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  1. RodrigoMF

    Patch 1.14 Troubleshooting

    I have this problem too. Someone has a solution ?
  2. Hey guys!!! PJ´s and CCT´s don´t works for me: Occours this Error: facestex2\basefaces.sqs Where i can download this addon ?
  3. RodrigoMF

    Mercenaries 1

    I don´t use custom faces and i installed PBO files in a separeted Addons directory.
  4. RodrigoMF

    Mercenaries 1

    Doesn´t works for me Â
  5. RodrigoMF

    Csla 2

    I checked sound settings and all options are disable and i can´t change for enabled!!! Very strange...
  6. RodrigoMF

    Csla 2

    1. I Installed CSLA 2 MOD, from Install File. 2. Executed Patch CSLA Update 2.0.1 3. Ran CSLA2.exe And no sound Â
  7. RodrigoMF

    Csla 2

    My CSLA 2 Mod is mute!!! How i can resolve this problem ?