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    Newbie Seeking to be Chopper Pilot

    We need one (better if can do both Transport pilot and Combat pilot ) We play with Combined Ops requirement so u need A2+OA v1.60 if you're interested you can join the server where we play around: 21.30 utc+1 we start a new warfare every day host filter: bob You're welcome
  2. rubberkite

    Warfare Tournament 012 Edition - 10

    one Man project friendly amateur tournament with people claiming for every detail a big flop for my opinion... Learn from mistakes is the key of the life. Q1: Is the mission properly test ?. I wrote on the mission post (interested team must read it all) that mission is tested and polished Q2: Will the tournoment only use same mission during its lifetime, no updates etc etc ?. wroted on same post: * TNT Mission will be released at least 7 days before tournament start and will be the same for all tournament lenght. Q3: Will/May the Rules change during the tournament ?. it did last time and pissed off alot of players !. NO In this edition I want to do things in most simply way. Q4: Will you provide the server configs.? Veteran Settings may be diffrent on server to server !. Arma Default one is the same I will provide the default config to who need no problem. Q5: Why is not all matches played on a neutral server ?. YES of someone will give one for free for tournament match I can try to ask... but I can't promise nothing Q6: Why Friday?. people tend to be tierd after work/school on fridays. saturday or sunday would be better in my opinion. In Italy a lot of people go to dance or pub on saturday, friday it's good because a lot of people doesn't have to wake up early saturday Requests. Servers must be running Battleye and use Signature version 2 only. YES! thanks to advice, I agree BE and Signature v2 mandatory During the testing phase I never noticed a crash ( with fresh rebooted server - vanilla ) I tested for more than 2 months this mean about 80/85 games of 3 hours or more without crashes Mission use now last BE edition with a lot of sqf script replaced by fsm (less resources and save from some scripts bugs ) Mission runs without AI Squads - AI commander - Track AI on map etc. and this means less server resources and less crash % Usually tournament JIP is much lower than daily games - and this mean less % of crashes Economy settings avoid the spam of vheicles and soldier - and this mean less Server load and less % of crashes 1.60 Is really a step foward compared to 1.59 of last year Last year mission (that have less optimization of that one) crashed only one time in all TNT matches. I've a small question for you: Q1: Witch team you represent are you interested in 2012 10vs10 edition ? thank you nuxil for really good questions! ---------- Post added at 17:07 ---------- Previous post was at 16:17 ---------- Additional Rules: - Server with (Battle Eye Running and signature v.2 only) - Before confirm the sign up team must play at least 1 friendly game on BoB or other Enlisted team server in order to know opponents and mission before the tournament starts. - Before confirm the sign up team must know how mission works. - No additional Rules or Rules change or mission changes when all 4 team are enlisted and no changes in rules and mission during all the tournament I will try to find two neutral server, if some one is interested we need server: Friday from 21.15 to 0.35 UTC+1
  3. In order to focus on 10vs10 edition I close the 5vs5 Small group of 4/5 player can send me a PM to arrange one or more friendly game. Rubber
  4. I will try to join soon, A a warfare gamestyle on 1944 mod should be really nice and fun Downloading 2.6 see you soon!
  5. rubberkite

    Rubber Wargame Warfare (CTI-PvP)

    :D If you check the equipment of REDFOR you will find a M107 :) When I've sayd that this mission is well balanced ;) There is an hard work with a lot of changes during battle I played RED & BLUE and I like to play RED and BLUE side are cross balanced I mean balanced with different opportunities for both side. For example (for control of the sky ) 16 Hellfire 2 Sidewinder - Longbow loadout for AH64 Apache RAPIER / TOR M1 MMA Rearm with SEAD Tunguska with SAM radar Su34 launching position for Ch29 lowered to avoid self destruction ;) trust me there is a lot of work under that release, worth a try! 21.30 UTC+1 BoB server ;)
  6. rubberkite

    Rubber Wargame Warfare (CTI-PvP)

    thank you haki, I guess that you mean different arma world :) Yes I will port this version also to Saharani and Podagorks and maybe more I also plan to release a full Addon Version with carriers and great planes and army :)
  7. rubberkite

    Rubber Wargame Warfare (CTI-PvP)

    Youre welcome, I will appreciate if you will join one of our furter game :) I've removed HE ammo for infantry due to several reasons: some time people abuse vs AI and vs other players, killing AI with HE rounds is often without challenge HE round are already included and full used/abused in land and air vehicles with gunners... and final reason all tweak of the mission are made according to main goal to reward skills and teamplay, firefights without abuse of HE round are more immersive, you have to aim fast and move smart.. ) It's really hard to describe the feeling of the mission, writing down the features... because you've to see the overall effect on gameplay :cool:
  8. I play this game because there are also nice mod avaiable I play rfactor1 and 2 because of mods I know CWR and CAA1 this doesn't mean that I can't dream for a game with more content, or content made from developers tuned with engine new features. Rf1 tracks will be on Rf2 with new tire features, rain, and more graphics details... (people are happy no one claims that are pay for already owned contents, of course there are new tracks + old "restyled") CAA1 project will be ported to arma 3 with full features of new engine? CWR2 ? Are you sure that those guys will "work" forever for free ? People that do for hobby and give to comunity great DLC ( should be considered as a GIFT ) Optional content that you can pay is another things, and doesn't force you to buy. Small note About mod, without mando missile I will not play A3, so I hope that we will have a new suite, or BIS improve the arcade tab lock that unbalance the fight when air units joins the battlefield.
  9. I agree with you 200% mod is a hobby product, with discontinued support and long time of development is a really nice bonus but it's an "extra" ... people have different amount of free time during the life and main goal can change and who base it's gaming experience on that can't be sure of updated development over time over each beta.. etc... more content (DLC) mean more fragmentation of comunity ? so also more gamemode ( different mission ), when you have a toolbox sandbox or wathever you want to call this "game". the solution is to limit mission, map etc. and create a BF clone ? People claim for everythings without use the brain... give an extra fee for good quality porting doesn't mean pay for stuff that you already own, simply because u can't use with new engine / features. But explain what should be obvious is really a waste of time. Support a "small" developer with some extra DLC is a great things and with ArmA and Mod and all the continuos development you will save a lot of money, because you don't need the supercool graphics triple AAA game for KIDS. (I played Bf3 for 25 min), every arma instead I played for years... A big dream to have all islands and unit from OFP to A3 with updated engine... it's really nice to play in a place that you know and like with updated graphics and features.... but this will remain only a DREAM... We will play on the space with arma 5 ... so all kids that are more than "senior gamer" will be happy, and when bis will find a gamemode where all wins... you will see finally all the server full sorry! Rubber
  10. I've try last night in warfare with mando and I can lock and destroy in bot way but for be 100% sure I will try again I've mail contact of mandoble and he got PC problem and is busy for its works, but he is still there and we will have new releases and also arma 3 version :) I will test Apache lock without cam and I will report cheers
  11. Nice work, I ask you permission to include your GPS replacement on my mission, of course with all credit to your job. Cheers Rubber
  12. rubberkite

    ASR AI Skills

    Thank you Jedra, and Robalo so is possible to fix in the mission and overwrite local config value, but both client and server need addon I use warfare gameplay so player can recuit AI :) a question from Robalo: is possible to have a lite version of addon with only setskill and weapons dispersion? and thank you for addon this allow really more immersive and real firefight!! greetins from Italy ;)
  13. rubberkite

    ASR AI Skills

    I'm interested in this aspect, the setting will overwrite the "in folder" config? so for example A client can't set higher accuracy than another that plays the same mission? But what if client doesn't have ASR_AI ? and ASR_AI is running only on server? Sorry if I ask this but I would to run a server that doesn't force client to use ASR_AI due to major AI in mission will be managed by server. cheers
  14. Hope to hear soon news from mando too! :)
  15. Due to my new connection, I can't join on server with mission bigger than 512k or more, due to some packet loss in the mission check, also If I've the mission I can't join, lobby blank, mission will download again, and at the end, one script or paa or other file is missing and game crash. there is something new in 1.59 that will improve that ? or it's game over for me ? thank you Rubber
  16. rubberkite

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    Thank you a lot mate ;)
  17. rubberkite

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    Nice, mate, can you send me the only file that you mod for fix that, thank you in advance you can pm me or use my email: info@warfare-tournament.com :)
  18. rubberkite

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 79224

    always good to hear that bugs are solved.... I suppose that those beta will be part of final 1.59. I also can't wait to see the final release working, and also respective linux and win dedi server. Seems that this will be really a "BIG" step ahead from 1.57 in many aspect of the game. thank you to BIS and for people that work togheter reporting problems and testing stuff for free. :)
  19. If there is a exact error message I have posted it already ;) nothing on server log nothing on client rpt... this video show the problem during try to join a Linux Server without the MTU setting like I posted above: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JN8W78CX I can't see nothing but I can vote or login as admin and try to run commands but screen doesn't update always "waiting for host" and this is the joining process when no mission is on server, now I have to find a friend that run my mission over the HH friends linux server so I can make second video where I've to redowload mission that already have (it's mine 100% same mission without 1 byte of difference) and at the end arma crash with message, init camp script sqf not found or any other script or any paa file, random missing stuff ! BUM ---------- Post added at 23:21 ---------- Previous post was at 23:19 ---------- will be avaiable also like video I think http://www.megavideo.com/?d=JN8W78CX ---------- Post added at 23:35 ---------- Previous post was at 23:21 ---------- this issues is almost same as mine: what I would shot you with second video ;) mpmission is ok mpmission cache is also ok (I try to manual copy on both mpmission and mpmission cache folder without success ) Blank lobby, mission download and crash same here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=107121&page=4 same here: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/14118 I think that Linux Dedi readme should be integrated with the MTU tip on this post ;)
  20. I will make two video I can reproduce the error so it's easy for me On our team dedi linux server now I can join and play: with those two simply step: a) disabled path MTU discovery echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_no_pmtu_disc b) set mtu on eth0 to 1500 ifconfig eth0 mtu 1500 And, with some tears on my eye I can play now... on our Linux server only but it's enought for me to be happy... Those two setting will reduce the packet fragmentation and games run better (less lag) also for all other client!!! All linux dedi should use those settings :bounce3: ---------- Post added at 20:58 ---------- Previous post was at 20:35 ---------- The problem is very similar to this one! ( Thank you LONESTAR following this I'am able to play now just on our dedi server but I play there 95% of the time so it's great for me! ) I will post two video so understand what's happen will be more simple :)
  21. rubberkite

    scar's sa6 port to ARMA2

    Thank you a lot, can you sign this will need really few second ;) finally I find what I'm looking for !! GREAT!
  22. rubberkite

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Can you point me with some link I read all post but I don't find anything about Sa6 Guerrilla ---------- Post added at 13:35 ---------- Previous post was at 13:33 ---------- this one is RUS only: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10233
  23. rubberkite

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    HI super rat, nice works I've a special request for you, it's possible to have a Sa6 for guerrilla as stand alone addon? thank you in advance Rubber
  24. Thank you for attention, I will give you all detail if those could help you. I would test on 1 windows server to see if the problem occur in same way who can point me to one windows server that runs gossamers warfare or benny warfare or any other mission bigger than 1mb ? :eek: