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    Improving PCML

    Was used as a placeholder for that showcase because they hadn't finished the Titan MPRL, which now replaces the RPG-42 in that showcase, it was removed when the Titan Launcher was added to fill the guided manpad role. Before release. Might even have been in a pre-beta update.
  2. ravenholme

    [WIP] Combine Transhuman forces

    Been thinking about the selection of weapons that you've got the Combine using just now, and have been thinking about how it could be improved. I remembered this addon came out a little while ago, and it might be worth contacting the author to see if he'll let you use it for the Combine, as it's a very interesting (if totally fictional rifle) that could serve as an early mainstay rifle instead of the Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162867-Addon-automatic-rifle-VERES-M
  3. ravenholme

    2 CAS Aircraft remain unknown. What if?

    Also, the ArmA-verse IS NOT our world. Because we do not have island nations such as Sahrani, the ArmA CWC ones, and mainland nations such as Chernarus/Takistan (The entire Green Sea Region, basically). It's a very close parallel with many of the same major players, but it is not Earth. Ergo, BIS can do whatever the heck they like with regards to military technology in service in the future of their variant of Earth and it could be made to make perfect sense. However, that said, given something that Dwarden posted... somewhere (I saw this on Facepunch), a Gripen (Or something with the same engine) seems highly likely to be the BLUFOR CAS Jet
  4. ravenholme

    [WIP] Combine Transhuman forces

    A cool idea might be to create some rebel units as well, just troopers in the Combine uniforms without the helmets and with beanies instead, and just give them armpads that have the Lambda symbol sprayed on them, and drop them into both BLUFOR and IND. Also might be interesting to put the Combine themselves into IND as well as OPFOR, so we can make them face off against BLUFOR or OPFOR I know it results in a lot of editor bloat, but it really mixes up the amount of scenarios you can make.
  5. ravenholme

    [WIP] VTOL Tiltrotor Aircrafts

    The important thing is to make the addon you want to make, and so far what you've got looks good, such that I will be using it when you release it. Looking forward to seeing the work continue
  6. ravenholme

    [WIP] Combine Transhuman forces

    Hahaha, awesome, it always baffled me that no one did this for ArmA 2, glad someone's doing it for 3!
  7. ravenholme

    [WIP] VTOL Tiltrotor Aircrafts

    That's really cool, glad to see someone doing something like this
  8. ravenholme

    Mk 20 Ejection Port messed up.

    That's the correct point for the FN2000's casings to eject, though.
  9. ravenholme

    Faux News Reporters

    Ahahaha, that's brilliant.
  10. ravenholme

    U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone

    I had a little trouble at first - Make sure you're over a vehicle class it can pick up and then you need to hover just a little off the ground above the vehicle. Don't touch the ground, as that removes the attach action. It should then show up in the action list.
  11. ravenholme

    U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone

    I agree with this, the VTOL mode is good because the flight characteristics are great for when you need to actually get somewhere
  12. I've noticed that the physics seem slightly off on the Cessna's personally. A weird tendency to not sit properly whilst on the ground and to feel a bit light in general, as well as a tendency for the nose to drop whilst in the air.
  13. ravenholme

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I think a great idea for a Gunship for the Independent side would be the Italian Mangusta. It's an aircraft that doesn't get much attention (if any), but is produced in the right region and is sold to the right kind of people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agusta_A129_Mangusta
  14. ravenholme

    [SP] Aerial Warfare

    Hey Wisp, I also commented on the Steam Workshop page, but I'll paraphrase here too - I think the mission is fantastic, feels like some of the BIS showcase missions (Particularly the Helo ones), sans the voiced dialogue of course. However, having played the mission twice, both times the Defend objective that crops up has refused to finish after destroying the gunships. I suspect this is because either one or both ends up being a soft kill, and the crew manage to get out after the Helo(s) crash land. Even destroying the helos afterwards with bombs doesn't make the objective complete.
  15. ravenholme

    U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone

    Are you adding a cargo pod for it to be able to pick up/drop off? As in the concept art that you based the design off of? I'd guess that'd it'd be like a crate, and that mission designers would script a loadout for it and have it moveable by the drone. (That and using this to transport UGVs could be interesting)
  16. This looks pretty sweet
  17. ravenholme

    U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone

    This man knows what he is talking about.
  18. ravenholme

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I think something that would be pretty awesome is a CSAT or AAF variant of the UGV which trades in the GMG for a Titan AT Launcher, similar to the box launcher on the Kamysh, creating a tank hunter variant of the UGV. Ideally, it would carry a stock of missiles, but would have to be reloaded by infantry operating with it. Would create a highly mobile AT platform at the infantry level. It'd maintain it's HMG as well, for engaging light targets.
  19. ravenholme

    Extended main theme?

    Too true
  20. One thing I forgot to add - the new menu theme is awesome. When I first heard it I had such a fan-girl-like reaction when I realised it was a remix of OpFlash's theme.
  21. Aye, that's what my previous post (last on previous page) was referring to.
  22. I can confirm that I'm having the same problem. It's bizarre, because it was working for me before, but then bam! Suddenly this problem appears and persists, no matter what I do. It's a shame, because I'd just set up a small test op for a bunch of friends. Edit: Crap, dropped the quote I was replying to. I am referring to the problem where you cannot get the MQ4A Greyhawk to take off or move at all.
  23. ravenholme

    There should be multiple jets in the release version

    Wrong, because the UAVs can provide the same level of CAS as the AAF Jet. And the AAF lacks an AA tank or an MBT altogether, so the AA variant of the Buzzard fills that role. So in terms of "balance" it is balanced. Your move.