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  1. Photobucket has changed its policies! no more direct photo view, click picture to view it. will fix the problem ASAP Hello there… It’s been a long time no see => For those who are interested, I’m Rebel Man, and I’ve been an add-on maker between 2006 and 2008. On 2008, I’ve announced the add-on “Battle of Fallujahâ€, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to work on it, I could tell It’s a failed project, because I’ve almost was working alone, never met the time, and lost my passion to work on it. The old topic is right here: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/69133-battle-of-fallujah-map/page-3 Right now, I will start the project again, the Project is called “Battle of Fallujah†map, it’s a city in Iraq we’re it was has military operations by US Forces in 2004 and Iraqi government in 2016. The project duration will be 3 months, it start will be several days from now if we have efficient designers and modelers. The project scope will cover one or several blocks from “Fallujah†city. The reason is; give players a test of how it will look like as a final product, and meet the project duration. Gallery: From 2009 Team members are: Rebel Man (Project Manager, 3D Design, Arabic Language) Pillum (Former, 3D Design, Map Design) Opteryx (Former, Map Design) If you want to join the project (If you have time and capable), send me a PM, I need designers, modelers, texture editors, and animators to join. Several objects we’re taken a permission from, will be used in the map. The goals of the project are: Create immersive and entertaining experience for “ArmA 3†players. Make devolopers experience the feeling of team work. Supply an accurate depiction of Middle Eastern cities to the players. And if you have any thoughts or feedback, please share it right here. More news and pictures will come by… Regards :)
  2. Yeah, the RSO building pack is almost 90% done, only tiny glitches regarding doors animation, but other tasks could make the project duration even longer. For BOF, I have not touched it for a while though, there's a big possibility it could become another dead project, hopefully not in this life :) below is the latest image was taken several days ago, comparing it with the real-life location. the map is ready as terrain, the only problem is now placing objects (the other houses, street, light, etc.), which is really would take a lot from my time. Hope I can just release the early alpha this year (possible, but unlikely)
  3. Hello mate, Sorry for no update. I'm currently focusing on developing software outside Arma at the moment. The map is actually ready. The new version of RSO Building is done (from my side). The only thing that the map needs now is object placement, which I find really tedious and cumbersome for the alpha release. Maybe if I got the time to finish it, I hope I'm going to finish it this year. Regards
  4. Little fun testing video I've made. Done the whole mosque, focusing now on adding building, miscellaneous, sidewalks, walls, etc.
  5. # Good morning from the rooftops of Fallujah
  6. Hello, Sure thing, I was planning about what kind of palm I will add to this map, I never liked the default one, thanks for pointing out the Malden one / Regards
  7. Thanks wiki, hopefully will finished asap :)
  8. Update as of October 1 2017: Thanks. Unfortunately no, you only can plan npc in the upper floors as a snipers. Regards,
  9. Something lately I've been working on, mosque's minaret work: based on this minaret:
  10. Of course bro, got the new pc, now start working on it. I was working on mobile application latey(till my new pc arrives), and now almost done with my application. you guys can also follow me on @AmRebelMan on Twitter to see any latest news.
  11. Hello mate, Just waiting for my salary to get a new PC this week. More storage, better performance, the goal is to get innovation and designing freedom. After that, I will get right back to BOF. Regards
  12. Hello folks... first off, I'm really sad for what happend to my partner Spookygny. It's unacceptable and I hope we can pass over this problem on the future. secondly, we have done with RSO for now, we will continue in the future, but want to focus on the maps and start to prepare the BOF alpha release, it should not take longer than a month, the plans are: 1- Build this area 2- done with minaret of this mosque Built in 2013, only finished UVMapping recently: This area will be part of alpha release: We never fail, and we ain't never been frail
  13. Rebel Man

    RSO Creations

    The RSO Building Pack + more will come by
  14. The full view of RSO Building Pack + more to show
  15. Hello folks... its been a while with no news, fortunately, I'm 100% focusing now on RSO Building pack, which is also relevent to bof, once I'm done, I'll be focusing on BOF. thank you for your patience.
  16. Nov. 2004: Drone above Fallujah during the second battle of fallujah Add-ons: Battle of Fallujah map, RSO package
  17. Little concept of what BOF will look like... added the auto shake fix and it ruined it, it will back to original within an hour or two
  18. Rebel Man

    RSO Buildings pack

    Having little fun in BOF with the RSO package
  19. Little fun on Fallujah and RSO Package...
  20. Rebel Man

    RSO Creations

    Only couple of buildings has AI pathing at the moment, its our mission to provide AI pathing on future releases
  21. Rebel Man

    RSO Buildings pack

    You mean from Opteryx? He's a major member on our team. http://rsocreations.wixsite.com/rso-creations
  22. Rebel Man

    RSO Buildings pack

    Merry xmas folks Wish us luck in the future =>
  23. Hello folks Sorry if I couldn't reply to y'all. We are pushing the map development for another three months, due to work on the RSO package. Regarding the buildings of BOF, it will be included on the RSO package, so keep your heads up
  24. Hello I've encounted a problem lately regarding building design: The building doesn't shows up (neither its shadows), although I can interact with geometry.Geometry are convexed, closed, and components we're given. Any thoughts?