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  1. Hey I'm having a bit of an issue with the MCC mission on my dedicated server. I start the server up, select the mission and enter the game as normal. When it comes time to log into MCC sandbox I click "login" and it tells me I am logged in, but the login screen stays up and the MCC editor doesn't actually pop up. It works fine, however, in a locally hosted coop server. Any ideas?
  2. Hey, first, before I jump into criticism I'd like to drop a few compliments on you. I've been using MCC Sandbox since before I can remember (ArmA 2) and have loved it every single step of the way. For awhile, we only used the MCC Sandbox mod and just combined it with missions we had already made. It's always been faithful and I have always been impressed with the functionality and ease of use. Taking to the forums, I've noticed that you listen to criticism well and adapt your tool to the people's needs with time and for that, I thank you! The new key binding options is helping a lot with XMedSys. Now, with ArmA 3 though, I took to using the MCC Sandbox mission and editing it my own way so that way no one had to go and download the MCC mod in order for us to use a lot of the functions. I've noticed that unfortunately, you can't set the time for people using the MCC mod, as the time doesn't sync up like it does in the mission version. Unfortunately, we won't use the mission version anymore because it now forces a medical system that we do not like onto us. We used to use XMed with the mission version because it allowed us to disable the medical system. I was wondering if you would consider making it an option to disable or enable the medical system that comes stock stock with the mission version? I've tried going in myself and editing it out of the init and deleting the script, but I can't find all of the lines that enable it, so the mission just doesn't load or crashes when I try to load it. I'm not saying to remove it completely, but it'd be cool to go in and switch the option off in the parameters like we used to.l With that out of the way, thanks for a great mod and we'll continue to use it every time we play.
  3. RohokTeyar

    SLX Mod WIP

    I've been running SLX and ACE 2 simultaneously for awhile now. I haven't had any problems that I know of. Just to be sure, they are 100% compatible, right?