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    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Working Helicopter pilot here. Plenty of actual, and simulated helo work including X-plane, FSX, and full motion simulators. Love the visuals, flight model is still tough to get a handle on. One issue I feel when flying is the amount of inertia built up when drifting in a hover. I start to drift and make a quick cyclic movement that should stop the drift. I get rotor and pitch deflection but the drift has to slow to a stop and by then I am drifting in the opposite direction. Not sure if this is lag in the control inputs or just too much inertia in the flight model. Still the best sim for flying around. Keep up the great work! rmako
  2. Rmakowsky


    Just make it an mp3 or ogg and let us play it in vehicles using the vehicle music player mod. Magic
  3. Rmakowsky


    D.Murphy Man, Thanks for the great work on this! I am moving household across country so will not be able to play for a bit but I am excited that when I get my computer back operational I will have some great Arma Zombie Action waiting! Keep up the great work! Magic
  4. Rmakowsky


    D-Man, We have had great fun with this mod. I played with Weasel for a bit and also saw AI folks wandering around. I wonder if that somehow has to do with a player that joins and then either drops or is dropped (primarily because they don't have the right pbos)? The AI will start shooting at players and I think that is what happened when we had a frag fest. The M2 Gunner decided that one of us was enemy and blasted us. When we came back to get our gear (inside the fence) it did the same thing. Well, that lead to the general melee. Keep up the great work, this is a great mod for co-op play. Magic
  5. Rmakowsky

    Setting up a Lan night need mission suggestions

    Quarantine is great fun with 3-4 players. The Zombies (Yombies) are well implemented and the amount of fear generated is quite high. It plays well with folks who work together to stay alive. So if you have folks who are not highly versed in tactical gaming, it might be a good choice. They will immediately understand the value of staying together and shooting together. At first you are using pistols and then build up some cash to get rifles. So it has a built in learning the game curve. I would suggest that you do some single player first if there is time and that you read the briefing card on the map page so that you understand where things are and how they work. Also suggest reading at least some of the forum posts on the game as there are some interface issues (ie you need to hit enter while looking at a flag-pole to get the bank or store to activate). Good luck whatever you choose, Arma is great fun for this type of event. Magic
  6. Rmakowsky


    Nifty idea for the random scavenger hunt! Will see if we can give it a test this weekend. Bob Mako
  7. Rmakowsky


    The second time in each area the yombies were not re-spawning in that particular area. (Was playing the game with Weaselboy)
  8. Rmakowsky

    I need your help

    Aplion, Sorry if I seemed to be harsh. I mostly lurk here and see tons of posts from folks who have not even tried to look around first. I took yours that way and I was wrong to do so. Good luck learning scripting and mission building in Arma and if I can help let me know. Mako
  9. Rmakowsky

    I need your help

    Aplion, If you wanted to make a tutorial for all the stuff you listed you would have made a title to this thread to that effect. It just looks like you are trying to get everyone to do all of your work for you. How about taking one of those topics, trying to learn it and then if you are having trouble (ie, you have looked at examples, read the forums, tried things out for a period of more than a few hours) then ask a question. Thanks, Mako
  10. Rmakowsky

    I need your help

    Aplion, Do you realize how much you are asking? How about just asking someone to write the mission you want. That would be less work. Mako