and props - essentially everything that fits in Arma 3's regular theme and setting) is included in the Arma 3 base game installation. Owners and non-owners of Arma 3 Contact will still be able to play together (except for on the new Livonia terrain), while some restrictions to the use of these assets by non-owners might apply as per the Content Licensing system for default Arma 3 DLC. This also means that a lot of these premium assets can therefore be freely tested in Virtual Arsenal and Garage by non-owners.


  8. Just now, dead kennedy said:

    >> If you pre-order Arma 3 Contact before the official release date, you can start testing the new terrain as of right now <<


    Bought the DLC, launched the game but see no Livonian map. What did i do wrong?


    Did you switch to the dev branch through steam's beta tab?

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  9. Yep, looks good to me. Awesome terrain, some new factions, and an alternate-timeline campaign by the Laws of War team, I'm down.


    My only real disappointment is the lack of new military vehicles for the Livonian Defence Force - Russia re-using CSAT vehicular assets I'm fine with because those were all Russian anyway, but it'd have been nice to have one or two unique pieces for Livonia (Tank based off that silly Polish Stealth Tank Concept, maybe? Since Livonia would appear to be Armaverse not!Poland, and maybe the AW-129 Mangusta for a gunship as it is one of the contenders for the Polish Gunship procurement that is ongoing)


    2 minutes ago, lexx said:

    Looks like one of them big visor gas masks you see in science movies. 


    You're right, so it almost definitely is a CBRN suit. Makes me wonder if the working title of "Contact" is a dark reference to how nerve agents can affect humans.

  11. Great stuff as always guys, got a few bugs though from this evening's game with some friends - if I remember/have time in the morning I'll make a ticket on the CUP Bug tracker but I'll just quickly lay it out here before hopping off for the night.


    BMP-2 has issues with the passenger seats sitting on the hull, when players start to FFV (maybe before, I wasn't the one experiencing this bug) they get a view of the interior of the BMP and other weirdness. Pictured Here.

    Similarly, the BMP-2 variant with the ZSU on the top, the gun can't actually be used because when you attempt to you just end up FFVing with your rifle (Happens to both gunner and loader)

  12. 1 minute ago, R0adki11 said:


    Well as the default Arma3 files are not editable, a brand new model would need creating, which would be quite a task.


    Aha, that explains why it hasn't been done. Absolute shame, it is one of those things that feels like a developer oversight, really (No offence intended).

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  13. I actually have a request for potentially the first time ever.


    Would anyone be willing to make a variant of the AH99 Blackfoot with the EFAMS the original RAH66 was going to have to extend its ability to carry ordnance/fuel? They were just little stub wings that would have been mounted above the existing weapon bays. Managed to find an old, archived mock-up of them from Boeing that should give an idea




    Would basically allow the AH99 to go into full attack helicopter mode.

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  14. 8 hours ago, flv*venom* said:

    I just came. 

    I don't care, if it's fictional, the pylons look so damn cool on that F-23...quick question: will a default Arma skin be included? 


    Many many many thanks for not forgetting about the F-23. Firewill, you're one of my heroes now. 

    hmmmm, you know, the amount and quality of planes you give us actually reminds of Footmunch :D Damn, I miss Footmunch Fridays :D :D

    Have to agree, a generic Arma-verse NATO skin would be perfect, since it fits quite well into the existing NATO lineup of mostly fictionalised variants of real vehicles.

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